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  1. how do all 3 important games today go the wrong way??? i mean really, i expected the pens to lose, i expected nyr to lose and i hoped that montreal would lose. all of them won. terrible. crumby day in the caniac hockey world!!
  2. i heard that cole and staal were best friends before cole got run and that eric s was a little torn up about it. maybe this is something that can turn him around and he can finally start earning his 8 million a year! i also heard that cole never sold his house in raleigh so maybe he hoped he'd somehow sometime make it back. so far i'm quite glad he's back. he does seem to have lifted the spirits not to mention our goals for!! glad he's here, hope he stays.
  3. i love the canes, but geez, it's time to let some people go. mainly defencemen. god kaberle, try making a good play more than 2ce a year. i can't believe his +/- is only -4. hedican, too old, seidenberg....i don't know. wesley is the only one i actually like and he's (unfortunatley) gotta be close to retiring. and i know that some people are gonna hate me for this but we need a consistant goaltender. ward is good, but it seems he lets in the soft goals at the most inoppertune times. say friday night for example, they had 17 shots in total and he let in 4??? c'mon we had 46 shots and florida's backup made goalie made 30. at least all the goals were blocker side, it gives him something to work on over summer. anyway, i still love the boys and can't wait to see what happens next year. as for now i'm gonna have to root for the caps..........might as well cheer on someone from our division next year they will be a force to recken with, that i guarantee!
  4. great game, fast paced, we played great for the first 50 minutes. corvo was good, glad to have him aboard. cam played awesome with a few "glitches"?!! samsonov, like having this guy more and more every day. any which way we picked up 2 points that i believe we deserved. as for ladds goal, i don't think that he had a kicking motion so much as it was a simple redirect.........we should be happy to take anything that counts anyway!! by the way chara is one ugly man, reminds me of a caveman. too tall and it looks like his face is crooked
  5. Dear God, well it's 10pm and that makes it late enough **** . i'm in total agreement that we NEED to win on friday. i'm in total agreement that if we don't we'll be better golfers than hockey players come the handing out of the stanley cup and i'm in total agreement that we need to keep AO of the board. as well as Semin. we have the players to beat them so please let the boys better pull this one out............. Amen
  6. i love the boys, but i'd have to agree.........new d. aside from a handful of nice plays i haven't seen any defenceman that i think we should keep for sure. for the most part they're all good players, but none of them are great. what we need is someone that will make a difference in front of our net............just my 2 cents
  7. how do you let a 3 on 1 when you're in a game as tight as this???? commodore.........don't pinch in in a game this close against a team playing as well if not a bit better than us.
  8. lol, pirate, i never thought of it like that!! it may be a valid point!! if we can't win let's at least try and help others set new records for their own team!! happy 10 years canes............i hope this isn't the start of another 25 years before a cup. (or possibly even playoff spot) that's all i've got to say.
  9. you know...i love the canes, always have. since the days of the whale!! but goodness sake...........i mean lately it's getting ridiculous. we haven't won 3 in a row all year and we've only won 2 in a row 3 times and even thats not been since the middle of dec. i think that we have a good team i just wish that it would show for a little while. c'mon guys, get your ____ together.
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