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  1. i think, that anyone who thinks that we have chances for the playoff spot are out of touch with reality. Team certainly won't tank intentionally, but it is bad enough to manage finishing dead last.
  2. [quote name='hag65 wrote: Law-Dawg']Could he be on the move? He does not have a NTC and his move would free up a decent bit of cap space. Total speculation on my part but this has got to be a first for the Captain... How do you know he's scratched? Just curious... Chip posted it in his twitter
  3. Yes, we can come back ... next season. The best thing that can happen to this team now is finishing dead last in the league this year. We pick another young superstar at the draft, and hopefully unload the dead weight by the deadline and in the summer. Remember, fans should think beyond one season; this is your team for the life time; don't think today; get excited about tomorrow.
  4. I think this is a rather silly suggestion that can't and won't work. I much prefer the alternative where we do go to the games and Boo the team to let them know about our displeasure.
  5. Ray Whitney has a no movement clause. But i think he'll probably lift it if needed. He can potentially bring us 1st round pick at the deadline Cullen - great trade bait. I am hoping for a second round pick at the deadline. Samsonov and Larose have no trade value with their overpaid contracts that go into the next year. We'd have to pay someone to take them. Yelle, Conboy - absolutely no trade value. They both passed waivers and nobody wanted them for free. Joe Corvo - good trade value. Might bring us 2nd rounder at the deadline. Aaron Ward - damaged goods. If we are lucky and a playoff bound team is REALLY hurting on defense he might get us 4-7 round pick depending on how lucky we are. Alberts - no trade value. Not kind of a player who gets rented at the deadline. Kostopoulos - Just a correction. He has 3 years contract, not one year as was mentioned above. Good 4th liner/energy guy, but not the guy that will get you back anything of a trade value. Leighton - no trade value. Jay Harrison - who cares, he is on 2 way contract and playing in Albany. Cole - highly overpaid 3rd liner. Unfortunately, we are stuck with him for the duration of his contract. Walker - another veteran who is getting 2.5 mil a year and plays dozen games a year between medical leaves. Dead weight. Ryan, Dwyer are really career AHLers just like Bayda and Aucoin used to be for us. Rodney is your #6 or 7 defenceman/PP specialist. Reminds me of Andrew Hutchitson. So... Staal, Ruutu, Pitkanen, Jokinen, C. Ward, Sutter, youngins and hopefully 1st overall should build the core of the team for next few years.
  6. [quote name='hockeybaby wrote: DMonk wrote: TarheelMike']If Toronto finishes bottom 3 along with us, there's no way the fix won't be in to get the Leafs the #1 pick. That probably goes for half the teams that may be sharing the cellar with us this season, so don't get your hopes up. Do you realize that Toronto's 1st round pick belongs to Boston? They traded it to Bruins for Kessel. They are climbing out of the cellar, they beat the wings 5-1 Very good news for the Canes. Did you post it in all positive thread?
  7. First round, first overall pick looks really good and quite real.
  8. Do you realize that Toronto's 1st round pick belongs to Boston? They traded it to Bruins for Kessel.
  9. Game against Avs in a nutshell. Hopefully, the entire season won't turn this way.
  10. well... precisely, and nobody said you have to wait 25 games to fix he problem. There is a difference between trying to fix things and having a panic attack. I am sure both coaching and management see the problem and trying to fix it. Fans don't know what's going on behind the scenes, at least this fan doesn't. Therefore, my position is to sit down, relax, and wait until 25 games mark. It should take less than 25 games for the team to find a fix. If we are beyond that point and nothing changes in the game plan, we'll there is always a good first round pick and another off season ahead of us.
  11. It should take around 25 games into the season when team can be objectively judged. No need to press panic button yet. Only one month ago pretty much everyone here saw Canes as one of the top SC contenders and praised JR for the off season well done. Now less than a month into the season we are having panic attacks. Reality check anyone?
  12. Why would we take serious some obscure writer who puts his subjective opinions on some obscure website? Really, the opinion of the author should carry no weight at all.
  13. Arbitration also protects Carolina from other teams throwing an offer sheet at Ruutu. Once arbitration is filed other teams can't send an offer sheet. I think i am correct in the statement above. Therefore, it could be a logical step agreed upon between Ruutu and JR to make sure they can finish negotiation uninterrupted.
  14. Playing fewer minutes on the 3rd line in his stacked junior team and as a result he didn't score much. Similar reasons we were able to pick Mike Murphy in 6th round and Bowman in the 3rd. There is a hope he'll be playing top minutes next year and this pick will look like a steal. and to answer another poster - there is absolutely 0% chance he'll be in the big club. It will take another 3-5 years before he has a clear chance to get on Canes roster if he develops nicely.
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