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  1. Great Game. I agree with all of you. It's great to see some consistant effort. The Canes looked solid all the way thru. The only players I did not hear mentioned, and deserves to be, again Borer is a player that needs to stay in the "Bigs", and Aucoin is looking better each game. Go Canes!!!!
  2. It's not allways GOALS, but obviously you need some. It's team attitude and emotion. It's a more mental game then most think. As for Goaltending, it's not always the Goalies fault, you can't keep "Hanging him out to dry". Yes, I know even when the "D" is playing strong, we have surrendered easy ones. Especially when they have a player screening in front without Paying the Price. Injuries will go down now with Brookbank onboard, we need a "Enforcer" to keep the other team honest. They have been taking cheap (but legal) shots. Get a tough, big , ice cleaning defenseman. We have talent enough everywhere else.
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