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  1. You can also see the progress at Canesvision HD. Canesvision HD is a blog that has covered all the tech angles behind the upgrades. I don't see anything about the rink makeover but this blog really wasn't made for that side.
  2. The only time I watch VS is if there is nothing on (no Canes game) or if John Forslund is announcing.
  3. I love the tight games, I don't want to see the blowout games because they just aren't as fun. I went to the Islanders game in March when the Canes destroyed them 9-0 that was the most boring game I've been to. I like to see a tight heavy checking game, give me OT its like an infomercial "but wait there is more" and with playoff hockey unlimited OT. Go CANES!
  4. I didn't even bother listening to VS when I didn't here John. I was surprised and happy when I heard him doing color on the radio broadcast. If anyone caught the postgame John mentioned that there was a reason he didn't want to get in to about why he was not doing the call for VS. I hope everything is okay. But from what it sounded like I will be watching the VS feed with Chuck doing the call.
  5. I don't expect the team to win the Cup. I do think they have a legit chance at the Cup though. The Canes are 1/8 teams to win the Cup. Besides the Red Wings they have the most experienced cup winning team in the playoffs, with the number of guys from the 06 team. I don't expect them to win, but I expect them to go out have fun and play their best.
  6. I saw the bus this morning that had Go Canes on it. Fraking awesome. I bought a flag at the beginning of the regular season and around the All-Star Break and decided best not to put another one up. Got one during the Jersey series and lost it. Bought another one 3 days ago and fraking lost it. It is my own fault I forget about the flag and roll down my windows. I bought a garden flag this morning before the practice. Might need to find a way to lose it. For my clothing I wear my black Carolina Hurricanes shirt, my class ring, my watch, and I have a Regens lighter (like that on battlestar galactica) in my pocket. I'll be alerting the metal detector tomorrow night but it will be worth it. Oh and I don't wear any Canes affiliated hats. GO CANES GO Sidebar: LaRose is going to get a goal tomorrow night to make up for Sunday.
  7. I happened to see it live, got home from the practice in time to see it. I was surprised and happy to see Chuck there. I didn't realize John Forslund did an imitation of ole Chuck. I like hearing Chuck's call of the game and wish I could hear it with John's call at the same time. Two great play by play announcers and the Cardiac Canes in our area, we are lucky.
  8. I'm not going to lie, there are some times when I think Tripp could tone it down. Hearing the color guy for Doc Emerick on MSG made me thankful we have Tripp. Tripp doesn't always shill for the Canes, and neither does John. That is what makes them a great team. They throw it out there when they don't think the team is playing to their potential. And when I watch John on VS it feels weird most of the time, except when he is with Eddie Olczyk, because Tripp isn't there. That said John is one of the best play by play voices in the league with or without Tripp.
  9. I kind of grimace when I hear the RED bit. I don't like it. That is just my opinion though.
  10. Haha I could see him saying that.
  11. Forslund said last night it was because Williams was being slowly moved up and they switched LaRose to the 4th line, but LaRose was on the 2nd line if I remember correctly. To me it does seem to be punishing those who are out every night busting their butt off. Before Walker was injured and LaRose was on the 3rd line with Cullen and Eaves the 3rd line was the best line the team had. I had a feeling LaRose would be pushed down when Mo arrived. The Eaves Cullen LaRose line should be given another go once Williams has shaken off the rust and see what happens. What LaRose doesn't have in natural ability he does his damnedest to make up with it with hard work, how many other players are doing that this season?
  12. I don't feel bad for Dallas. They thought they could change him, nobody can change him. His chance to be a good player was years ago, but he wanted to roam around the ice and bring attention to himself. I do think the suspension is stupid compared to other player's on ice conduct. To those that say that they have to explain this to a kid, tell them that Avery is an example of somebody they shouldn't be and he's the court jester.
  13. haha I think EA sports gave him an upgrade in skill. By the way like the name.
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