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  1. OK, I know I am new here so be gentle, but this is my thought, growing up in hartford and being a Whaler/Cane fan since 1980...... Commodore was not that geat. Very personable guy in the locker room, did some good out on the ice, but time after time I watched him miss an assignment or not use his size to his advantage, or at least in the correct mannor. I did like the point that Stillman may be back in the off season, I was a little shocked at his departure, but it may be because he is a UFA at seaons end, or maybe it is because he will be back. I think Corvo needed a change of atmosphere,and hopefully he will fit in. Eaves is a young guy who will hopefully blossom into something better than he is now, but I'm still waiting for Ladd to do the same. All in all, I hope it works out for us and we can push to win the division.
  2. How much are they at The eye? I know this sounds dumb but since Im flying in from kansas, hotel, and rental car id love to save as much as I can if I can print off my own that is money for food.... But again... How much are they at The Eye?
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