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  1. Haven't seen this posted anywhere - this is pretty funny: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=gallo/080604
  2. Best Blow Up Moment - Peter Laviolette at the Caps game last week - I thought blood was going to shoot out of his eyes, mouth, nose and ears haha Worst Sport to Determine Playoffs - the NHL! Where else could you have 2 more wins than another team, and the other team makes the playoffs?! Coolest Cane if you Met them on the Street - Justin Williams. I haven't met any of them, but I bet that he is a pretty cool guy to hang out with, or a jerk not sure. Biggest Waste of Ice Space - Nic Wallin. I'm sorry, but he's worthless. Most Misspelled Name on the Message Boards - tie between Eric Staal (thats Eric with a C, 2 A's...not Staal!), or Erik Cole (with a K!), or Tuomo Ruutu (it's not Ruttu!) Most Underrated Player - Trevor Letowski. When he actually gets ice time (like he was over the past month) he was very productive. Most Overrated Player - Erik Cole Player That Should Not be Traded - Erik Cole. Overrated or not, he still brings a lot of speed and heart - I really dont want to see him anywhere else for a while. that's all i got...
  3. Ward choked tonight, he needed to come up huge at the right times and he blew it.
  4. so my sopcast is playing the Rags game, when it says it is supposed to be the Canes, anybody else having this?
  5. shots Carolina - 86 Florida - 12 and we're losing haha...somethings gotta give!
  6. I need to vent. I'm sorry but I am absolutely fuming from this game. Like it or not, the refs dictated this game to a ridiculous extent. It's not the fact that they called penalties, its WHEN they called them. How the heck can you call those Wallin and Ovechkin penalties. Are you serious Ovie? Did you think that maybe for a second that Staal was trying to get a loose rebound through Huet's five hole? So in this instance, the Canes could have been back to even strength 4 on 4, but no - the refs end up keeping it 5-4 for the Craps. Is it just me or does Ovechkin get special treatment for getting touched? Heaven forbid we touch the golden child! PENALTY, 2 mins. The third period we finally starting getting things going, then the goalie interference penalty on Bayda?? Are you kidding me? Then as soon as his penalty is killed, we IMMEDIATELY get called for another one. The Wallin-Ovechkin penalties led to a PP goal, and as soon as we were getting going in the third, another bogus call to deflate us. I won't lie, I thought Washington was the better team tonight, but you have got to be sniffing some glue if you don't think that this game was not influenced by the refs, and that is NOT how a game should be decided.
  7. it's just amazing how unhealthy the Canes are, which got me thinking about the "man games lost to injury list" which you all should take a look at : 'Official' man games lost list note that it is 10 days old, but i cant imagine that those standings have changed any at this point in the season. Still interesting to see where we stand, i would have thought we'd be #1 of course - but we don't need to be #1 on that list.
  8. I think the hockey stick on the Panthers' second logo looks more like a golf club than a hockey stick. Something Panther players are much more accustomed to doing. I can't imagine being a player and being traded or playing there. You must feel like it is the end of the road. Take Jay Bouwmeester for example. I've heard many liken him to a Dion Phaneuf type player, but because he plays in Florida in mediocrity, he will probably never gain much notoriety until he gets out of Sunrise. To think of them calling us divers is really reaching. It's no wonder they lose to us every time we play them, they're too busy worrying about the refs calling penalties instead of playing the frickin game!
  9. fair enough in the responses to injury worries - although looking at Ruutu's stats, i couldn't help but notice that in 2003-04 he was a stellar -31! Don't get me wrong here, I hope he lights it up and has the same success that Samsonov has had...still hate this trade though.
  10. what a STUPID move. Why would we want to get a ridiculously injured player? Don't we have enough injury problems?! At least Ladd isn't made of glass!
  11. if we still had Stillman, we could have Staal, Stoll, and Stillman...that's awesome. We could call it the st.. line. YES, i know, Staal and Stoll are both centres so that wouldnt happen, but cant a guy dream?
  12. I'm sorry but I cannot believe that any team, Canes or otherwise, would not have a hunger to win. I can guarantee you that the team is not happy with their performance just as much as we are, and regardless of what they may say in the media after the games, like "The bounces just weren't going our way" or "I feel like we played really well tonight but it just didn't work out." I would say that team chemistry, or line chemistry, is more of an issue with this team, rather than a hunger to win. I know people have posted on Lavi switching up the lines too much, but I think this is a major part of the problem. Lines such as the Cole-Staal-Stillman line were unstoppable in 06 but their chemistry now is far from the same.
  13. Seriously...can we just pull the trigger on a Liles trade already?? What the heck are we waiting for? He'd come here and automatically be a top-2 defenceman, period.
  14. The way i see it is that we should be just as good (if not better) than Ottawa if we could get some better defense. I know that is insane to say, but think about this...Look at our forwards - when healthy, they are every bit as deep and talented as Ottawa's, yet Ottawa has the defense to protect their forwards and decrease the amount of shots coming toward Gerber or Emery. There is absolutely nothing spectacular about those two goaltenders, yet they look amazing on paper by the fact that they have the D to help them out. I realize that the Sens shell out a ton of money for them, but wow, what a novelty to actually spend money on some defense! JR has the money to get a high-dollar defenseman (or two), and bring in some much needed help on the blue line.
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