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  1. Canes lost playing their system. 4 forwards on PP. Got caught pinching twice, and that is always a risk. They just couldn't depend on Ward to bail them out tonight.
  2. I've been wondering the same thing for the past 2 weeks. he hasn't been physical for a while, so just saying ... Is he hiding an injury?
  3. SCORE!!!!! Finally. Keep Fla out of Canes zone , just maybe. That was a very good PP. Staal may have to carry this team. Tire Fla out
  4. Vokun is out for now. Don't know a thing about this guy. Cole needs to show up.
  5. Did Cam thnk that their was going to be a touch up? Oh S 1-2. Canes are not ready. Typical 1st Period
  6. This as near to a game 7 as you can get. Win = Champions Lose = Zip No shaking hands line after this. My fear is an OT loss.
  7. As I said earlier, its a pure shame this game was dominated by very poor officiating. A game that could have been special on either side was buried behind striped shirts. Sad. Ok, I knew the Wash would come out hard on their home ice. BUT the Canes survived it. Then the penalties built up and frustrated everyone on this board (almost) including me. Its over now, so they either regroup and show they are champions or ...
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