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  1. Checked out the Oilers board. 70% think Sutton is an Angel. The 30% who are based in reality indicate he deserved the suspension, suprized it was not longer, and comment he needs to conform to the new rules. Problem is he will return, hurt or concuss someone else this year, and then what? Is there a 3 strike rule in the NHL? How many Skinners does it take before the league bans these "line up and deck-em as hard as you can" players? Having a 6-5 250 frame does not mean you need to use full force to slow smaller player down. This guy needs to go. It's sad to think that every team need to stock a no talent goon to counter act guys like Sutton
  2. Good luck trying to understand the ticketese on the "Special Offer" webpage. Best I can tell, within the calender week of the desired game, you go to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) box office, and if available, you ask for the $10 tickets. No such deal on line (heck I think ticketmaster would charge an extra $10 on top of the ticket anyway) Any Lawyers out there? - Can you confirm this for all us Joe Caniacs?
  3. Montreal, as you can tell by my name. Watch hockey night in Canada on the old BandW starting at the age of 3. First round of the 2006 was really hard hockey for me to watch. After that series I started the tranformation to a Canes fan. It is so fantastic to be able to see NHL here in Raleigh!
  4. I would love to see Cole back but not for Ruutu, no way. Cole returning will be done during the summer.
  5. Newspapers are struggling all across the country. It doesn't suprise me to see that sport coverage is being reduced.
  6. Rod is the C and need to remain the C for the dedication he's made to this team and the game. Reducing his ice time makes sense if he is naturally slowing down. Give more time to younger players if they produce better result (i've yet to see). Trading BA will likely not bring any better player in return. Problem is Staal. This kid is making major money but delivering minor returns. If he is in a pout mode because he does not have a C on his jersery, then he's not ready for it. Look at the team stats, BA and Staal have basically the same points. Rod is doing good for an aging player, on pace for +20 goals. 20 goals for $$$$ Staal is horrid value. This team needs to focus on getting Staal and Samsonov rolling and not concern about who's wearing the C
  7. We'll take him!...add some much needed excitment to the Canes (kidding)
  8. This team needs to win inorder to survive in this town, I bet Sunday is less then 1/2 full at RBC, something has to give....
  9. Does anyone know if the RBC box office is open early on Sunday to get $10 tickets? If so what time?
  10. When I moved from Canada to Raleigh I was a huge Montreal fan and only went to games when the Habs were in town. Over the years I slowly went to more games and eventually became an official Caniac during the cup run. Having new comers to Raleigh cheering for thier "back home" team is OK as long as they are civil. Wings fan behind me last night got a bit under my skin, but then I remembered my old Habs fan days and thought he may well be a budding Caniac. With enough relocated hockey fans to the area, we will eventually fill the RBC every game.
  11. Rod's a class act. We're lucky to have a C that is so dedicated to the game and focused on fitness. He's an inspiration to all who enjoy and respect this awesome sport. +30goals this year RBA!
  12. mini Stanley cup with embossed Canes emblem and 06 cup champs, complete with matching puck to place in the cup. Doesn't hold much beer though....
  13. One of the best defensive efforts of the year. Good coral by Commedore lead to the game winner
  14. As a dislocated Canadian, any spur of the moment NHL game for $10 (like tonite) is beyond most of my countrymen's wildest dreams. Cheers to SE hockey!
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