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  1. I disagree lavi is WORTHLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Caniac97 suggest I was wrong in what I said . Well I wasn't we MISSED THE PLAYOFFS !!!!
  3. I basing it on the fact he cant get us back in the playoffs.
  4. Yeah and your the know it all about the canes right?
  6. I still say lavi has to go! I mean the guy had AHLer's up here winning almost every game and he was too dumb to stick with them. athe team played with a gut full of fire with them. When larose,Whitney and Cullen came back things changed I am not saying it is their fault however,, it is the coaches for messing up the chemestry ....
  7. He plays his game of the year and we lose. The game would have been 4 - 0 if not for him. The guys up front better wake up or the playoffs are a pipe dream.
  8. I second that ,, Staal is no where near physical enough for his size there are guys half his size that take him off the puck with ease.
  9. The problem is the coach, The guys are not buying into Lavi's system anymore. Until he is gone you will see more of the same.
  10. If Lavi is the best we can do then look forward to missing the playoffs for he next few seasons too.
  11. Yeah so will I section 103 front row 4 seat's calling for Lavi's head. I support every player out there I just dont supporthis GUTLESS coaching.
  12. Lavi's excuses are all the same on night it's the D one it's the O or goaltending next he will be blaming a full moon or the fans. Weather you like it or not he is responsible for it all. Thats why he is the head coach
  13. Every one lay's all the wins at Lavi's feet. He must have all the losers at his feet. Some players will play hard and fight for a coach even if they are not physical players to begin with. But the must believe in him and its clear they dont and it is HIS JOB to make them.
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