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  1. What you fail to remember is that these figurines were not "free". They came with a PAID ticket that in my opinion is overpriced to begin with. If I had been out at a restaurant and been just sitting there and someone came up and gave me the figurines because I had a red shirt on, then no, I would not ask anything for something I paid nothing for. But, I pay a LOT of money for my season tickets and pay the price of getting to the games early to get these. So, supply and demand, as anything else, drives up the price and how well the Canes are doing drives up the demand!
  2. Just thought I would add my two cents worth! My husband and I bought tickets on Craigslist that put us right behind the Canes bench, and I do mean touching the glass, winking at the players seats! We paid $175 for both seats. But,the reason I am writing this is to tell you that other than seeing the players, hose seats were horrible. You can barely see the game through the coaches pacing back and forth and the players getting up and down. We actually went up to the top of our section and asked some people if they wanted to trade. But, if you are into getting up close, not personal, with the players for a change, then sit there. But if you there for the game, sit somewhere you can see from!! GO CANES!!
  3. I have a Whitney figurine and two magnets that I will trade for a Ward figurine, or I will sell them for $35.
  4. I have a Whitney that I will trade for a Ward.
  5. Actually, the Cam one is given out at the April 2nd game.
  6. Can someone tell me what time what time they usually come out of practice to I could score some autographs there? I know they practice at 11 tomorrow but thought maybe I could go see some of them!
  7. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in! We try to get to EVERY Canes Corner meetup at the local Tap Rooms (see list attached) because they post a few days ahead of time who will be there and they ALWAYS sign autographs. And they will personalize them too with your name if you want. We go, grab some beer and grub, and watch the hour long 99.9 interview. They sign during commercial breaks and a little before and after. You would think it would be mobbed, but it really isn't. Last week, my teen daughter carried on a 5 minute conversation while LaRose signed three things for her and talked about high school. Then he talked with my hubby and I pretty extensively about hockey and his broken leg. He was so charming, same with Wesley. When you meet them in that environment, it's then you realize that they are the same as you and I, personable in every way. Except they have enormous talent and make lots of money!!
  8. Could you email me at jstenulis@gmail.com? I am interested.
  9. Would love to buy two tickets to the Buffalo game if you have them please email me at jstenulis@gmail.com, thanks!
  10. Do you still have tickets to the Buffalo game? If so, I need two!! You can email me at jstenulis@gmail.com please!!
  11. It is on the site, but I cannot remember where, but it says "24 months and younger are free, all ages older require a ticket". My little guy is 26 months so we were wondering too and looked for it. If he is small, you could always pass him off as 23 months...lol.
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