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  1. QUOTE(Heyhey whatta ya say @ Feb 26 2008, 11:53 PM) Canes dominated the Devils for 40 minutes, possibly 50. Cam went save for save with him. Devils were lucky to get a point, but I guess Brodeur has stolen points for them before. But of course, like the last victory, the win cost us another possible injury, with Gleason going down unfortunately. I think its official...the RBC is a tough place to play in once again, the fans are great getting into it , and the team gets better as the game goes on. This win proved that, cause no team is better than the devils in the conference right now. Don't you love reading the paper recently on the morning after big wins and hearing the players quoted as saying they could feel the crowd getting into it? It's great to know we really can inspire our team. Someone mentioned it earlier and I alluded to it in my other post - the crowd really showed their knowledge tonight. That standing 'O' after the long cycle in the third period made me recall the old days in Olympia. Gotta love those Caniacs!
  2. Great analysis, Onetimer - even if you did leave out Corvo. I'm glad your revision credited him, 'cause I couldn't be happier with his play since coming on board. Wasn't surprised to hear Ruutu got 40. Even up in the 300 section we could see blood spurting. Eaves did appear tentative. I had to keep searching out his number since he wasn't doing much to get our attention. But I'm willing to give him a while before leveling any serious criticism. This was one of the best games I've attended in a while, although I said that about last Thursday. But that was a relatively relaxing game. This one was tense in the first, breathtaking in the second - they get that goal that shouldn't have happened and then we get one back. My STH buddy noted that had anyone but Brodeur been in goal the score would've been 5-1 at the end of regulation. The third period was the fun period. As Onetimer said it was cycle, cycle, cycle. I too haven't seen that much cycling out of the 'Canes in a long, long, time. Hockey is fun to watch when your team's playing on tilted ice like ours was. And having Sammy score the game winner in OT, well, what can I say? Seems like every time I post something about Samsonov I use the phrase "what can I say", but what can I say. I predicted when we got him that he would be desperate to salvage his career - that his move here was "make it or break it", but I never thought the chemistry would be what it is. He fits like a well worn hockey glove. We're lucky to have him and I think he feels he's lucky to have us. Ruutu had my heart pumping from the minute his blades touched the ice. I hope he's okay. We need him since we got him by trading a guy who I thought was playing very well of late. As for the crowd, Legend hit the nail on the head. The family in front of us was from Harnett County. They had won tickets in a radio giveaway. It was their first hockey game and I'm glad they came on a good crowd night (I tutored them and implored them to come to more games). Despite being less than full, the RBC crowd was very LOUD. The fans showed their knowledge of the game and their passion for it. I was proud to be a 'Cane. I didn't mention a lot of guys, including Staalsy (whom I haven't called Erica in more than two months now) who have been playing hard trying to make the loss of Brindy sting less. There were a lot of them playing hard and I'll just agree again with Onetimer's analysis. Seeing Gleason being helped off the ice hurt me down deep. I hope he'll be okay. He's the one player who I think plays his heart out every game! My best to the Caniac Nation, Reformed Redwing BTW, I tried my best to heed all those responses to my controversial first post about "Local Homers", but my southern hospitality evaded me some tonight. My NC native Momma, who taught me (in Detroit) to say "sir" and "m'am" and who found something good to say about everyone she ever met, is turning over in her grave tonight. I let every Devils sweater-wearing NJ fan I saw tonight know that they were in the RBC Center - not on home ice (the RBC after all isn't in Cary). C'mon folks, I was at the ESA opening night - the christening of hockey in Raleigh - when NJ beat us and their fans ragged me unmercifully. As old time southerners say - "Forgit, Hell!"
  3. No, it really doesn't matter, just an observation. A guy who sat in our section last year is a HUGE Tim Gleason fan. Had a number "8" sweater with "Gleason" on the back before anyone else I'd seen. Haven't seen him this season, but wonder if he changed the number to "42" or the name to "Cullen"???
  4. Cool, Caniac82. The great thing about getting your last name on the jersey is that JR can't trade you! Seems like half the 'Canes sweaters I see with players' names on the back are guys that aren't on the team anymore.
  5. My red hard hat with a 'Canes logo sticker on the side. From the construction of the then ESA! Don't ask me how I got it - I'd have to kill you. But let's just say some jobs have their perks! RRW
  6. Aucoin, Bayda - great job. Samsonov - what can I say - making JR look like a hockey trade genius! Despite Cam (don't get me started!) we pulled off an exciting win. At least we didn't have to put up with any obnoxious 'local homers', but then again maybe that's why the place was so empty! RRW
  7. Michael is absolutely correct about the time - 1 AM Sunday wherever SOPCAST is based. I too have never tried this and am leery of downloading their software, but I've heard others on here talk about it, so I'm going to give it a go. RRW
  8. It's hard to celebrate a good game when Brindy gets knocked out 'til next season, but this was quite an effort. Gave up going to the game tonight to be with wife and daughter for Valentine's, but being the wonderful pair they are, they insisted I watch the game on TV. A few folks here seem mildly excited about the game tonight. I'm much more upbeat. The team I saw tonight could make a playoff run. Yes, there were some lapses (nice softie, Cam), but all in all it was an energy filled extravaganza. What can we say about Sammie? What a deal getting him, huh? The Rat Pack played like none of them wanted to go back to Albany. I've been a little tough on Wesley this year, but tonight - WOW! That third period hit was well worth a penalty. If Staal, Cole and Whitney could play every night like the played tonight we could win The Cup again even without Rod (God, it's hard to say that!). I know it's just one night and maybe I'm a little sleep deprived this week, but I swear that was one of the best efforts I've seen all year. And that from a team with an injury list longer than I want to think about. I'm regretting not being there in person. I will be there next week, hopefully on the day Eaves gets healthy and into the lineup. I can only hope he finds the kind of chemistry with this team that Samsonov has. A week ago I was about to give up on the playoffs. Tonight - renewed hope. Go boys - win 'em for The Captain! RRW
  9. But Staal DIDN'T get an assist nor a goal and neither did anyone else on the team and the 'Canes lose - again. Sounds like a whole 'nother thread entirely!!!
  10. In a nod to Model Citizen who says, "Alright... this thread has been out there too long
  11. I'm glad you said that, Caniac2630. I saw the game on FSN tonight and thought I noticed on the first replay that the puck glanced off Cam's stick and went wide. I was more certain of it on the second replay, but I'm old and my eyes ain't what they used to be so when I read earlier posts I thought I was mistaken. John and Tripp never mentioned it. I agree with previous posters that the first goal was a little soft and partly the result of a defensive flub and that, at times, Ward looked a little shaky in the net, but the bottom line is - he got the job done. Two pretty good games in row. Maybe he'll get back on top of his game and shut up us naysayers. Yes, I too have been down on Cam this season. But I'm waiting to see if the improvement continues. There's nothing like a hot goalie to help in the points standings (although tonight Toskala proved that a hot goalie doesn't always win the game). Speaking of being down on players, didn't I see Staal make a great hit on the defensive boards in the first (or was it the second) period? I can't remember who the player was but Staal put him on his knees, stole the puck, and made a nifty pass out of the zone. He may not have had any points tonight, but he continued with some physical play. Good to see. And that brings me to my final point. The thing that made this game a good for the 'Canes - defensemen scoring points. It's nice to see that when the forwards aren't able to get it in the net there are defensemen stepping up. As the majority voted in the poll about "Where you stand on the 'Canes" - "We've got all the talent we need but no hunger/spark/drive... " - we do have talent, but they must play like a team. When some guys are having an off night, others need to step up. If I'm not mistaken that's what this team did in 2005-2006. RRW P.S. I was pulling for Hamilton to do well tonight, but I assume he didn't do enough to secure a spot? Or did he? Opinions?
  12. BK, you are the embodiment of the point I was trying to make. When I was in college at UGA, I drove to Atlanta for a few Flames games every season. I wasn't a Flames fan, I was still a Redwings fan. I usually picked games that involved teams I hated so I'd have a reason to pull for the Flames, but I also took in some games to see the latest superstar or just watch NHL hockey. Interestingly, my business colleague, who is my season ticket seatmate (mini-pass and another ten or so pick up games - can't afford full season), is in Atlanta on business right now and will be there through Saturday morning. He grabbed tickets to the Thrashers/Penguins game Friday night because he's become a big Hockey fan since arriving in Raleigh (Cary) from Cleveland just in time for the Stanley Cup Season. BTW, he'll be rooting for the Pens and against the Thrashers gaining points on the 'Canes. He's a huge pro and college sports fan and spent his life pulling for Ohio State, the Indians, the Browns and the Cavaliers (his family has had season ticket to the Cavs and Browns for years). Before moving here he liked the NHL and probably felt more loyalty to the Redwings than any other team since he worked in Toledo for years (an hour from Detroit), but once transplanted here he really got into 'Canes hockey. He told me tonight, "I first started going to games with you because it was the only pro sport in town. I love it now and I sure hope the team never leaves Raleigh - even if I do." If he were to move permanently to Atlanta I feel certain he'd get season tickets for the Thrashers. And he might wear his 'Canes jersey when they came to town or he might switch allegiances and pull for Atlanta. Either way he'd be helping make sure NHL hockey would remain around for him to enjoy. Atlanta, after all, is proof that hockey franchises can bomb even in major cities and move elsewhere. How lucky are the NHL fans in Atlanta (many of them my old college buddies) that they got a second chance? I can't imagine we'd get one here. RRW
  13. A little wrong, but no apology needed. My post was too long for even some patient people to read thoroughly. Here's the bottom line if considering the scenario of moving to Atlanta - you can remain a 'Canes fan. And I expect that you'd attend most if not all of the games in which the 'Canes come to town. And I'd expect you not to get too obnoxious in the face of Atlanta fans. But if you really love hockey, I'd expect you might attend a few other games during the season as well. In my case I'd go when Buffalo, New Jersey and the Rangers came to Atlanta. And I'd pull like hell for the Trashers! RRW
  14. Fallen, I always take too long, with this reply being the ONLY exception. RRW
  15. Paratrooper, I assure you I am NOT a fan who "curses" opposing fans and I don't endorse or support anyone who does. I've been on the other end of that one, sitting next to a local Buffalo fan during the 2006 playoffs. His profanity and drunkeness brought the cops to our section and eventually got him thrown out of the game after dropped his pants and mooned me! RRW
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