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  1. Theres no excuse losing to the worst team in the division.
  2. He needs to stop focusing so much on his equipment and focus more on the game.
  3. The Canes were a sorry *edit* mediocre team this year. All they had to do was win 1 game at home and they couldnt do it. One of those losses was to the worst team in the division. Pathetic!
  4. What the hell is the Canes problem? One game they look really good then the next they are bad. At least we're still first in the division.
  5. Well, we suck again. Whats new?
  6. We need a Tackle and Guard, a #2 WR, and QB then we'll be set on offense. On defense we need a DE and maybe a DT along with a FS. Most importantly, we need new coaching. A new DC, new offensive line coach, new special teams coach, and new QB coach. Maybe head coach.
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    Official NFL Thread

    My team is the Panthers but unfortunately they suck this year.
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