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  1. Good stuff, Hopefully he brings some of that NHL Experience onto some of the younger guys.
  2. Hahaha. sorry, I thought it was pretty funny how they trade you when you won all those Trophy's and the Conn Smythe and then get traded to the Panthers? I've finished my 1st BAP year last year played about till December and never got Traded.. By the way, who did you get traded for?
  3. Played it, It looks really good, Honestly I'm glad they put the Draft makes it seem more realistic.. Game play: It seems less Arcadey and takes time getting used too. I like the new Battle for the Cup mode, now you don't have to imagine winning the cup with your friends. Be a GM (not on Demo): Is probably my favorite feature this year, It seemed the closest you can get from playing a Gm was Dynasty.. I like the new fighting feature now it doesn't take 1 punch to knock you down. lol. I'd say this Beats Madden.. Again..
  4. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=424844&...vid=DL|NHL|Home Datsyuk is bound and determined to play in Game 4
  5. I'm not even home so i'm watching it on the internet but if u want i could PM you a Stream online?
  6. As a Wings fan I'm already bored, i never like seeing both teams.. 1 is ok, but 2? bleh.. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe it'll play out to be exciting like the NJ series.. Take it back to Hockey Town baby!
  7. Congrats on a hard fought season, we made our statement this year, we turned some heads and we upset teams that were suppose to make the ECF.. Anywho, Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins on their Playoff run this year... don't worry Detroit is around the Corner
  8. I'm pretty sure, the only thing is im not a big fan of both teams going to the Finals again, one of them is ok but both? Hossa has been on fire lately, last game we played without Datsyuk , Draper, and Lidstrom.. So it says a lot about how we can still win without some of our Key Players.. Oh and Go Wings! :ph34r:
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