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  1. The won't put an AHL team in Charlotte for the simple fact that no other AHL teams exist in close proximity. This is minor leauge sports we are talking about and no parent organization is going to want to pay the travel expenses, especially a small market team with an eye on the bottom line.
  2. And then both were promptly returned to the nursing home by the local Meals on Wheels representative.
  3. ESPN is just trying to give an early start to the endless hype of Duke Vs. UNC.
  4. Pens fans, go spew your banter on Wings boards now. We don't care about you and your "bailed out" organization. And about you 9 championships, who cares. You can't deny you were aided in the last two Super Bowls you won. I love how some your fans referre to Pittsburgh as the city of Champions. Only 14 more combined and you can equal the Montreal Canadiens organization.
  5. Wow, I think that pens poster that is above me forget to mention a few things: -The A-Team showed up and kicked Malkin's butt in the locker room prior to the game -Aliens abducted Crosby and replaced his brain with Easley's wifes -Hulk Hogan leg dropped Fleury after a whistle in the first period -The United States Military threatened to use force on the Penguins locker room if they were victorious Man, no wonder Pens fans are so hard to stomach.
  6. Lopsided trade -Eric Daze and Stephane Beuaraguard to Chicago, Dominik Hasek to Buffalo
  7. I don't see how Buffalo is the biggest rival. I know you all hate the fans of the Sabres, but to be the biggest rival the opposing team has to look at you as a big rival. Buffalo has bigger rivalries with Toronto, Ottawa, Boston and Montreal. And if Basille gets his way probably Hamilton.
  8. Thats ok, Yuengling is more popular in Philly as it is brewed in Eastern PA. Pittsburghers stick to that Iron City *edit*.
  9. The RBC Staff let that moron dressed up like a real penguin in. That right there is the whole problem.
  10. Here is hoping Jose Canseco is found in both teams locker rooms and every player on both the Pens and Wings test positive for roids cancelling the Pierre McGuire-Eddie Olzyck three hours of gushing over Crosby.
  11. Love these Pens fans talking about how the Canes will be in contention for many years. I know you probably don't remember because you hadn't jumped on the bandwagon yet, but the Canes are the team that actually has a Stanley Cup this decade.
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