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  1. Thanks for the quick responses. I really couldn't believe that you'd be unable to snap a few pics and get a few autographs. I recall one night last season that was extremely well. I have never seen Ward, Staal, or Brindy stop. On that particular night, Ruutu was one of the first out, as he was just traded from Chicago. Corvo, Eaves, Lavi, Whitney, Walker, Brookbank, Conboy, Bayda, Aucoin, and Cullen off the top of my head. Oh, and Cole was the last to leave. Everyone walked off and I saw that (what I recall) Aston Martin idling in the parking lot. I knew that had to be a player. Sure enough, Cole rolled out and stopped to sign my jersey and hat. Great guy.
  2. Urgh! When I saw the Pens score with 30 seconds left, I wanted to gouge my eyes out and hide the remote. Bah! I'm hoping for a swift five second goal by the Wings when the game resumes. That'll make me happy, or at least not have a heart attack.
  3. Haha. Good one. And eBay, obx. I searched the other day and it's teeming with Ward figurines, all in the 25-45 dollar range. Good luck!
  4. I saw a video the other night highlighting Rosie's hattrick. It was played to the old tune 'Rollin' by Limp Bizkit. I know, I never liked them, but the song just has that energy to it that simply belongs in a video with hard hits and hard goals.
  5. Wow, Tampa is doing well so far. I'm gonna hit the chatroom so I'm not making a post in this thread every 20 seconds Feel free to join, please!!
  6. I'm with Dish Network, and am not getting anything free, as usual. Booo.
  7. THANK you. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to see that. I like how any media outlet refers to the Washington team as "Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals." It's a one man show, with his yellow skate laces and all.
  8. Haha, and again, go Thrashers (but only for today!) Sens up 3-2 over Buffalo!!
  9. Oh yeah, major time. Wow, Let's go Tampa! ...But just for tonight only!
  10. Wow, end of the 2nd, Washington and Tampa tied at 2.
  11. The only way I could imagine would be to write the equipment manager and ask if there's a spare or how they go about ordering theirs with a red Oakley symbol.
  12. Let them predict what they want. If I may recall, nearly everyone predicted a slaughter from Ottawa two weeks ago. We all know how that game ended. I'm pretty sure they expected a win in Chicago, too.
  13. Seriously. And I really dislike Brashear. If he likes fighting that much, he needs to drop the stick and skates and apply for the UFC. Fighting in the NHL is fine, but Brashear takes it to an entirely new level. Err. I'm just hoping he gets his tantrum fights over with and the officials award him with a misconduct or five.
  14. Well, I was TRYING to say that, TSA, but you got to it before me
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