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  1. The Minnesota Wild are not stupid. Gaborik rejected 8 years, 8 million per. He will not sign with them. This is the last chance to trade him, and actually, Seidenberg and Eaves would benefit their team more than an unstable Gaborik in the playoffs.
  2. I would hope that Eaves really plays well with Cullen and Whitney for the next few games. I would attempt to trade him along with Seidenberg and a conditional draft pick to Minnesota for Marian Gaborik. From what im hearing, they are looking for pieces to build for a playoff run, not top flight prospects, which they wouldnt get anyway, considering he is injured. Samsonov-Staal-Gaborik Whitney-Cullen-Ruutu Jokinen-Brind`amour-LaRose Then, when williams returns, move Brindy to the fourth line again, Ruutu to the third line, or put Justin on the third line. I think that trading eaves insures that Larose and Jokinen are re-signed, and I also believe Carson and Rodney are ready to assume the role that Seidenberg would leave. Who knows, a defenseman from one of the teams with cap room problems might be available for a cheap price.
  3. Can we restrict all Eklund "ideas" from this board? Hockeybuzz is no where near creadible.
  4. I promise you guys Vermette and Neil will be coming our way.
  5. I would strip the C, put him on LTIR, and hope that he retires. Give the C to Gleason.
  6. Im so glad cullen is finally getting ice time. Stats dont lie, the guy is a great player when he gets to play with other good players.
  7. As long as it doesnt involve moving anyone from our current top 6, top 3 d, ward, sutter or larose im all for getting anyone. Vermette solidifies the PK and has good offensive talents.
  8. Thank you TSA. They do have a bar code on them, in the exact location as the normal game season ticket does. They are the "B-2" vouchers if that helps explaining.
  9. Canucks-Win Sharks-OT Loss Coyotes: Win
  10. IF...IF...We want to change this team we clear serious cap space (Brind`amour, Walker, Wallin, Kaberle, Whitney, Williams) we could be in a situation to get both Gaborik and Hossa. 7 Million a piece. Most people dont know they are pretty close friends and have expressed interest in playing together. With the right situation, they would take discounts to play together. I know my previous posted "what to do" roster is much better and more likely, but one can dream. Gaborik-Staal-Hossa Samsonov-Cullen-Ruutu Boychuk-Sutter-Bowman Helminen-Yelle-LaRose Corvo-Gleason Pitkanen-Babchuk Seidenberg-Carson
  11. Its actually not that glaring of a problem. Tanguay is out for two months with a knee injury. Gaborik has a MAJOR injury. His trade value is nothing right now. Given the current economy, all salaries will have to go down. Havlat will be in the 5 million range. Declining player value, injury, declining economy = Lower salaries. 5 Million will get you a star this offseason. Now, a second hand star. Notice i didnt put Zetterberg, Franzen or Hossa up there. Those guys will get 7-9 million a year. Gaborik, Tanguay, Havlat however, will not. Somebody has lost their mind if any of those three recieve over 5.5 million.
  12. Pre-Concussion Cullen, and present Cullen on a good night owns all in stickhandling.
  13. My plan. Hope to god that Karmanos sells this team to Jim Goodnight. Fire Jim Rutherford Ron Francis GM Jeff Daniels Asst. GM John Tortorella Head Coach Tom Rowe Asst. Coach Tom Barasso Asst. Coach Brind`amour and Wallin retire. Eaves, Walker and Kaberle traded. As for the forwards: Keep Samsonov, Ruutu, Staal, Cullen, Williams, Whitney, and Sutter. Trade (Eaves, Larose, prospects, pick) for Andy McDonald`s rights and re-sign him. Sign Erik Cole (He wants to come back...discount) or Call up Zac Boychuk Sign "Big Name wing" in the $4-5.5 M range (Tanguay, Havlat, Gaborik) Sign Stephanne Yelle Call up Tim Conboy Samsonov(2.5)-Staal(8.25)"A"-Ruutu(3.5)"A" "Big Name"(4.5)-McDonald(3)-Williams(3.5) Whitney(3.55)-Cullen(2.8)-Boychuk(1.225)/Cole(2.2) Yelle(.8)-Sutter(1.225)"A"-Helminen(.5) Total 35.35-36.325 Defense Keep Corvo, Gleason, Pitkanen, Babchuk, Seidenberg. Call up Brett Carson. Pitkanen(4)-Gleason(2.75)"C" Corvo(2.65)-Seidenberg(2.5) Babchuk(2)-Carson(.55) Total 14.425 Goalies Trade/Release Leighton Sign Capable Backup (Raycroft, Sanford, Dubielewicz, Johnson, Garon) Ward(2.667) Backup(1) Total 3.667 This team is close. This one year revamp is possible, if not probable. Our defense will be amazing next year. The forward group is fairly young. McDonald is a perfect second line center, with Cullen not far behind there will be competition. All 6 Wingers would provide for competition and constant scoring stability. Yelle and Sutter would be a good grinding fourth line and penalty killing combo, and Helminen provides speed and ability to step into the top 9. If any prospect comes to camp able to take the spot of anyone i listed, then they should be on the team (Bowman, McBain, Terry, Murphy). The Cap hit would be near 54-55 Million. It is going to take some spending to win. If Whitney could be moved for a cheaper, younger wing, we would be close to the spending goal below the cap.
  14. This team will suck until our idiot owner is gone. I wont begin to rant on here, but he has been the problem.
  15. I want Martin St. Louis to be on Eric Staal`s wing with Samsonov.
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