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  1. After several years of looking, I have finally acquired a Ron Francis STH lithograph. Now I would like to get him to sign it, but I'm not sure how to get that done. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know where I may be able to find a Gleason Olympic jersey? Been looking, but haven't found anything. Thanks.
  3. I'm not sure what my opinion is about what the team should do with Joni. I do feel like he is going to continue to develop into a legit top line d-man, but the public opinion of him may already be so far gone that it may not matter. What I would love to see the team do on defense, and I know it may just be a pipe dream, would be to make a call to the Nashville Predators. All year, they have waivered about whether or not they could afford to resign Shea Weber. I would love to see the Canes put together as good of an offer as they could stand (picks, prospects, whatever) and try to get the rights to Weber. Then they could take the money they were gonna possibly give to Pits and instead put it toward a long-term deal with Weber. I realize that it's gonna take more to get Weber (reports I have seen are saying between $6 and $7 million), but to lock up a 25 year old d-man who's already a proven all star, I think it would be more than worth it. Again, I don't know that it's possible, but I feel it would definitely be worth the effort. I would also like them to bring back Joslin. I like what I've seen from him thus far. The Canes' 5-on-5 offense, I felt, was pretty solid. I know there were definite issues in the face-off circle, but hopefully with another year of working with Brindy, the centers we have can improve. I would like to see the team resign Cole and Jussi to modest raises, possibly even Larose if the money is right, as well as Sutter and Tlusty. Then I would fill the remaining spots with Checkers like Boychuk, Bowman, and Dalpe. Give them an extended chance to prove they can make it with the big club. Just one man's opinion. Doing all this would give you a line up something like this while keeping the payroll under $50 million: Cole ($3M/yr)- Staal- Boychuk/Bowman Skinner - Ruutu - Jokinen ($2M/yr) Boychuk/Bowman - Sutter ($1.75M/yr) - Larose ($1.75M/yr) Samson - Dalpe - Tlusty ($750K/yr) Weber ($6.5M/yr) - Allen Corvo - Gleason Mcbain - Joslin ($500K/yr)
  4. Just wondering what everyone thinks the chances are that we actually will make a move for another stay-home defenseman? Do we need to? Who should we go after? Right now, it looks like the defensive spots will be filled by Gleason, Pitkanen, Corvo, Harrison, Babchuk, and some combination of McBain, Borer, Sanguinetti, etc. The only true defensive guy is Gleason. There's still the possibility that Carson's brought back. Does that solve the problem? My perfect world scenario would be to find a team with salary-cap issues and deal Samsonov and a draft pick or prospect for a stay-home defenseman, preferrably with a similar cap hit. Then, the other team can buy out Sergei to clear cap space (we could always try to resign him afterwards if needed, but at a more reasonable rate). Once that's done, we can trade Babchuk for a 3rd line center (Dubinsky, maybe?). I know it's probably way off base, but it's my scenario and I can go where I want with it.
  5. Does anyone else feel like we should be making an effort to bring Andrew Ladd back? I think he could be a top 6 forward for the Canes and not be terribly expensive. Plus, we know how JR likes to recycle.
  6. No, still looking. Any suggestions?
  7. Well, I've enjoyed seeing all the different ideas that have come across from everybody, so I thought I'd throw my ideas in the hat. Here goes. * Trade or buy-out Kaberle (or if he decides to go the KHL route, that's fine, too). Not a hater, but at best, I think he's a #5 or #6 defenseman, and we have younger guys like Babchuk or Rodney that can fill that spot for less money. * Trade Samsonov for a draft pick or a prospect. No offense to Sergei, but I see him as a small 3rd line player with a big contract. The team needs to get bigger and more physical and his dollars can be used elsewhere. * Re-sign UFA's Rosie (3 yr @ $1.75m/yr), Cole (2 yr @ $2.75m/yr), and RFA's Ruutu (3 yr @ $3.0m/yr) and Jokinen (2 yr @ $2.0m/yr). * Either resign Babchuk for 1 yr @ $1.5m or trade his rights to the NY Rangers for Brandon Dubinsky's rights and sign him to a similar deal. * Sign FA D-man Rob Scuderi or Mike Komiserak to a 3 yr-$3.5m/yr contract. Should be able to get Scuderi for that number, not sure about Komiserak. Lines would be: -Whitney- Staal- Ruutu (Whitney and Ruutu should prove to be more than capable wingmen for Staal.) -LaRose- Cullen- Cole (Cole will be looking to disprove a lot of doubters and should rebound with a solid season.) -Walker- Brind'Amour- Jokinen (I think the Captain returns to form next season after giving his knee a full offseason to heal.) -Conboy- Sutter (or Dubinsky)- Eaves (Still think that Eaves can become a major contributor for this team.) -Scuderi/Komiserak - Pitkanen -Gleason- Corvo (At this point, I think they are better suited to be the 3/4 pair instead of the 1/2.) -Wallin- Babchuk (or Rodney) There it is. Based on the cap numbers listed for next year, this team would come in somewhere between $52 and $53.5 million.
  8. Still looking if anybody has one to trade. Thanks.
  9. Is there anybody else out there that thinks we got the raw end of the Ladd-Ruutu deal? Don't get me wrong, I think Ruutu is a good player- he hits people and creates space for Staal and others. But, did he really do anything more than what Ladd could do for the team? I don't see Ruutu as a top 6 guy, which is apparently where he wants to be. I think Ladd is a better scorer and can be just as physical. My opinion is that he got sidetracked with injuries and then never got the chance to get his feet back under him. Don't get me wrong- he got minutes, but one night, he was on the first line, the next the fourth line, and so on. I think if you watch the Hawks over the next year or so, you'll see how good he can be with a little stability. Again, this is not a slam on Ruutu. As I said before, he is a quality player. But now, there's a chance that we won't re-sign him and even if we do, it will be at $2.5-$3 million/year. From what I have seen on the Hawks board, Ladd is signing a 2-year deal that averages about $1.5 million/year. Equal or better production for 1/2 the price? You tell me which way you'd go.
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