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  1. They are professionals and will not and should not play without trying to win. JR already said it's tough at this point in the season to unload players to free up space for Albany prospects to get playing time. I believe we should play the games the best we can and as the trade period nears, put players on waiver and see what happens. I am sure that when the trades heat up and the deadline looms, some teams with chances to advance far into the playoffs will take our offerings, and we can begin to prepare for a new, younger roster. It's a tough situation, but it's better to take our medicine now and build for the future as soon as possible.
  2. Hey I don't think anyone is happy with our performance to date. Many good points have been brought up. Here are my $0.02 worth. From today's statements on the Hurricane Blog..."Canes Using Break to Heal", perhaps we are suffering from a host of nagging injuries that are affecting our play. We'll see soon if this short break energises the team. There is another Hurricane Blog where JR has made some interesting points about the roster and the problems of making changes with regards to contract costs, this early in a season. However, it appeared to me that he is not going to let this group stay together if they do not come together soon. He made reference to letting older players go, bringing up young players from within the system and waiting for a good draft pick, if he thinks we do not stand a chance of making a valid run to go deep in the playoffs. As for top-shelf-1, I disagree with your comment about Canadians not putting up with mediocre play. As you pointed out concerning the Halloween game you attended, there was a fan in a Toronto Sweater. Granted he had a paper bag over his head, but you must know that Toronto is the most profitable team in the NHL in terms of gate take and memorabilia. Granted the fans don't like it, but they continue to attend games and purchase memorabilia. They continue to believe that The Leafs will be able to produce a good team eventually, and therefore continue to support their local team. I commend such loyalty. Now, as for a solution, don't ask me. All I can say is I am as upset with the record as any Cane fan , but will continue to watch them and support them in the hopes that this too will pass. As for boycotting, it's America and citizens are free to express themselves in whatever manor they feel gets their their point across. Do I personally think it is good to lower attendance, no. If we continue to fall in attendance, remember it is a business and no owner is going to stay in a market that does not show support. Unfortunately, I live in Charlotte so attending games is not a regular event for me, but STH or not, I would continue to attend.http://'>
  3. Not what I thought, especially after reading the NHL comments on the aftermath of the hit, the way they described Ovenchicken not being able to put any weight on his leg. However, Gleason couldn't either and had to be helped off the ice. I guess we should be happy that CC gave a suspension. Is it long enough? Evidently the NHL thinks so. I agree with many statements that OV is extremely talented and plays out of control a lot of the time. I also have given considerable thought to the theory that the NHL has created this "tougher" Russian player. Perhaps that is true. Hopefully this terrible knee injury (sarcasm alert) and suspension will help get him under control. One final observation...not only does Alex tend to lead with his knee quite often, but this guy leaves his feet when checking, especially when on the boards, more than any other player I have watch in years. Where's the penality call then? "Carefully steps off soapbox"
  4. As you can see, they draw more than Albany. Plus, if my memory is correct, they have consistently had some of the best attendance and profit year to year. Charlotte can support a team.
  5. I have been a fan of this idea for years. By moving a Hurricane affiliated AHL team to Charlotte, the Hurricanes further the chances of expanding ticket sales into the Piedmont area of both North and South Carolina. Hockey is big time here, with a strong youth program, a high school league and many Northern transplants. Younger fans struggle now with the Checker because they are sent from Charlotte to Hartford, and then to NYC. If we make a team in Charlotte, players come to Charlotte as AHL players and many would be much more willing to drive to Raleigh to see a player they have followed for a while. As for the big question, can Charlotte support a AHL team, I say yes. The reason being that right now they have consistently done a great job at filling the arena for ECHL, hardly as good a quality as the AHL. Last season 2008/2009 records from Sports Network showed a total attendance in Albany of 141,550 for the season and an average attendance per game of 3,539. The Checkers sis a total of 191,208 with a per game avergae of 5,311. Add to that the fact that they have to pay top dollar in Charlotte to park and pay top dollar again for refreshments in the Time Warner Arena to watch ECHL hockey, I'm sure more people would be willing to pay for a better quality of hockey.
  6. My wife saw my cargo shorts and Carolina Hurricanes T shirt piled up under a chair by the bedroom and thought she was doing all of us a favor by washing them after the Boston game. She said she was doing the house a favor because they were getting a bit sour and the shirt had all kinds of food stains. Washed the wins right out of the team. I had to cut her a break though, it's only her s3econd season of watching hockey and didn't know about the superstitions we have. She actually asked my why I stopped shaving.
  7. Speedy recovery, and great way to spread the word about the 'Canes! "Hey 'Canes, win one for the Gimper". :lol:
  8. I can't even begin to remember how many people I've flipped off. One thing I do know is that I'm a successful business owner and have never had any associations with Gangs or physically assaulted anyone, ever.
  9. I heard that when the Dr. got to the puck, he couldn't get a pulse and it was as cold as ice. Pronounced "dead" at the scene.
  10. Can you say "Dissociative Identity Disorder"? Good Luck
  11. Looking that way, at least if you think about what most thought about us a few months ago. How Sweet it is... Looks like the Avatar needs a more GROWTH!!! Thanks Boston, the wife has NEVER been happier.
  12. THIS X2. Plus... why, oh why couldn't we make tape to tape passes? That cost us many times, often looking like we over skated the puck, but after SO many years of coaching, they should NOT doing this. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  13. That, plus this... Visit My Website :lol:
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