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  1. Hey all, as some of you guys have alluded to, if there ever was a time to acquire a serious enforcer, this is it. We can't rely on Harrison and Gleason to protect our stable this year. If we don't get a serious threat out there, when we start racking up the goals, other teams are going to take pot shots at our guys. With our fire power, you know when you are 3-4 goals up things can get ugly. "Grit?" Okay fine, but I'd rather have a serious bad@ss out there this year. Thanks...
  2. So with signing Jordan, I understand the thought is that now we become a more desirable destination for top players. What if Semin is a bad locker room guy and we sign him? I wonder if a Semin signing could reverse the desire then for top players to come here?
  3. "I just feel it comes down to one word at this level, and it's accountability." That, my friends, is the best music of all. There are no more excuses--either play hard every shift or put on a suit and sit upstairs. Love that he was a special teams guru--that along with an aggressive style and accountability is EXACTLY what we need to win games. One happy camper over here!! Welcome, Kirky!
  4. JR had liked Vermette for some time now, as someone else suggested. But I wouldn't be looking at trading Allen for him. We need Allen, Gleason and Harrison to balance out the offensive-minded D-men. And esp since Allen is both a good character guy and such a good shot blocker on a team that has allowed more goals than any other in the league this year. Keep Allen. If I could dream for a second, I want Getzlaf or Iginla playing with Staal. Eric played like a monster in the Olympics with Getzlaf and Iginla has the heart and drive that we need.
  5. I keep reading that Larose is not a first line player, and that is probably correct, but dang, he played as good as I have ever seen him play tonight. Way to go Chad!
  6. There has been a lot of talk about our first line not really being a legitimate first line, apart from Staal. I think we should take a serious look at Jarome Iginla. Granted he is 34 but I respect his tenacity and all-out effort night in and night out. It is time for the Flames to shake things up. I would love to see Iginla as a Hurricane and think he would be a welcomed spark for our team and its bevy of young rising players, in addition to providing a great linemate for Staal. Come on, new ownership partners, let's start out with a bang. Go get us a first line.
  7. I don't think this team becomes a serious contender until we have 2 legitimate top-notch scorers, like every other serious year-in-year-out contender. We can't keep trying to sign people who have played decently in the past hoping to spark their flame again. It is time to spend some money to make some money. Otherwise it continues to be a crap shoot. It has worked in the past, I def give credit where it is due, but to remain a serious contender year in and year out, you have to spend money to get the guys who will enable you to contend. It seems like each year we have a "it might work, he did score 20 goals once, and it has worked for us in the past" attitude towards our team. If PK would spend some money to get a serious scoring forward to play and push Staal, I'm guessing your fanbase and your corporate sponsorship would jump on the proverbial bandwagon and reward you for really going for it. In business, ya just gotta spend money to make money. And I think it holds true in this business as well. Go get a stud, JR. Now is the time. All aboard!!
  8. Two things: Something that I feel is horribly overlooked is this team's ability to have fun. If you look at the Penguins, for instance, those guys are a true team in every aspect of the word. With both of their mega-stars out of the lineup last year, they still essentially got the job done to the Nth degree. I feel that comes from a team really gelling together and having fun together and really playing hard for each other and not just a paycheck. Our guys need to start having more fun playing the game that they all love to play. I think Mo might be trying to instill this too, although he comes off most of the time as very business-like. The second thing I think is crucial, which is closely tied to the first, is a team that really truly plays hard every shift. It starts with our mega-star on the first line. This is his team and he needs to direct it as such. He needs to play hard night in and night out and give our guys a shot in the arm and encouragement and stellar play and leadership on and off the ice. What kind of role is he playing as the Captain of this team? He should be the spark that gets all these guys going. He should be the guy hoofing it to the bench when his shift is over. He is the guy who should be out there running the show and not allowing anyone else to do anything less than perform at his best as much as they possibly can, every single shift. That is how a team comes together and starts winning lots of games. Having fun and playing with 100% effort and total commitment to your fellow teammates, and demanding that they all live by The Code as well. No one gets off the hook. Come on Staal. This is your team. Play like a Champion (like you did in the Olympics) and demand it from the rest of your team.
  9. I wish my buddies and I were sitting near you. We may not have helped the situation from a security standpoint, but we sure would have enjoyed helping you and your wife.
  10. Why? He is a little whiny wimp with decent hands that can't fit in anywhere. The last thing we need is a needy player who can't fit in easily. Just my .02
  11. Man, I get frustrated when I watch them play. I don't understand the lack of competitiveness. I can't see why all of them wouldn't skate every shift as hard as possible. Especially on defense. Just because they may be a better skilled player on paper, doesn't mean they deserve a roster spot. I reminisce about when the River Rats came up and gave this team a kick in the *edit* with their energetic and competitive play. Skate hard every shift and out-compete the other team. It will spark Cam too, to see his team playing so hard in front of him. Move it or lose it.
  12. What is the song they play after the Canes score? It's an electronic/hip hop song thanks...
  13. Face value w free parking pass 126 row K seats 8 and 7 Email me at eginter@me.com
  14. drinking beer out of those awesome koozies they sold at the games last year has got me itchin'
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