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  1. If one thing is for sure the Canes prefer the hard way and like to make it interesting. Somebody mentioned the Canes being tired I have wonder that also since they have been standing still a lot and players not moving around with and without the puck.
  2. I just wish he would have knocked him out instead of breaking his face.
  3. I got a feeling the NHL is not going to make any calls that would give the canes any type of advantage. Hence the refs wonderful job in game two. Hopefully we get calls like that at home.
  4. It is very annoying watching teams go for the tie because you can tell that is what is going on. It is as if they discussed this option and came to an agreement together to both get a point. As for overtime I think it is useless the object is to get it done in regulation. I would like to see it if it is tied after regulation it goes to a shootout that should put the incentive to finish in regulation.
  5. that about sums it up. The only reason something didn't happen is because of how fast the ref put the guy in the box because he knew what would happen and it was a 1-1 game.
  6. I have a question. Does anybody know what Lavi's salary was and how long we will pay him? I am wondering if that means we will have to find a discounted coach. Also, does anybody know what Tom Rowe's hockey philosophy is?
  7. Conboy was serving a 4 game suspension that's why he wasn't on the bus.
  8. It would energize but that is against everything they believe. Why would anyone want fighting in hockey? sarcasm
  9. Who cares if it was a Fluke it still counts and players got their name on the cup. It's not like the canes are under investigation for winning the cup under Fluke circumstances and we are waiting on a ruling if we get to keep it. It is time to find other stuff to talk about.
  10. I don't think Cam is a great goalie by any means but when you have the team he has in front of him one can not expect that much. He gets let down by his teammates way to much. He gets screened more by his teammates than the other team.
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