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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You will be kept in our thoughts and prayers. Take good care and be ready to go come September. We miss you on the ice. Peg
  2. That is a wonderful question. I agree the lasts 2 games were a kick in the teeth for all the fans. I am getting through this by knowing that the team is soon going to change and I have decided to enjoy watching the 'kids' when they are called up. I see the 'kids' as the future of our team, so this is all a development process for them. They will make mistakes, but that is OK - they'll learn. I hope to see Boychuk, Samson, McBain, Bowman up here for the month of March to let them develop into NHL players for next year. Other than that - I go to the games and don't expect too much - easier on the nerves
  3. Sandpiper -- Sorry about us constantly wanting your players -- I feel so bad, because I know Albany is looking forward to a good year with the team -- but man, we do need help sometimes (like now!). We here in NC are so looking forward to seeing Boychuk, Bowman, McBain, Dwyer -- please enjoy them and keep them well for us.
  4. You aren't the only one losing your mind -- As much as I hate that Staal is hurt, I thought this was the 'prime' opportunity to bring up Boychuk and let him play a few games to see where he is at...............but Mo appears bent on giving the -9 player 20 minutes a night and the best player the last 2 games 10 minutes a night. Well -- maybe if they lose Wed, the shake-up will really happen. It kills me to see other teams use the young players and work them in and you see them developing and we appear to have an aversion to putting the kids in our line-up. OK - I'll stop complaining - just think this was a stupid thing to do.
  5. It appears Boychuk isn't going to be called up - sorry to say -- I just looked at Paul's supposed roster - can I say - what a joke - The kid who has been the best player is on the 4th line............I really thought things were going to change - Yelle cannot take Staals place - we at least need some speed and youth - if we thought we were slow before........................Must say I am very disappointed - the chance to play one of the kids for a few games and it all goes out the window ----- going to be a sad game tomorrow night
  6. Well - that is a good question. Although I would just blow up the team, I know that isn't a possibility -- so let's see if I can make some move that might actually help the team: 1 - Send Harrison down to Albany (already waived) and bring up Brian Rodney (I'd leave McBain and let him get experience, but he'd be my next call-up) 2 - Make the defense pairings: Corvo/Ward, Pitkanen/Gleason, Rodney/Alberts or Wallin 3 - Make 1 trade - but not Whitney -- Rosie, Sammy, maybe even Corvo 4 - Bring up Boychuk, especially now that Staal is going to miss some time - let's see what he can do to help motivate the team 5 - I'd move Brind'amour to 4th line duties - love the guy, but worst on the team and should not be playing 20 minutes a night 6 - Give Sutter approx 15 minutes a night - 3rd line if at all possible - he is not ready for top two lines, but may be needed in Staals absense 7 - DO NOT use Yelle to cover as Staals replacement - rather see Boychuk tried out with Staal out for a few games 8 - Pray I've done enough -- we might need one more 'kid' from Albany up here, but let's try 1-7 above. If this doesn't work - blow up the team at trade deadline and start the re-build already!
  7. I was told STH are not getting tickets to pre-season games (at least not 26 or 12 game STH) -- We have in the past -- and not to stir up trouble, but since they have the new 'Buy 3 - pay for 1' promotion of buy 2 games and 1 pre-season game and pay the price for one ticket (gosh - what a deal for non-STH) - I would hope since we have all bought tickets in our STH plans, that they would reconsider and give 1 free pre-season game for all STH. Hope this makes sense. I was very disappointed when I heard we weren't getting a pre-season game this year.
  8. I think Corvo and Gleason are a great pairing and they seem to complement each other quite well. If I remember correctly - didn't they try Gleason with Pitkanen, but that didn't seem to work out? Anyway -- I have a feeling that A Ward is going to be a great help (mentor) to Gleason and I think Gleason's game is going to reach another level this year. I also agree with others = this line and Ward/Pitkanen will probably share equal times - so we probably have 1a and 1b lines and a 3rd line. Can't wait to get this show on the road!
  9. This is what I believe will make Rutherford look like a genius next spring - All I can say is Yes, Yes, Yes. Talk about grit -- These guys are definitely going to help our first couple of lines live a little easier and will make it much tougher for the opposing team. Hopefully, our top lines won't be worn out next Spring. I am so excited about seeing this line play. I do agree, I think our 4th line will get alot more than 5 minutes of playing time (at least I hope so) and this will help keep our top lines fresher. I don't think there will be any problem with this line gelling together -- it is going to be fun to watch. Go Canes! Can't wait until Oct 2.
  10. This is a great third line - There are probably alot of teams that would love to have this ability on the third line. If this line develops chemistry (as Sammy and Rod did when we first got Sammy) - this could be a potentially lethal scoring line - for a 3rd or 2b line. Sammy seemed to play much better last year after he was taken off the first line and moved to Brind'Amours third line. Sammy just need to remember to shoot the puck and not dangle as much. Sometimes I feel like he is waiting for the perfect opportunity. I agree that Rod is now a third line center, but he will see time on PP and PK. so that should still be an asset to the team. My guy feeling, is that we will see Jussi step it up this year -- I just think he is so happy to be here and be on a team that WANTS him. I know he had alot of personal issues last spring, but hopefully that is past and he can come here with a fresh mind. I remember hearing his exit interview where he said he knew he had more to give, so I'm excited to see what he can bring.
  11. I like your lines -- I was taking initially discussing the lines as they are in the depth chart -- I do think that Ruutu is better with Staal and Whitney - and Cole is probably better with Rosey and Cullen. My only concern is the chemistry that Cole and Staal have and how that will affect them with if they are split up. That being said - isn't it nice to have these different options?
  12. OK - I'll take a stab at that - The way they are slotted on the depth chart: Cole/Staal/Whitney -- Whitney is a great play maker, however, Staal and Cole have tons of speed and I'm not sure he can keep up -- Also, Staal seems to try to do to much sometimes and I'm not sure Whitney is the answer to stop him from doing that -- Staal needs a player who can keep up with him when he gets rolling - Cole used to be able to do that -- to me - that is the key to this line - If Cole can match Staal's speed - they will be OK - Still not sure where Whitney fits in here though Ruutu/Cullen/LaRose -- Cullen and LaRose showed a ton of chemistry last year - both 5 on 5 and on the penalty kill -- I think they are very complementary players - If Cullen stays healthy (and they even said last year it was Nov before he was really back to himself after concussion issues) I think he and Rosey are going to have great years. Not sure about Ruutu on this line - this line to me appears to be more of a finesse line and not so much the game that Ruutu plays -- I think Cole might be better here if you leave Whitney with Staal -- (Go back one more time to my previous discussion - If Boychuk shows more than he did last year at camp - I'd love to see Boychuk and Staal together. Boychuk, from what I've seen from Lethbridge games, seems to have great hands and has the speed that Staal needs -- I'd put them with either Cole or Ruutu - probably Ruutu to make the line a little gritty - although it seems that Boychuk does play bigger than he is (I know - this is my dream))
  13. I've debated this with myself - what to do and who goes where. So although I didn't post to the first one - if Cole can regain some of his form with Staal, then I'd have Cole, Staal and Ruutu as my first line and Rosey, Cullen and Whitney as my second line. Rosey and Cullen definitely have chemistry and with Whitney - they sure were hot at the end of last season. However, this does leave this line with little to no movers and shakers. If Cole can regain his form and Ruutu keeps going - that could be a real scary line -- I know we still don't have that playmaker/sniper for Staal -- but I think by next year we will and his name will be either Boychuk or Bowman. Maybe one of them will impress so much at camp that they'll stay. You could always interchange Ruutu and Whitney if needed. I just personally think Cole and Staal play off each other way to much to split them up.
  14. Hopefully the bubble wrap won't be needed - Can't wait to see what Bowman, Boychuk, Sutter, McBain, etc. can do and hopefully they will really come together as a group (of course, I'm looking forward to when they are down here!) I used to live in Albany and will have to see if I remember my way around. Went to College of Saint Rose and worked at Albany Med for about 6 years. Then moved to Kingston, NY then to NC --- then became a Canes fan - Let me know where you guys sit, so I can get seats somewhat close to you.
  15. Thanks for checking for me......That's great - We'll be there!!! I think you guys are going to have a fantastic/great/awesome team this year in Albany. I'll keep in touch and maybe we can meet up before the game.
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