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  1. I'm counting down the days as well since I fly out next Wednesday! I am planning on putting most of my purchases on my credit card and just letting the bank figure out the conversion rate. I will probably exchange money for a few Euro's just in case I need cash instead of a credit card. I was talking to a Finnish friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, and she recommended that you exchange money at a "Forex" exchange place, since they usually offer the best rates. She mentioned that there are a couple of Forex branches in downtown Helsinki near the market place. It's probably a good idea to avoid exchanging your money at the airport if you can, since she said the conversion rate is horrible there! Also, like TSA said, most people in Helsinki speak English quite well, and you shouldn't have any difficulties with the language there.
  2. Maybe some of the resident Finn's on the board can clarify, but when I booked my game tickets on the Finnish ticket site, it seems that on one side of the lower level are 4 sections which are club seats, and then across the ice on the other side of the arena are the regular lower level sections. I'm in but I'm not going through AAA. In addition to Helsinki, I'm also looking at going to Tallinn, Estonia and St. Petersburg for a couple of days.
  3. According to WRAL, the team will have a press conference Thursday afternoon to discuss the All Star Game. I'm sure the team will know beforehand if they get it, so why hold a news conference if you didn't get the ASG? With all the tweets and speculation today, it sounds like good news
  4. wow! you aren't kidding! Hopefully we won't be seeing many of them over there.
  5. no... 2 games, 1 ticket per game. You have to buy the games separately. I looked at the MN site over the weekend to see what they were doing, and the only thing I could find were a few fans complaining about how a European start would be detrimental to their season.
  6. I bought a ticket for both games in the lower level Club section for $378 Euro ($189 x 2) and shipping was $35 Euro. With the current exchange rate, my total was $556.45.
  7. [quote name='TSA wrote: canetrainiac']Has anyone been able to find out if you can purchase just the game tickets? I was told last night they have plenty of tickets to the games but you have to buy them for both of the games. They didnt mention anything about tying them into the land packages but that doesn't mean I might not have heard correctly. Not sure who, but someone really dropped the ball on planning this trip... my guess is that it's the Canes front office. Needless to say, I'm not happy with the way it has been organized so far. I finally got a return call/email Saturday afternoon from AAA and acording to them, in both email and finally talking to them by phone, you have to buy at least the ground package to obtain tickets for the game. Also, they aren't sure what section the seats are in, just that it's lower level club seats and upper level. I'm not sure how many tickets they have left or if the team is going to buy more... as of Saturday neither game is sold out according to the Finland ticket site. The team has had several weeks to prepare for this and I really think they could have done a better job organizing the travel portion of the trip, and as many have already stated, they severely underestimated the local fan support. Because of this huge fiasco, I went ahead and bought my own game tickets on lippu.fi
  8. After trying to contact someone at AAA several times this morning, I finally got a reply and in order to get any game tickets you must order a package from them. As g105 mentioned, they did have land packages available, but I think I would rather set up my own trip and do more of what I want to do while over there. Does anyone know what section the AAA tickets are in at Hartwall areena?
  9. I have to agree, after looking at this package I'm not pleased at all and would have expected more "touristy" stuff added to the deal. While I realize that Finland is an expensive country to visit, I also have spent a month each in China and Australia on previous trips for less than this package. While it would be nice to see the team open the season in Finland, my main goal for this trip would be to actually see the country and not just do hockey stuff. Other than the half day tour of Helsinki, this package just seems like an average away game trip... nothing exciting and not for me. And even with the half day tour... I'm sure you really won't see much at all! Has anyone found out if you can just buy the game tickets from AAA and not the travel packages? I've left a message with them and haven't heard back. I've been trending the airfare to Helsinki for the past couple of weeks, and currently flights out of RDU are around $975 and gradually rising and flights out of Charlotte are around $825 and steady.
  10. The weather forecast is not looking good for my area (Laurinburg) as they are calling for mostly ice - ugh! Unless this storm is a complete flop, which I don't think it will be, I'm not going to chance it driving up there. Snow doesn't really bother me, but ice is another story!
  11. Speaking of a Gremlin... when I used to work as a Medic in SC, there was a guy on the local Rescue Squad who had a silver Gremlin with a full sized Fire Truck style light bar on top. Needless to say, it was quite humorous!
  12. Now that you mention it... Tripp did say during the game last night that the CFO for the Canes was on the trip to NYC to discuss finances for a "possible" Finland trip.
  13. Brooke has been my ticket rep for the last 3 years and has always returned my call or replied to an email in a very timely manner. I even had a small glitch with my renewal last spring and the sales team fixed it within a couple of days. I can easily say that Brooke and the rest of the sales team that I have dealt with have done a fantastic job.
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