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  1. Ya know, I was just thinking....why did they use 2 teams from t same division? Why not make it a W-vs.-E game? that would keep more of the US interested. I ahve a feeling the demographics of people watching will be very slim out west.....

    They used Buffalo because they knew they would have the weather needed to support the ice, and probably have some snow to make it all the more fun. They also used Buffalo because it's so close to Toronto, and knew they would get plenty of fans. They used Pitt because NBC and the NHL is not going to do something like this without Sidney Crosby. He is the "face of the NHL" that they are banking on.

  2. I could not agree more!! Two sets of rules in the NHL, teams like the Rangers or Wings have 1 set and everyone else has another.

    Every team in the league feels the same way about other teams at one time or another . The reffing, and disciplining is so inconsistent that it always seems like one team is favored over another.

    (I mean every team's fans, not every team. How would I know how every team feels?)

  3. haha yeah! whats wrong with you ranger's huh?? ;)

    umm i know im killin the mood around here, but anyone have an official link or something so that we're not just killing each other and it turns out avery is banned from the nhl and we'll have to reverse roles here?

    It's not on any of the major news sites (tsn, nhl.com, etc) but it was reported in a blog here http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/rangers/''>http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/rangers/' target="_blank">http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/rangers/[/post]

  4. well to gkrangers....yeah he is kinda a small boy, milk probably would help, we need to get sponsored by mayola instead of REX health center.

    and for the injury....

    i feel that either way he was being hit after the refs came in, that should have been a good warning, and then to break his face as a result of breaking the rules, i mean, its obviously a violation of the rules, refs come in you stop, you dont stop you get warned, but when you continue to the point of breaking another guys face, honestly, that deserves a punishment. and for every injury....for real? i mean, only kids who just started watching hockey ask this question, if you hit a guy completely legal and break his wrist, so what, it was legal. no punishment. but avery throwing those extra punches wasn't legal, it makes all the difference.

    He was punished. He served his penalty.

  5. You Rag fans who registered here only AFTER the Cullen hit are not interested in talking hockey here. You came here because of what happened Wednesday night. Had you lost the game, you wouldn't have registered here. Had Cullen not been injured, you wouldn't have registered here. Had the Avery/Ladd non-fight not occurred, you wouldn't have registered here. If it were just another game between CAR and NYR, you wouldn't have registered here.

    You registered here because you want to stir crap up, and EVERYONE HERE KNOWS IT. You can SAY whatever you want, but everyone here knows the real reason you are here. Now, please proceed to reply to my post and defend yourself and say something like "Oh but I've only posted factual information and I've been civil and nice and la da da dee da" and repeat ad nauseam because your type is so predictable. After all, it's not like we've EVER (sarcasm) had other fanbases register here just to stir crap up before. So, if you weren't registered here Wednesday, and you are STILL replying to every Cullen/Orr/Ranger/Avery/Ladd thread on this forum then it is crystal clear that you aren't interested in having conversations about HOCKEY with us.

    If this doesn't describe you, then you won't take offense. But, if this post offends you, then you're the one who should just do everyone a favor and leave.


    I think this place needs an "I'm offended" thread

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