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  1. I would like to get them from you. I live in Hertford NC so I could either meet you or just mail it.
  2. I say get rid of A.Ward & S.Yelle they both have not proven there worth to us. They will clear up 3 mill of salary and spots where we can bring up young guys who deserve to be here. I would like to keep J.Corvo around he is a assist to our team, we dont need to get rid of any scoring D-Man we got rid of 2 now look where we are. Pitken cant stay healthy & Rodney works well with Corvo. I hate to see Cullen go but thats part of the business. I would like to get Seids back here as well.
  3. I agree about his agent screwing him over, He was good last season but not for what he probally wanted to get paid. I would like to see dennis back but I think he he burnt his bridges for this year with us. I do wish him the best where ever he goes.
  4. Yes, I am glad of this, I was really getting worried because we need him back. He is young with talent level on the uprise and he has great heart. He is what this team needs to win. I hope we lock up ruttu for some ywars as well. I say if babs is not going to get resigned lets seids back. If we cant sign babs trade his rights and kaberle for somthing. Try to get something out of this deal. Thanks JR and ROsie for working this out made my wife very happy and rest of the caniacs.
  5. Lets get cole back Oilers are looking at trading him off. I think we need some younger players for energy. Look at the Caps there team is little more than there AHL Calder cup team from 06. I think thats a good blueprint to follow thats affordable.
  6. B/C our team owner has a tight spending budjet and want risk it all to win it all. Detroit has deep pockets which anyone who owns a professinal team has them. So how come we cant compete. He will sell out every game if we had that good of team look at the fan base now with a mediocre team.
  7. I agree speak your mind to fire up the team but dont kick a lying dog either. we do need to trade some players shake it as JR said last year.
  8. What i saw from the video was that he said that b/c he stated that he thought is was closed door meetings he is really a *edit* is seems to me. I see why we have a self imposed cap.
  9. I say back off PK let Lavi rest and find another job and take them to the cup and realize how stupid a move you done. He is the problem with not getting some big name players here b/c he is to tight. It takes spending money to make money if you have a great team you will sell out every game. But Lavi did nothing but good for the canes and let it go. What did PK say about Mo when he fired him and he brought his sorry butt back. We have biiger problems than b******** about former coaches what about the on ice energy we are lacking.
  10. Yes Lavi should still be here and I think things would be better. We do need some size and grit to our team we need some big aggressive players. I saw toronto players trying to to start stuff and we didnt do anything it set the tone for the whole game we can push these guys around all night. I say bring brookbank back to get some fight back in these guys. Ruttu can fight but he is more usefull on the ice instead of the box as for Gleason and Walker. bayda has a little scrap to him like larose. Williams has had some fight in him bt it goes back to size. As for Brindy look what we done with out him at the end of the season last year.
  11. I just dont think he will bring what liles could to this team I have watched them both play and I think he is to offensive for us. If you notice he is always pinching up and leaving his postion. He couldnt stop blake on the wrap around last night he is overrated and I think we could swap him for someone better. Liles just got a new contract as well. The person I would love to see here but want never happen is Mike green he is one of the best O-Dmen i have ever seen. We just need to shed kabs real bad and pitkanen would sweeten the deal enough to bring liles here. Even try to give them leights they need a goalie.
  12. I dont think cam is to blame for last nights loss. The whole team was not there in the 1st and 2nd periods they were hanging there heads and just no energy except from the few that always bring the energy ruttu and cullen and couple others played there butts off. Staal needs to bring his A game every night and period not just 1. Ward was okay last night but the wrap around should have never got there Pitkanen was not doing his job blake should have been put into the boards. I saw on that the defense had trouble clearing the puck and we didnt get physical either. They pushed us around from the get go we need brookbank back to get grittyness out there gleason was not 100 percent so he was alittle conservitive. If we play every period like the start of the 3rd we will win some games. We need to shake the team alittle and show if you dont put out you will be gone or put on a lower line. I also think we need to leave ruttu and staal and samsanov together they clearly work great together. I think on the Cam deal just stop trying to talk bad about him when we lose but when we win he is the best goalie in the nhl.
  13. I think we need to make a trade to shake up the team we are playing very flat. I also would change ead coaches as well. I would not deal corvo and ruttu or samsanov these guys are producing for us. Seids is doing good gleason is injury prone right now. I would try getting rid of pitkanen, kabs , melichar, maybe eaves give him more playing time then see what we need to do there. I would trade pitkanen, kabs or eaves for j liles and a forward with energy and youth not injury prone. I think we messed up getting pitkanen insted of liles. I dont want to trade brindy b/c he will probally retire here but I think we need some more youth on the team. We should have kept aucoin he is doing very well for the caps organization. Everybody haas diff ideas but we all want to win and have a good team to watch.
  14. It was a ok I had alot more fun last year and the band was better. I will go again but I think they should make it with age restriction because I saw some kids with things that they shouldent have had and they were mixed kids and drunk adults on the dance floor. Th e fireworks was cool just have see next year.
  15. I went and had a great time I am going back this year I hope they dont loose like last year. It was loud and people drinking but that is what you usally find at parties last time I checked. If you want to have fun and dance and drink I would say go if you dont go some where else. I like what the canes are doing for New Years I hope they keep it up.
  16. I think theres a really good chance of him being back here next year. We all know how good cole is I have been watching the oilers games and he has very little ice time and he dont have the hustle that he had here. He played the best saturday I have seen him play. I think he is very unhappy there he showed it saturday I thought he had alot of anger torwards some of our guys. He was hustling saturday and I think JR was watching and cole knew it was like giving a audition for us again. I hope to see him back but I dont know who will leave it will be interesting.
  17. hurricanes30


    No matter if you have NHL center ice pkge on directv its blocked because of fsn rights I hate it it standerd def but I have to live with it till they do more so just suck it up and watch like I do. No matter how much you spend no HD unless the 15 games.
  18. I say start WARD at pittsburg and see how he does he didnt look like he enjoyed sitting on the bench last night and watching the team win without him on the ice. I like ward he is a good goalie but if you start playing soft you go to the bench. I like our goalie situation now better than last year. I like the switching out evrey other game keeps them fresh and both of them will stay active at stopping pucks. they both have played pretty good so far. I hope we can keep playing as a team and winning
  19. i agree commodore is making to much. i would get rid of wallin to for a younger more agressive d-man if he didnt have NTC i think we should have picked up john mike liles from the avs he would have been a great addition with our D but we didnt we do need a guy who just likes to rock someone into the boards we dont have that really some of our guys do it some of the time we need a guy to do it once or twice a game. we have a great puck moving d-man in corvo he is great i hope we can keep him for some years. if kabs would hustle it up like he did at the end of the last season i would keep him. i hope he picks up and does great things this year i just hope the new d-lines will work for us this year.
  20. I think we need probally look at kaberle for trading he is a ok d-man but his value is little better than anything else we are willing to get rid of. I like seidenberg better than him or wallin put corvo and seidenberg together on the 2nd line 1st line is set no qustions there. 3rd line kabs or wallin and babchuk. how about dont even trade for another player get a draft pick and bring up a young guy who proved himself last season. i think our first and second line d-man are going to be good after that i worry about nobody there than has proven to be a good d-man consistantly.i think someone will be traded sometime maybe not now but during the season when they cant step up and preform.
  21. I have talked with a guy who works at the eye at the start of the season and he told me they were going to have a third jersey out bt aug or sept and it is going to be black with the flag on front and hurricane logo on shoulder like the drawing sixnitepkg has.
  22. I know we can afford him if we get rid kabs for him maybe with a low round draft pick. I am not saying we need to add but it would not hurt either. i doubt we make any more moves so i am happy with our one big trade.
  23. I think we are good for now but if he was to trade off for another d-man i wouldnt be suprised with all the good things going with corvo. he might get liles depends on the price and i would like to see another corvo style player brought in on defense need it more than offense.
  24. That would be nice with them on the line together. but if it happens it will be in the off season because they will want to much for him and thats probally why we got corvo before him. i think they will get him this summer.
  25. On Hockey Buzz.com they say either marion hossa or eric cole is going to preds but who knows till it happens
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