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  1. I hope JR is goalie shopping. That 6-1 loss should have been a 1-1 tie. At least he didn't bang his head on the cross-bar getting to the net at the beginning of the game. (only positive I could think of for that "performance")
  2. So there's no way way I can get back to Old School without re-dash-registering?
  3. But TSA, sometimes it's just plain fun.
  4. Shouldn't you be playing golf or robbing a liquor store or something? Troll.
  5. The Canes played 60+ minutes of great hockey. They outworked the Bs throughout regulation and unfortunately Thomas kept the game even. Again last night the Canes showed their strength in their depth because every player Mo puts out there is a threat now. This makes coaching very difficult for the opposition because there aren't just one or two things to try and take advantage of. The gaps get filled, the battles get won and the ice tilts our way. I just don't think the Bs are used to this level of resistance from a team they think they should dominate and it gets them frustrated and confused. What did I see again last night, the Canes are playing as one team. They can mix and match in their line-up and it works. They have outplayed Boston and Boston can't figure out why, after all the Bs are better, right? The Canes dominated every aspect of this game (less some loose play early in the 1st and early in the OT) and it was because they ALL wanted it and knew it required every player to be his best. Wardo made some huge saves in the OT to set the rest of the team up to regain control of the game and put the pressure back in the boston end. I couldn't be prouder of what this team has accomplished since we all wrote them off back in January. They know what they need to do and it shows. LET'S GO CANES! I'll be there making noise Friday. Caniacs we need to continue to be LOUD!
  6. I don't have the NHL package, but I get every game FS-CR carries on channel 645 on DirectTV.
  7. Jokinen didn't even really celebrate his goal. His reaction was priceless, stunned disbelief. The Exorcist cast them out!
  8. Don't sell Rosie short. He's been on the front end of a lot of these goals. His effort and heart are paying off and proving he's an elite player.
  9. Still think he's the Exorcist! He continues to vanquish the devils!
  10. Never quit, never surrender! This team has delivered more than any of could have imagined at the New Year.
  11. Thinking that Jokinen needs a new nickname. The Exorcist! He truely killed the devils! Don't think many people in NJ will want to buy him a drink anytime soon.
  12. They're just jealous the voices only talk to you....The Storm Squad is a great excuse though
  13. Huh? I still can't hear. I'm quite certain Marty heard the crowd...several times! Don't know if the "Marty" chant made it through to the broadcast, but it was LOUD in the RBC.
  14. Not sure if I agree with this. The Staal line has been playing tough with big hits and a majority of play in the offensive zone. They are wearing the devs down. Our strenghth lies in our depth. We have a FOURTH line that could play second line on a lot of teams. If I had to pick a player who has not played up to his potential this series it would have to be, as much as I hate to say it because I like him, Joe Corvo. He's made some bonehead plays and coninues to turn the puck over. He's non existant with scoring chances. If he can step up and play the way he did during the regular season it would open up some ice for the forwards when he's out there. He got great hands, a laser shot and the vision to see the seams. If he becomes a threat it could easily change the way the devs have to play us. Just my opinion.
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