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  1. great pictures as always. I was at this game and even though they lost, I enjoyed seeing them get back into the swing of things but more importantly, hockey! I loved seeing the black jerseys in action, I've seen the canes wear them in person, but the rats' just looked awesome and worked in the small setting of the TU.
  2. i dont know if mine's okay. if not can you change it to illegalcurve11 ? thanks!
  3. My dad and me were there to show our support for the rats. I agree with Max saying that the arena was only like half full. I thought the place was going to be packed (it doesn't help that the team doesn't promote alot). It was nice seeing all the workers come out and get an ovation. and Henny too (was that Borer sitting next to Henny when they showed him?). the game was good, first period we dominated but then Norfolk got into their game. It was nice seeing Sutter back in a rats uniform but would rather him in a canes. i saw Wade joking around with the guys, he was sweet as always. all around it was a great welcome back for our rats but far too few fans.
  4. yeah i was just thinking that if we needed a player, ryan would be first. he's a LW.
  5. i totally agree. no offense to the other rats, but he is the one who is putting up the most goals for the team. he definitely deserves a chance up with the canes at this rate.
  6. he just got his second of the night. is he going for a hat trick like he always does? =]
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sandpiper214/...57612179364798/ that picture is adorable. i guess that little guy liked dwight alot =] http://www.flickr.com/photos/sandpiper214/...57612179364798/ that deserves a big AWWWW! http://www.flickr.com/photos/sandpiper214/...57612179364798/ what's he doing?? great photos as always. i'm sad that i missed this. =[
  8. i agree that some of the numbers were hard to understand but it was still cute. i can't understand 12 but i think 8 is "8 is Matt Cullen" =]
  9. that last picture of Leighton and Conboy is too freaking adorable. i was considering on buying it. i love seeing our rats in the canes uniforms but i miss seeing them more in the rats'. =]
  10. That's typical Mike for you. he's a great character to have on the ice and team. Sorry for asking, just curious. that's awesome thanks soooo much! =]
  11. i was listening to that game on the radio and was so happy we finally won at home. great picture of Mike as usual and love the picture of Trevor's fight with Mirasty. =] btw, i don't know if you mind me asking but where do you sit? your pictures always seem so close. i usually sit in section 106 when i go to games. but i never seem as close as you are to the ice.
  12. you take such great pictures of our rats. =] mind if i snag the first picture of conboy, the one with casey's mouthguard flopping out, trevor's stach, and of course Ronnie Franchise? jesh, there sure are alot of Peters pictures, i imagine this is because we can't get the puck out of our own zone lol.
  13. I know when i went to a game last February, they played Love Today by Mika and some song by the Used maybe All That I've Got? btw, this is an awesome idea. =]
  14. great pictures! i love the ones of Mike from pre-season. you should definitely upload more. it's great to have photos from the rats instead of the very few on the website. Also, great picture of the Captain.
  15. i was there and all i have to say is: 1)the game was iffy. Peters could have saved a few of those goals (he's no Leighton however) and most of the game we were playing in our own zone (no thanks to the million penalties). 2)the fireworks were awesome. never been to a rats season opener so i didn't expect them, wished we scored more to see more. 3)back to scoring more, I WANTED CHILI. i wouldn't care if we lost 4-3 as long as i got chili lol. Game was alright, a little boring, we have a few things that need fixing (creating offensive chances). Next game I'm going to is the Phantom one
  16. i will be there to see us beat Bridgeport again. hopefully, i'll be in my lucky seat, section 106 row J seat 11. =]. CANNOT WAIT!!!!
  17. Angelidis was looking for a fight last night. Opening Night is going to be brutal. Bridgeport is definitely going to come back with revenge. I still find it funny that they made their goalie change in the second and of course the cold goalie gave up a goal on the first shot. =]
  18. yeah him and his brother were throwing cheap hits left and right last night.
  19. HOCKEY IN ALBANY!! lol My Take: that was a pretty good game in my opinion. first period was definitely sloppy, but we came back strong in the second and third period. Tifu obviously looked good (i think it was the first period but #24 on Bridgeport was cheap and pushed him into the open door but that didn't startle him at all) and once Leggio warmed up he had some excellent stops. the game had ALOT of penalties, every time i looked at the jumbotron either us or them had power plays. overall, awesome game but I'm biased cause i missed hockey too much that any game would appear awesome to me. smile.gif
  20. by far he is. he's really sweet. come to think of it, all the rats are. =]
  21. i think i will. i really wanted to see Bridgeport too. i know what you mean, hockey can not come soon enough. i miss seeing conboy play, that suspension in my opinion was stupid. although it was nice talking with him during the famous 5 OT game. lol
  22. thinking of going to the Bridgeport at Albany one seeing as i might miss the season home opener for the rats. not sure if Conboy will still be in Raleigh, but if he is not, i take it he can play in pre-season games. am i right to guess that his suspension is only for games that count?
  23. the image is fine for me on firefox, just no audio. =[
  24. thats an awesome song for us. Actually that's the song that the soccer club the new york red bulls are using in their commercials. but the song is amazing enough to work for hockey as well as soccer.
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