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  1. Score will be 5-2 favor with the Canes Goal's will be by Staal (2) Samsonov Brindy and Sutter Alot of calls againt the Canes with the Canes getting a Powerplay goal.
  2. Anyone have any clue why it will not work for me? Not playing or anything...
  4. I am gonna freak out if Tampa wins in regulation
  5. http://www.hockeywebcasts.com/ This is how I watch the games that are not on tv. Works pretty good. Sometimes it glitches
  6. Samsonov 1 Goal and a assist Staal 1 Goal Rutu Assist Cole 1 Goal Assist Walker Goal Canes win 4-2 With all of the traded hurricanes getting shut-out
  7. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...mp;myworld=true Looks like someone got him. HA HA Maybe I should as well
  8. I contacted the buyers and told them. Wow they are clueless on what is going on.
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