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  1. So we have: N. Wallin (D), 35 (+5th rd '10) to San Jose ---> 2nd rd '10 (from Buf) M. Cullen ©, 33 to Ottawa ---> Alexande Picard (D), 24 2nd rd '10 A. Ward (D), 37 to Anaheim ---> Justin Pogge (G), 24 4th rd '10 or '11 (from Bos) S. Walker (F), 36 to Washington ---> 7th rd '10 S. Yelle ©, 35 to Colorada (+H. Reed (F), 22) ---> C. McNicoll ©, 21 future 6th rd A. Alberts (D), 28 to Vancouver ----> 3rd rd tbd J. Corvo (D), 32 to Washington ----> B. Pothier (D), 32; O. Osala (F), 22 2nd rd '11 Lots of factors besides age obviously, but clearly getting younger. We should have some $'s to get whatever else we are missing going into next year. Overall, I am pleased the team is still amazingly intact except for the D. Our offense is finally scoring and the goalie situation feels pretty good. Only question is 3rd line D now. I mourn the loss of Cullen most. Great team player. I was a big fan of Wallin, but it was time. I like Corvo, but we got a lot for him.
  2. I wonder if this a testing the waters trade with more between the clubs to follow?
  3. Proud to be a Canes fan. Great run at the end of the season. Finishing the year in the ECF is a great achievement. Pens outplayed us. Sad but true. Hated that we were swept by any team. Thanks to all who post here with such passion, wit and enthusiasm. I'll be there next year, cheering from the beginning of the season until...
  4. 1. Saturday, we were tailgating along the main walkway to the RBC and couldn't help but notice all of the Pens fans streaming in. There were several bike cops nears us and they heard the "at least they're not from Buffalo" comment more than once from Canes fans. I was thinking the same thing until there was an altercation over in 125 or somewhere. Not sure what happened there, but Canes need to behave too. We had a few Pens fans near us and they were not a problem at all. Of course I would like to see all Canes fans, but it is not a long road trip from Pitt, and they are excited too. 2. If we want to do something about it, I'd like to see more coverage locally (especially on TV) to get the locals excited. Our newscasters don't talk about the playoff beards or the tailgating as much as in 06. Jaded I guess. Where are the Canes PR folks? Just a thought. I will be there Tuesday doing my part. LETS GO CANES.
  5. As is often the case on the road, the pens are matching up defensively against staal's line. Hopefully we can get a few favorable line changes in at home. As far as the rest of the "stars", I feel like Whitney is the guy who is off his game right now. Don't know what the deal is. Maybe a minor injury we don't know about? He has heart and I expect him to do something soon. Hopefully he can jump start the pp. Brindy is just so slow. I don't know what to say. I keep hoping he'll do something special all the same. Cullen has drawn the responsibility of shutting down Crosby and did a great job in game 1, but was a little embarrassing in game 2. That said, he is still a threat that I would love to see some offense from. Let's hope Ruutu is back and able to contribute. We need him in front of the net.
  6. Agreed. Last night we just didn't do the basics. I would like to see Babs in for Corvo to wake up Joe and give Babs some shots from the point. I was yelling the same thing. We score when we keep it simple and SHOOT THE PUCK. Malkin's 3rd was very nice, but his first 2 were simply crashing the net, once when we couldn't get it out of our zone. We had a ton of shots in the 1st then not many after that.
  7. It took me a while to read to this point, but here I am at last. All that back and forth, not much discussion about the actual game. Overall, I thought we looked pretty good for a game 1 on the road. Good energy, puck movement, scoring chances (rosie woulda coulda shoulda had a hat trick). Call me an optimist. I'm the one who said we would win when we were standing there at the end of game 6 vs the B's and again in the bar with 5 minutes left in regulation in game 7. THIS IS THE CANES. They will turn you upside down, drive you crazy, and then ... somehow, they win. I love the rollercoaster. See you Saturday! Oh and there is NO WAY I will listen to those #@*&!! VS commentators Thursday night.
  8. So here I was nursing my beer, expecting overtime and BAM Spilled my beer all over my jersey, did it to myself, didn't care! The atmosphere was amazing. And when they finally signaled the goal, the place was deafening. My ears were ringing this morning. LETS GO CANES btw, anyone notice they called Jokinen for the third star and Seids skated out...oops.
  9. First, I can't wait until Sunday. The RBC will be loud and appreciative for sure. We got the split and that's what you hope for, now 3 of 5 at home. As for the game, I liked the play of some of our lesser knowns: Eaves - solid all night, taking that quick release shot at last, he'll get one soon. Jokinen - getting moved all around and still contributing, PK, physical, I like this guy Bayda - brought the energy you knew he would Frankie - played okay, I thought he turned it over a few too many times in our end, he'll contribute given a chance AS for the stars: Ruutu is going to hear it loud on Sunday. Man was he fired up Cole got nasty too. Gleason was physical and smart, love that he won the game Corvo was probably our best d-man all night Pitkanen is a little troubling, maybe the physical playoff atmosphere doesn't suit him? Whitney shoots (or passes?!) we finally get the bounce. And going forward, I think Whitney's line is playing against ZZPop most of the time, but they'll get their chances Staal & co need to get it going 5 on 5, there was definitely a glimmer last night, Madden's line is very tough defensively Sergei is shooting the puck more, so I hope he gets one Let's go CANES
  10. J Willie is a class act. He is not the most outgoing guy in an interview compared to a lot of players, but I'm sure he was a little uneasy, having just arrived. I wish him well. And Yes, Heidi is hot. Gotta love LA, and she's not even blond. (had to add that since most of this thread appears to be off topic.)
  11. I'm a big believer in playing the guys who don't get to play when you have the chance. Leighton should have played the third period last night if nothing else. We may need him and you want to know he is sharp. I don't think it has hurt us so far, but based on the Sharks game, I thought he'd get a few more chances.
  12. I have to echo the others here. Karmanos handcuffs the GM with his budget. We are a middling team in middle of the standings with an average payroll. I would not attend more games if ticket prices went up. Duh. But there is no doubt they will make more money if we get to the playoffs (more games that I WOULD attend), so maybe we will find an impact rent-a-player here toward the final run. (I don't think Jokinen is that player). The playoffs make it all worth while in the end.
  13. This other thread refers to what I think about this situation. He will see less minutes by going to the fourth line and we will have a decent fourth line in return. Could be the best for everyone concerned.
  14. This time of the season, they are looking at their options. I agree that Rodney looked good out there. Ryan did too. The other Rats will get called up again if needed. I'm not so much against Conboy as I am for seeing if these other guys can contribute.
  15. I'd like to see us come home with 4 pts at least, but most important, I'd like us to put it on the Sharks. Everyone predicts we will lose that game, but I think that is the one Staal will show up for on the road trip. If we can win or get to OT there, we can feel good about the team's effort and their ability to beat anyone. My concern is the effort against the more comparable teams. Here's hoping.
  16. We can do it. Last night they played like a team the whole night. That is what it takes. I think if we get to the playoffs, anything can happen. From the mental side, we have a room that would have that confidence because it's happened before. If Williams and Cullen keep improving, we'll have a solid bunch of scorers who can play d, and that's what you need in the playoffs. I can't say it's important to me, but I wouldn't complain.
  17. Maybe it was TAIL of different cities. There's your Darwin.
  18. It's the whole team, the whole organization. We are average. We are inconsistent. We won't spend the money for a big time scorer, high profile goalie or head coach, so let's hope we can get to the playoffs where anything can happen.
  19. I agree with earlier posts that Frank looked like he was back to form before he broke his foot. I think he is much more solid defensively than Babchuk. I know everyone thinks the D-men are supposed to score, but I'd like them to play defense first, and smoothly get the puck out of our end (which Frankie does pretty well). Maybe the offensive players could score without the first shot coming from the point once in a while?!
  20. I haven't seen the actual dollars posted here, but if I remember, going to Albany means working for minimum wage vs being on the NHL roster. Really not much money. I don't blame him for taking the money at the end of his career. He probably knows he is done in the NHL anyway, so burning the bridge isn't the important thing to him. I say good luck.
  21. I have been frustrated by the parking all year. Last night I was ready to turn in the west lot when the cop made me go by. Evey other car ahead turned in, but not me?! Why they have to over think this is beyond me. If you go in the East side they turn you away from the RBC even thought there are plenty of places closer. I finally noticed that they are not using our police to block off the state owned-fairgrounds lot last night, so you could park there for free finally. I think that generally they do a better job of getting people out.
  22. My 2 cents. Coach Mo got this whole thing started in 02. Carolina got on the map and the fans loved it. I for one was hooked by those playoffs. What Maurice has learned about the style of play in the current rule environment in these past few years is what we're going to find out. As for the current personnel, I think we can assume JR will make a move if we need it. I will not be booing our Coach, no matter who he is. Go Canes
  23. Just shows JR's loyalty to the players he picks. I hope Jeff lands somewhere if not here.
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