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  1. 'Nother sidenot, last time we lost to STL, home or away; we didn't make the playoff's
  2. Remember the last "must win" between the two teams" 3-1 ATL, Seeming locking us in the cellar.
  3. Hmmm, you find it funny so it must be removed? by the by...let's say i'm not a big fan of braveheart, what happens there?
  4. We'll win the conference next year...suck something awful the next 2 years and on that 3rd year...we get another cup :-) and so on and so forth
  5. You actually thought that the tigers would win?
  6. I'm not saying the NFL is any better or worse but I believe last season in the game against Dallas, Steve Smith was ejected for merely touching an official. And seeing how Avery was throwing hay makers right through 3 of em, it just doesn't make sense...maybe it's just me.
  7. Believe me, I know the rules
  8. Relax, it was just a thought. *edited for language*
  9. How about, A. Ladd, E. Cole and E. Staal for P. Marleau and C. Rivet/C. Ehrhoff not that I wanna see em go, just a thought in my mind.
  10. How about an all yellow helmet with a huge rattlesnake on top and then the chin of it says..."it's ok to tread on me, I don't mind"
  11. Don't take this the wrong way but....DUR! Not enough forwards
  12. Not to mention, Whitney made Miller cry!
  13. When we face Grahame down there....he was like a whole different goaltender.
  14. Maybe the God's are there to help with his game?
  15. I'm gonna swallow my pride here and congratulateGrahame on a nice performance, however I think both goals were BS but eh what are ya gonna do right lol.
  16. It'd make sense on any jersey really, just a sabres jersey would be best...vintage buffalo and criss-cross swords of coarse
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