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  1. How many points have *****years in shot outs. Last year if we win half our shot outs were are in the chase.... this year we are in much better position. Every guy we send out there does the same thing every time. Staal--- skate in---lift your left leg and just shoot. No skill or creativity. Then we have the flailing duck on the other end that unless the other team misses the net we are screwed.
  2. Who cares we suck right now and it is not going to get any better. We are almost an AHL team and those guys are the only ones that look like they want to be there. We could not win at tidily winks the way our guys are playing.
  3. Personally I have had it. The past two years I have given them the benefit of doubt and have defended them but I am just plain sick of it now. Something has to be done. This team is fading fast and most nights seem if they don't care to be on the ice! They could not win if they were playing High School Musical On Ice.
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