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  1. I cant wait 'till Sunday when the Panthers play the Giants. What do u think the outcome is going to be???
  2. I also love that song it gets me pumped and it is a good song to get stuck in my head!
  3. There was a slapshot sunday today against the Tampa Lighting
  4. Isn't it mainly people that can not play?
  5. So you would say its two thumbs up?? Worth seing it again?
  6. Sorry for asking soo many questions but, ALSO does anyone think that VALKYRIE the movie about trying to take down Hitler looks AWE-SOME?!?!?!
  7. Would Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa be a good kids movie to see?? Anyone seen the movie or trailer????
  8. Darn!!! You beat me i am going Saturday I am sooo psyched!!!
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