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  1. Big Props to Tim Gleason for dropping the gloves yesterday! Standing up to that punk Clarkson was awesome. Any details on the fight? Who won? Any blood? Is Gleason OK now? It was kind of hard to see from the upper deck at the other end. Also, I was suprised that Gleason got the game misconduct, but I guess they just didn't want that to keep happening over and over again.....
  2. Quite the contrary. I've lost my cell phone in the past at the RBC Center and had no problems getting it back. I called them, they said they had found it during clean up, and I picked it up the next day.
  3. Thank you for all the responses. I would still like to see more pictures!!! I think I will definitely be attending next year-as long as we give Cole a contract!
  4. Anyone have any extras in the BLUE GROUP? I'm willing to buy/trade or do whatever is needed. I just need at least 1 more....
  5. I think the siren will be really cool. Where do I register/sign up to do this?
  6. Don't forget about #6-NY Rangers. NO WAY are they the 6th best team in the East this year. I say they miss the playoffs by ALOT!
  7. They are saying he slid into the boards. Possible leg injury, and or torn rib cartilage. Out 1-2 weeks.
  8. Yes-that would definitely be awesome. I would definitely pay a lot more money to play a pick up game! I think I could score against Irbe and Weekes, not so sure about Ward and Leighton!
  9. This already exists. It is called "Skate with the Canes." I believe it happened after Christmas last year, or maybe January. It is about $100/person if I recall, but you get a locker room tour, autograph session, pictures, and of course, get to "Skate with the Canes." I highly recommend it!
  10. I'd like to point out that Gleason and Ruutu also signed autographs. Gleason was the first one to stop, and signed for EVERYBODY!!! I really hope we can keep Ruutu as well!
  11. I'll be there! I hope Cole gets the Hat Trick tonight. He sure is due...... I predict a 7-2 thrashing, with their 2 goals being total garbage. BTW, does anyone know the referees for tonights game?
  12. I don't have a problem with the back to back games. Especially the home and home games. It just doesn't make much sense to have back to backs, and also have times where you have 5-7 days off. Anyway, I also have a problem with having the same referee for back to back games. Who came up with this stupid idea, and why is that allowed? Watson is horrible. However, I think McCreary is one of the best in the league so hopefully it's at least even in the penalty calls tonight.
  13. The loudest house in the NHL needs to be just that tonight. I say that we win 6-1 tonight. Hopefully we score first. Let's get the WARDO, RU, MVP, RAMO, and REF YOU SUCK chants going early and often!
  14. For all those that attended-congrats! Please post pictures!!! Thanks!
  15. I think the lines are OK, we just need to let them stay together for awhile, and the chemistry and goal scoring will come. We also need to learn how to finish! We need to learn how to not only insert the dagger, but then twist. We should've won the game 6-0 last night. If we stop skating, stop hitting, we are DONE! Let's go for about at least a 10 game win streak!!!
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