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  1. They should have started Conboy. We needed to come out with some huge hits, set a tone, and we didn't do it. PP sucked. D energy sucked. Worst of all possible outcomes. That's what we get for giving up soft games in March. They didn't deserve to win this one. And guess what, they didn't.
  2. In a word, disgusting. Not really sure if it is possible to turn over the puck more than they did tonight. Thought Walker had some nice drive, but Hedican looked horrible. At least he gave Commie a night off from the box. The dude is done. Coming back this year was a big question, and I think that has fully been answered at this point. That's not to discredit his accomplishments, and I completely understand how rough the game has been on his body, but seriously, I think it's time to hang those skates. He's getting schooled at every damn turn. Watching the Ottawa broadcast (I live in NYC, so Center Ice for me full-time), they were questioning why Lavi would have left Cam in there for the third. Had to laugh. For consistency's sake in the headgames department, he defintely should have pulled him and not told him why. Think he would guess? My only hope is that this will add a little momentum to the wheels set in motion today with the Adams move.
  3. I have a feeling that the spanking the boys are about to receive in Ottawa Thursday night will be loud enough for me to hear it here in NYC, if not all the way down in Raleigh. Trades, trades, trades. Sure, it might add a spark, but putting a new muffler on your El Camino maketh not a Ferrari. I have to agree with those questioning the coaching. Tonight's mysterious Ward-in-the-third is really freakin' discouraging to me on that note. But more so, there has been such an apparent lack of work ethic through much of the fall, that I just don't know where else to look. Anybody seen Staal getting benched after stretches of games where he barely showed up? Let the Rats kids play. We are entering a basement that has no emergency elevator this year, so might as well spend a little effort on some actual development while there's ice in the building and a few butts in the seats to similute an NHL "game" for the ones who are actually showing up to work like they have to earn their nickel.
  4. Congrats to Samsonov on breaking the spell. Nicely done, and happy he was in a Canes uniform to do it. Why the heck Cam came out in the third is just completely beyond me...we have a big enough problem with confidence in net to start shanking Leighton after two periods that looked better than at least 50% of the periods Cam has played this year. So now, instead of just having one guy behind the mask that can't get settled, Lav's pulling the rug on yet another. Like folks on a few other threads, I have to start wondering what the heck PL's doing in the locker room, never mind behind the bench during games. Sure, there have been flu bugs and bum knees, but there has been no lack of talent on the ice on pretty much any given night. And frankly, at this point, I would rather have a chance to watch Aucoin, Nolan & company play a fast-learning game up in the bigs than watch the junk Staal and others are throwing on the ice on a regular basis. I love Cole, absolutely love watching him when he's got his mojo going, but it's getting really old watching him get stood up at the blue line time and time again trying to work the same move along the boards, and dropping soft passes coming into the zone. And you're dead on...get the freakin' puck up on these goalies. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Right now, the Canes are doing a great job at making me crazy. I live in Manhattan, and pride myself on being able to slagg off the Rangers at any and every opportunity. Completely out of ammunition this year. It's just disgusting. Give Daniels the bench for a couple weeks, send Pete to Florida to think things out maybe.
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