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  1. Bumping this one up... still looking for Towel "Whoooooooooo" from Pittsburgh game 4. Have others to trade if you would like. Thanks! Melissa
  2. Love the username, btw! I appreciate the offer a lot! Someone sent me a game card. I am just in need of the game 4 towel at this point. Melissa
  3. I have some extra Boston series towels to trade if you have a game 4 Pitt one available. PM me if interested. I was able to get Melissa
  4. I have an extra from Sat's game - looking to trade it with someone that has extras from the first blackberry bold giveaway. I am sure I will probly have extras from tonight as well. We are going extra early as daughter is going to be in goal tonight for the mini mite game! PM me if you are interested in a trade! Melissa
  5. listen in at 99.9 the fan.... 7 yrs, 6-9.5 million a year http://www.wral.com/sports/999thefan/''>http://www.wral.com/sports/999thefan/' target="_blank">http://www.wral.com/sports/999thefan/[/post]
  6. PM me if you have a whitney I have an extra Staal.
  7. I was advised when I purchased that IF there was a situation where the playoffs did NOT happen for the Canes, the balance would be applied to your NEXT season tickets...... Haven't yet seen a refund, so I am not sure what is up. Patiently waiting....
  8. Sweet! Just pm'd you... thanks a lot! EDIT - Missed this one if anyone has one to trade please PM me! Melissa
  9. Oops... Just answered my own question It's on the promos calendar...... So am I confused on who the other one is? Staal Brindy Ward ???Whitney? April 2 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Cam Ward Magnet Card Giveaway The first 15,000 fans in attendance will receive a Cam Ward magnet card - the last in a set of four.
  10. The April 2nd one was to be Stillman... has there been an announcement on it changing to Ward? If anyone has an extra Whit, I would love to trade a Staal! Thanks! Melissa
  11. Just messaged you... I have two extras Melissa
  12. Also looking for a Staal for my daughter. Will have a Ward to trade after Sunday; also have a Whitney extra. Thanks!
  13. Had a response already thanks so much! Tickets are on the way.....
  14. I have an extra I am looking to trade for a Roddy. I was able to make one trade, but now one of my other kids wants one too.... lol. Good thing we had two extras!
  15. Hey guys, Also looking to trade a Whitney for Roddy. My 8 yr old daughter is nuts over 17 and we got an extra Whit at the game the other night. Also missed Brindy night and would love to trade straight up. I will mail to you, you mail to me in Greenville NC Thanks a lot for looking!
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