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  1. I'll cease the opportunity with a question. Why? Isn't a discussion the whole point of a message board? If you don't want to read it, can't you not choose to and pick another thread? I'm just curious, I don't want to be accused of taunting again, but I don't get it.
  2. I don't see anything I said as classless or taunting, I twice had said I wish Cullen a speedy recovery and even wished your team well the rest of the way, I said nothing negative about your team at all, just stated how I saw the events that occurred. Being born and raised in Connecticut, your franchise will always have a place (albeit small) in my hockey heart. As for your Karma comment, I didn't enjoy seeing Cullen layed out in any way and made no such comments saying so. Anyone who enjoys seeing someone injured, clearly isn't a hockey fan and should be watching UFC if that's what they enjoy. But thanks for the well wishes, I'll keep an eye out for that Karma visit. (Sorry to keep the thread going, but I felt the need to defend myself as I wasn't "classless or taunting")
  3. You have to apologize for saying put that in your pipe? Wow, and I thought the mods on the Rangers board were tough! You guys are welcome to come over to our board any time and "troll" if you like - it makes for a more interesting board in my opinion. I really didn't come to piss anyone off - you guys have to remember - that's what boards are for, expressing opinions. I saw a post on the Rangers board that said check out this one so I did, and had to reply. Again, my best wishes to Cullen for a speedy recovery, he's a stand up player, I was sad to see him leave the Rangers as I was to see the Whalers leave Connecticut. Good luck the rest of the way guys - see you on the 29th. (and what's up with the guy a few posts back with the "more than you know comment" - he sounds like he may be in the stands with a sniper rifle or something - kind of scary)
  4. Ok, yes, you can call me a troll if you like, and I'm really not here to stir anything up, but I've been reading this site for days, ever since the hit and am quite amazed at how differently everyone has seen what happened in the game between our two teams. So I'm gonna finally add my two cents. The hit was clean - was it necessary - probably not - I don't like to see anyone get hurt, but to say it was dirty, head hunting an elbow or a forearm to the head is just ridiculous to say the least. His arms are clearly at chest level at the point of impact and the impact was their two heads coming together, then his arms come up. To say Coloton Orrs face was bloodied as a result of the fight is also ridiculous, I don't think your player even landed a punch. In fact, Orr showed respect to Commrie by not pounding him while he was down - Commrie in no way won that fight. Now, on to Avery and all the whining about him, I had no problem with him getting a game misconduct for his actions, however all the pissing and moaning about him hitting Ladd when he was tied up is also overblown. Avery was the one tied up when Ladd kept coming at him and Avery reached over the ref and hit him - is it wrong, yes, should he be suspended? No, not until he reaches his third game misconduct, which is what the rules are. As for one final word on this hit, the league has rescinded the major and the game misconduct to Orr, which clearly shows it was a clean hit, albeit the result was not good for Cullen. I for one wish Cullen a speedy recovery but people get over it, it wasn't the bloody murder you are all trying to make it out to be.
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