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  1. will justin be back for playoffs ? i met him for the first time on friday , ahhhh , hes amazing :] so cute ! hahah i got my picture taken with him , and i saw his wife and babyy - 2 cute . :] the team definatley is missing their little all star player :]
  2. i agree ! i was at the first game , and that note she hit was wonderful ! i couldn't do that if i tried !! i say she sings at every game !! :] GO CANES !!!!!!!!
  3. they are probably keeping him out so that we dont have any more injuries !! we've already lost so many :[
  4. yeah i know . hahah but is he going to be back before playoffs ? man poor guy keeps getting injureddd . looks like i will have to go for frank kaberle now ;] or matt culen or ruuuuutuu !!! hahahah !!
  5. one question... WHY? :[ gonna miss you mikey && coreyyyy!
  6. hey justin! its caroline k! you do therapy where my mom, mindi, does training! GET BETTER! haha i miss my favorite player out there on the ice! and by the looks of our recents game scores... we NEED you back out there! :] haha. hope you get better soon cause everyone misses you! JUSTIN GET BETTER AND BE MY VALENTINE! :] look for my sign on the jumbotron at thursdays game! haha love, caroline
  7. what's giant to me? JUSTIN WILLIAMS - BOM CHICKA WAH WAH!
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