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  1. This reminds me of am old bar bet that will get you a free beer more times than not. Name 5 Pro team nicknames in the 4 major sports (baseball, football, hockey, basketball) that don't end with the letter "s". (there are more than 5).
  2. Pretty cool time lapse video assembling of the new board: And disassembling of the old one:
  3. I sat next to a couple of pens fans Sat. They were pretty quiet until the 3rd when Scotty was laid out and the dude beside me started cheering his loudest. Then he made a classless comment about breaking Cole's neck (at which point I made an appointment to meet him outside). After the empty netter he really went off and a few very large caniacs sitting a few rows behind us escorted him down the steps. The best way to keep the opposing fans quiet and in their seats is to be superior on the ice. We did not do that Sat, hopefully we will tomorrow.
  4. Should have been a delay penalty on Havlat for lying there sleeping on the ice. That was some hit, wow.
  5. I live in Winston-Salem and travel for work frequently. My brother lives in Raleigh and is a long time STH - this allows me to get add on seats at the STH rate (thankfully). In '06, I committed to the first 2 rounds only and only made it to 2 or 3 games. I wussed out on rounds 3 & 4 back then because I was reluctant to shell out over a grand to "maybe" see a few games. I learned my lesson - I was trying to buy a ticket for game 7 of the SCF and was willing to pay up to $1,000 for the single ticket - none to be found. This year with the pay as you play plan, I am in through the finals at $40 a seat. Seems like a real bargain to me. I will never pass up an opportunity to see a series winning game in the Finals again!
  6. I'm normally stuck in West Virginia for work on weekdays and have to give up my ticket for games played M thru Th. I came down with an illness Sunday night about halfway through the 3rd so I am stuck in town 'till Tuesday night. I feel much better today so I'll be in the parking lot around 4:00 and in section 304 screaming my head off by puck drop.
  7. I live in the Winston-Salem area. My brother is a long time STH who lives in Raleigh and I get to a bunch of games each year (including the entire current playoff run). We are long time transplanted Yankees (moved in '77) and played youth hockey while growing up. Anyway, I remember commenting during the '06 run how great it was that the Canes' have been embraced by the Triangle area and how amazing it was that even the native Raleighites were so into it (including a bunch of our southern friends). But even then, during the finals the local paper here (Winston-Salem Journal) would only have a 2 paragraph AP article buried on the 5th or 6th page of the sports section. There was little interest or support for the Canes here in W-S. This year I notice a difference - More cars flying their flags on my trips to the RBC and the paper has had the Canes on the front page of the sports section after every win. The local columnist even ran a feature story after beating the Devils. I tell all my friends how playoff hockey is the best of any sporting event and several are watching and attending games. Support is certainly growing! Go Canes!
  8. Fantastic vid Hctimo. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I'm stuck in WV again tonight, so I'll be listening to Chuck, trying to find an internet stream and hitting refresh on the GDT. Same thing as last Tuesday and that turned out pretty good!!
  10. How bout a brat (or whatever we are cookin) and a beer at Sunday's tailgate? - Hell, I'll even buy you a cold one once we get inside the stadium.
  11. I only saw the 3rd and OT because I was out to dinner (it's dvr'd - i'll watch the highlights later). Great effort by the good guys and Miller absolutely made some remarkable saves. I was really impressed by the buffalo PK - they were so aggressive on the PK - something I would like to see more of from the 'Canes. Great win - Cole looked awesome tonight (for the little I saw anyway). Keep it up fellas - we are gaining momentum and it looks like we may be peaking at the right time of the season.
  12. They'd probably call me Hitem since that's what I am always yelling. HIT EM, HIT EM, just HIT somebody!
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