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  1. i wish i had been aware of these better and cheaper websites before hand, but, like a blind fool, i *assumed* an nhl affiliated company should be trustworthy. i'm nearly to the point of boycotting the sport altogether (although i don't think that would go over very well in my house LOL). this was a present for my husband, and he knew i was having shipping issues, and knew it was with an *unknown* shipping company (purolator), but i couldn't give him any info until after i told one of their "geniuses" to cancel that second order (that never got cancelled) and i just showed him the incorrect order and finally explained to him the situation. HE WAS LIVID! to think that our beloved nhl would totally screw me over right before christmas, and then their customer service would be so utterly misinformed and RUDE to boot! and sending me a replacement order of a brad boyes puck for someone in st. louis? seriously. these people need to pass a basic iq test. only a seriously mentally challenged person could possibly make that HUGE a mistake. i WILL get him that photo. it may be valentine's day before he gets it, as i need those ****ed refunds so i can pay for the photo, but he is getting that photo he wants so badly to hang on his office wall. if only we were closer to raleigh, and he wouldn't have to ask for leave from the military (and i wouldn't have to ask for a day off work) for us to catch the canes after a practice so we could just get the autograph ourselves. but then i'd still have the predicament of getting him that specific photo he wants of rod holding the cup. *sigh* this has just been a total fiasco. i don't care if it takes me 10 years, and i wind up having to find it on ebay after rod retires (which better be at least another 6 years lol), i'm getting that photo. thanks for reassuring me that i'm not the only one nhl enjoys screwing over. and lying to. "stuck in customs" bah! there were no customs stamps on that last package that took 10+ days to arrive, on 3 to 5 day shipping. lying customer service reps make me want to strangle them through the phone..... grrrrr.
  2. i spoke to my husband about it over the phone; he sounded interested. he gets bored on the weekends and needs a hobby anyway, and always wanted to give hockey a try. he might want to come out and watch y'all one day just to see if he can keep up (based on your profile, you are a couple years younger than me, and he's, um, a "few" years older than i am *wink wink*); don't get me wrong, he's in great shape. he pt's a lot; a heck of a lot more than he has to. and he still wears the same sized clothing he did in high school *jerk lol*. i'm supposed to look into "startup costs" for getting gear for him; i've got a pair of roller blades i think he could probably wear (they were bought rather big, as i wear like 3 pairs of ski socks with them lol), but they have that abs braking system, and if i can't remove that brake, he's gotta get skates too. but whatever. he needs a hobby, and hockey is always a good one he should be back tomorrow; he may be heading to orlando for a marathon this weekend, but may not. i'll link him to this thread and let him in on the fun have a great day!
  3. 9 days later and my return packages have arrived at nhl. i call to inquire as to when i can expect my refunds (the second of which, of course, was *not* immediately returned to me). "it takes 6 to 10 business days." i ask the idiot why, and she says "it's just policy." i respond by asking her to explain to me why, when they screw something up, i have to wait nearly 6 weeks to get MY MONEY returned to me when i have nothing in my possession to show for the nearly $150 of my money they have in theirs. this is all due to some inept monkey on their end screwing things up; it is obviously not my fault. i ordered a specific autographed photo. at first, i received the wrong photo, and you idiots took 11 days to EMAIL a return label. then you reordered the "correct" photo, charging my card without authorization in the process. the promised overnight shipping did not come through; instead, 3 to 5 day shipping showed up on the invoice, then the package didn't arrive for 10 days! AND IT WASN'T EVEN MY ORDER!!!!! i don't know who brad boyes is, nor do i care. i didn't want a puck in the first place. i am near to yelling at this incompetent high school dropout at this point, when she says, "i put in a request for them to process your refund faster, but it will probably still be 6 to 10 days." why even bother telling me then dumba**? "all i can do for you at this point is put in a request for a manager to contact you." i'm livid. "don't even bother. you people have *requested* manager contacts for me at least 7 times so far, and none have bothered. i don't even think you have managers." and that is that. NEVER order from this inept company. they will be getting reported to the BBB. and i am going to find an address to contact someone with authority about the sorry a** service and their inept customer service reps (if you can even call them that). i would much rather use ebay and get ripped on price (even though you don't really save with nhl, as the same brind'amour photo is on frozenpond.com for $20 cheaper). BOYCOTT SHOP.NHL.COM!!!!!
  4. my husband and i are in jacksonville, and he is stationed at new river i can roller blade, but, due to a spinal injury, i don't think it wise that i try to participate in any roller hockey type sports i don't think he has ever actually skated on anything other than old school skates LOL; i know he has never ice skated. he is out of town at the moment, but i will talk to him when he gets back and see if he at least wants to check you guys out and see if he wants to try to learn or something maybe i'll even come watch what all kind of gear is needed? just a helmet, stick and puck, or pads and all? can we get gear at dicks, or does it need to be ordered online? and where do y'all play on new river? oohrah! and go canes!
  5. someone send him a rabbit's foot or something! we are missing where's whitney over here! without it, my supersititious self starts the game thinking the worst, and my husband usually changes the channel by the second goal against. maybe with the goalie change, things will start going better (hopefully). just need my old happy-go-lucky canes back! lol!
  6. not really. he was far back, and just kinda skated past and glanced toward the camera. he didn't do any whitney antics. it was weak.
  7. my husband got froggy and decided to take it down sunday, the 30th. (i usually would like it outta here the day after christmas, as i'm a scrooge ) we always have a "fresh cut" frasier fir (as fresh as we can get living in jacksonville, when they cut them 8 hours away in the mountains), and we put it up this year the week after thanksgiving. we are unscrewing the base, and notice a tiny praying mantis no biggie, he takes it outside. he's holding the tree up and i keep unscrewing. i see 2 more, so he stomps them, as the tree will fall at this point if he moves. i get the tree loose, and he lifts it, and takes it outside to throw it in the woods. i pull up the tree skirt and there are a MILLION BABY PRAYING MANTISES!!!! they are just in the immediate vicinity of the tree, and mostly in the folded blanket that was under the tree stand, so i kinda fold it up more, run outside, and shake it out in the yard, leaving it on the porch. i come back in and there are still at least 30 on the floor and i am done trying to save them. i vacuum the suckers up and send my husband out with the canister to dump it in the outside trash can. then i call my mother to make sure i don't need to call the exterminator and make sure if my dog eats one he won't die or anything she says "i hope you didn't kill them; they are good luck!" mother! they are bugs! they were in my HOUSE! i saved as many as i could, and i know they kill bugs, but geez! apparently my husband noticed some kind of eggsack in the tree when taking down the lights, so they must have hatched sunday morning, right before he took down the tree. good thing he got froggy! if we had waited, like we usually end up doing, they would have been EVERYWHERE! so that's our christmas tree insect story for 2007! check your "fresh cut" trees for insect related egg sacks! and spray them with insecticide!
  8. there's no phone number, just an address. i told the rep his name and mentioned that she might want to call him. but i'm sure if he got my photo and really wants his puck, he will call nhl. or, if he is smart, and realizes he has an item worth $25 more than what he ordered, he will just sell it online and make some money off it still no refund, and no return label for the second order. and ups isn't open today (at least here) so i can't even send out the first order to get the ball rolling on getting back my money on the first order *sigh* and my husband still doesn't have his christmas present.
  9. just received my replacement order, and it's not even my order :angry: it's for some man in st. louis; a brad boyes autographed puck. called nhl again and actually got an intelligent woman on the phone. supposed to get a credit *immediately* (nothing yet *no surprise*), and *another* return label (the first one finally came today, by the way). do they have monkeys working there or what? two consecutive orders completely screwed up? 30-40 calls to get an intelligent person on the phone? 6 or 7 requests put in for a manager to contact me and none have ever contacted me? 11 days to get a return label EMAILED to me? 10 days for a 3-5 day shipping order to get delivered, and it's not even my order in the package? and the woman actually said she hoped i would place the order again once i got all my money refunded. HAH! i will be placing the order again, but i'm placing it directly with frozenpond.com, where shop.nhl.com ships the photos from, where the certificate of authenticity is from, and where they sell them for $20 less. and they offer the overnight shipping that nhl promised me and then rebuked. i'm just completely flabbergasted as to how a puck and an 8x10 photo can get mixed up, and how you could mistake the name robert for lindy, or even the order number 8091517943 for 9099680034. it is absolutely absurd. where is the quality control? do they have any standards at all? and the last customer service rep i spoke to before the nice woman tonight tried to tell me the package was held up at customs (like he would have any idea when no one else at nhl ever had any clue where my packages were at any time); doesn't customs usually mark packages when they check them? my package surely has no marks on it that would indicate it was checked by customs, be it canadian or u.s. strange...
  10. thought i'd post an update. the "geniuses" at shop.nhl.com did NOT manage to cancel that second order, so i did get charged a second $64.99. this was on 12/19. i STILL have not received a return label like they promised, and it is now 9 days later. the second order shipped on 12/20 and i haven't seen it (supposed to be 3 to 5 day shipping. i understand that is "business day", and christmas slows things down, but still. come on). i've been calling everyday, since i cannot track it by purolator, and they keep promising me a manager will call me with tracking info, and, surprise! no manager has called. it has been 6 promises of a manager call so far in the 2 orders with no callbacks. so now i have a $72.68 charge on my bank account for nothing that i can really do nothing about since shop.nhl.com is run by such wonderful caring intelligent people.
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