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  1. Verses said goalie interference if I remember correctly. Thanks for the input.
  2. Help me out a little here. Where in the rule book is pushing defined as a penalty? Versus was totally quiet here. Cole had a right to the net.
  3. What was the explanation on the taken away goal? The coverage was horrible. Also at the end after the break after the game a new angle and shot showed the shot Fluery fell back on going across the goal (which would have tied) No comment no repeat nothing.
  4. 10-15 times a year. But its harder now since back to back games have become just about nonexistant. Atlanta is closer to Asheville so I try to make the games there also.
  5. Welcome Back Eric! I've bought my ticket on Ticketmaster and will be driving from Asheville wearing my Cole Jersey to cheer on the Canes. If nothing else this is a economic victory for JR--the tickets on Ebay, Stubhub, etc basically dried up within hours of the announcement. But I suspect it will be more. Go Eric! Go Canes!
  6. Whoever is coaching this weekend I will be at the games cheering for my Canes. And this involves a 250 mile drive from Asheville to an arena where I've seen 8 straight losses on my drive down. I am totally shocked at what happened today but hope it is for the best. I am old enough to remember when Dean Smith was hanged in effigy on the UNC campus early in his career. We have a team that is struggling and has lots of newcomers and injureis but is still in the hunt even though they are perceived as playing badly. When Wilt Chamberlin went to the 76ers in the 60's he joined a team that had played 500 ball the first half of the season. The team played 500 ball the second half. The next year the team set a record for NBA wins that stood until Micheal Jordon and company broke the record in the 90's. The gist of all this is that we have a decent team that is still in the midst of things with a real possibility of breaking out to much higher levels. I cannot see anyway that we cannot be better (other than the injury bug) in the season left. To not back our team would be a grave mistake. Go Canes........Forever!
  7. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! Unless this action is to let Francis develop time on the bench. But great players rarely make good coaches in any sport.
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