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  1. We need to make a sound move here. Consecutively missing the playoffs after winning the Cup is just getting embarassing. It intensifies all these 'Carolina was a fluke' discussions. I'm sure management has their fishing poles out and I'd have to believe they got a couple things on their wishlist that they would pull the trigger on. Rental options that arent overblown are acceptable here if it pushes us deep into the playoffs. However I'd think we'll be looking for more of a fix anf go move. That being said, no to Cole. Definitely not for Ruutu. Ruutu needs to sign a very longterm contract here. So lets start on defense, gotta keep Corvo, Pitkanen, Gleeson, Babchuk (who btw gets my vote for most improved player this year). Dump Kabs, sorry, he gotta go. We need to bring in a defensive minded defensemen. I think we've overcompensated at getting the puck=moving scoring defensemen and we need to right the ship a little bit. Love to throw out hat in the Bouwmeester talks but I dont see it happening. On the offensive side we need a defensive minded forward. We need someone to pick up the void that Brindy has left. Players that we could possibly look to move would be Whitney (yes he is having a good stat year which makes it all the better to move him) and Larose (I love the guy and it would break my heart but if I recall correctly his contract is coming up for renewal and he is going to want more cash then we might want to give him). Regardless, Go Canes!
  2. freakin morons! They have the Hurricane emblem upside down
  3. you gots the wrong guy. I loved the Samsonov pickup. I hope he decides ot make a home here
  4. I dont think I like this trade especially with the way Lad has been picking up his play
  5. good real time rumor mill http://www.thefourthperiod.com/
  6. I like Borer but I also liked that he was paired with Wesley. I think there was good mentoring going on there and not having #2 will hurt us from an experience standpoint
  7. point, I've actually seen other teams fans actually say we get too much horn (as opposed to more cowbell) and that sounding it once (maybe twice) is ok, but our hornblower seems to get into it too much
  8. oh comon, bow down to the Crapitals. Dont you remember that year they won the Cup. It was .... hmmm... well at least they were in the finals in 97/98 (but lets not bring up they lost that series 4-0). Even though I have found some decent Caps fans even they admit they got some lunkheads in their following.
  9. I'm torn... While I think going with what we got now is a sensible thing (note we did play 58 minutes without BrindAmour last night and looked more solid then I've seen us in a while), the clock is ticking up to the trade deadline. I'm fearful of making a move out of desparation or knee-jerk reacting. I dont think JR will do that. I do however think he already had another trade in the works and now it might mean modifying some of what he was trying to get out of that. Sundin -> NO way, we'd be out of our minds Peca -> I just dont see him bringing hte right chemistry to the team not to mention, not to impressed with him hmmm, lets get Jordan Staal and Stoll and we'll call it the JEJ line
  10. I think Onetimer is right on with his assessment. The only other thing would be what to do with Ladd. I think if we have people asking for him he should be on the boat too. Else have him start some boxing lessons and move him to the 4th line.
  11. Firstly, we are definitely not in the rental market. The only reason to rent is when you are solid and want to push yourself over the top. We are not there. Supposedly we have been a team of good chemistry. This is a good thing and keeping the nucleus of that chemistry is key. However change is an inevitable and necessary thing. Trade Staal, Ward... no way. I'd even say that we need to keep a guy like Cullen who has seen that going to another team just for the money can sometimes suck but who fits in very well here. We do have guys that would fit well in other systems, retool, move on and hopefully both teams get what they want. We were hot on Pitkanen last year and I think the way he would fit into Lavi's system is key. I'd definitely think JRs made some calls here.
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