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  1. My opinion is that Peters will be packaged in a trade. Then all of you can argue about save % and the like but Khudobin has earned the number 1 spot due to if nothing else, consistency, and the team playing better in front of him.
  2. Joni has elite skills. We would have been worse in a down year without him.
  3. He's great positionally and gets his stick in the passing and shooting lanes. He's also a great fit in our system. Keep him if we can. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWVf81JyljE
  4. We've dealt too many people to probably accomplish that. However, with what we have left and without Wardo, we are doing pretty good.
  5. Count me in the keep category. Mo is pretty good at knowing what he has in a given situation and making adjustments as circumstances warrant it. With those skills, he is the best choice at present for our rebuild mode. It won't take us long.
  6. [quote name='msgtcody wrote: caniacbeej wrote: msgtcody']Ignorance is bliss. Let them pay for their season tickets and be happy just the same. If they'd rather crack jokes than worry about the success of the team thats their right. I didn't want Whitney gone but the deal was on the table of Colten Teubert and a 2nd round pick all Ray had to go was take a 3 month vacation and then you can have him right back here to make you happy next season plus the franchise d-man you've acquired and the 2nd round pick. If it makes you happy that didn't go through then bless your heart but for the future of this team that not happening was a setback. Ray was not going to be a rented player. The squashing of deal was based on not being able to get contract extension with new team. He was not going to come back if dealt and relinquishing his NTC. So the comments about him coming back after that deal are irrelevant. I tend to agree with the person who said that He and JR have agreed to get a deal worked out, if there was no one willing to give up what he is worth.Okay I say again, Colten Teubert plus a 2nd rounder for Ray to go to a contender and play for 3 months. That was the offer from LA that JR accepted and he turned down. If he wasn't going to come back after being dealt then you should be mad at him because there is no reason not to. He has kids, he has a family and the offer was there for him to go to a contender for a couple months and not have to relocate anyone. That extension he wanted was to relocate his family which doesn't make any sense if hes happy and wants to retire a Cane. So he either wants to relocate and is gone after this year, or he comes back next year as a Cane which he could have done anyway if he had taken a 3 month trade. Now explain to me how getting nothing for someone thats either gone or wants to resign here which he could have done anyway is beneficial to us? I think what you may be missing is that JR's hands were tied with the NTC. He tried to move him and there was interest. In the end. Ray held the cards. Whether it is beneficial becomes moot at this point. Overall today, I think we came out pretty good. We can work with that many picks and the prospects and we got an experienced defenseman to help carry us the rest of the way with all the holes on D (plus it was required we take him to open up space for the deal to occur).
  7. Ray and his agent had some say so. However, we got 7 picks and 3 prospects today. If we are going to rebuild, not a bad day.
  8. I like Corvo but this was the best deal of the day. A pick, a prospect and a defenseman to help carry us until the end of the season.
  9. I'll go B+ under the circumstances. JR got some value out of the UFA's. Loaded up on prospects, picks, and an experienced defenseman to get us to the end of the year.
  10. I prefer Pitkanen. At times when he was injured, we couldn't get the puck out of zone. He anticipates ahead of time and sees the floor better. He is also better at blocking shots or passes with his stick.
  11. Maybe Joni's return will respark the power play. I can't understand how it started out so well in olympic play but became anemic.If it gets back on the track, team Finland has a good chance.
  12. Great game by Finland, the team I want to win gold. Good puck movement on the power play (won't be as easy with Sweden). Good game for our two Canes, Ruutu and Pitkanen. I'll have to put on another pot of coffee for the Sunday game. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. As far as the D goes, we won't know if Picard will clear immigration in time to play. If he does, here is a goal of his against the Devils As far as our lines go, I currently have no idea.
  14. He is still young and has a good one timer type of shot at the point. He will be fine. I hated to lose Cullen but knew he would be gone for the rest of the season after the trade deadline and I don't want to lose Whitney either, but I'm a realist. Given the circumstances, I'm more than happy with getting Picard in the deal.
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