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  1. Just wanted to give you an update Max on the Norfolk trip. I heard from Tom today and it looks like they didn't have enough member interest in a trip to Norfolk this time around. He said that the 3 bus trips they planned have been canceled due to low interest. They may revisit it during the playoffs depending on where it is held and what day of the week it is held. We are still going and will be there to cheer the Rats on both Friday and Saturday night.
  2. Just received an e-mail from Tom and it looks like they don't have any info yet as he says they don't have enough people to make the trip. Guess it is still a little early, but that if they do get enough he would gladly include us in the group tickets so that we may join you. Tom said he would keep me updated. Hope your fans can get enough people to go. Would be fun to have that many people there cheering on the Rats.
  3. Thanks a bunch Max, really appreciate it. We have really been looking forward to this game for the last couple of months. Would have been there this weekend except we were fortunate enough to go to the ASG. I'll let you know how it goes with the booster club.
  4. Max, just wanted to find out where your group will be sitting for the bus trip to Norfolk as we will be heading that way as well and would like to sit with your group. Or is there anyway we can get in on tickets with your group?
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