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  1. I really don't understand why we lost our two Big Guys, Wallin and Alberts. I liked the size, hard to get around those two. Can some one explain the logic behind this trade? Did Alberts wants to go?
  2. We lost our two big guys! What's up with the Alberts Trade? Looks like we will be using our draft picks for Defense. Any thoughts?
  3. I hope the Hurricanes have them all out with their Medal's at the next home game! This was my dream for the Hurricane's, that each player would come home with a medal. What other team in the NHL, has this record?
  4. Hey, Not a bad game to start...but if we play like this against Canada we are going to lose! They need to pull it together. Loved the follow up, I like it when the announcers get into it with each other. Go Tim, Go! I hope he gets a goal...that would be sweet!
  5. [quote name='Faceoff-ch1 wrote: djharley wrote: Faceoff-ch1']Nicky looks good in turquoise! It matches his eyes. But I'm partial, I love the Sharks uniforms. I guess we will never really find out exactly how he blesses a stick. Great interview - thanks for posting. Think about how a guy would "bless" something!!! Stand &AIM!!!lol So he spit on it? If I put my mind to it, I can come up with several options. I want to the truth. Yeah, it's Swedish Thing.....whose going to argue with the Big Swede?
  6. [quote name='GhoulieGirl wrote: Blonde-Fan'] This is a good looking man! What's wrong with you, it's your camera...it takes bad pic's I don't dispute that Jussi is a good looking man. The Jokinen we were talking about being ugly and keeping cameras away from was Olli Jokinen. Completely different Jokinen. Check our messages, no where was it mentioned that Jussi was ugly. Now Olli Jokinen on the other hand is another story. OK, but he has a nice smile! With a helmet on...he can't be that bad...LOL Sorry about the confusion...natural blonde! I was just thinking of Jussi...should have been on the Olympic team with the rest of the guys.
  7. This is a good looking man! What's wrong with you, it's your camera...it takes bad pic's
  8. LaRose, I know a family member, Chad was offered 1.4 and they are not willing to give.
  9. I'm a big fan of Chad LaRose. I flat out asked Jim Ruthford at the Carolina Fund Raiser if he planned to sign Chad. His response to me was "Yes, Chad is having a good year. We have 3 players we wish to resign, LaRose, Ruutu and Cole." I spoke to Chad the same evening. He loves it here and loves the Hurricane Fans. He would like to stay. That being said, it's all about money. When you play in the pro's your career can be cut short by an injury. You need to review your options, you could Love North Carolina, have family here and wish to stay. But, when it comes to signing the contract Money Talks. Will the Canes value Chad as much as another team. Let's Hope. Chad works hard, he plays hard and its shows, and he's a nice funny guy....but he is SMART. He sells tickets and helps us win games. Can he help the club make money, that's the bottom line.
  10. Any word on when he'll be back. I just plugged in 5 votes, no problem. Keep voting! Hey, make signs.. Play LaRose....they are great on the ice together
  11. OK, I think it's time the fans started helping the coach. Bring a sign for Thrusday's game.... December 18. This gives everyone enough time to make one. And one more game to see what is going on with this team. If you need help, I'll make one for you. Simple sign "PLAY LaRose" Come on fans.....we can vote for Wallin and we can support LaRose. It's time this coaching staff starts coaching forget the politics. Let's play Hockey!
  12. Go look at the stats. You need to consider ice time. Which players are on the ice the most. You can only make goals if you are on the ice. Eaves & Bayda???? Spend more time on the ice than LaRose. But the stats don't lie. Can it be a salary thing? They pay them so play them? LaRose 875,000 Eaves 1,400.000, Bayda 475,000 Last 5 games approx. minutes played LaRose 50 Eaves 72 Bayda 71 Goals LaRose 7 Eaves 0 Bayda 3 Shooting Percentage LaRose 14.9 Eaves 0.0 Bayda 8.1
  13. I have a 16 year old son, who would love to meet Wallin? Any one have any suggestions?
  14. My son would love to meet the guy, any one have any suggestions. PS, we voted for him!
  15. LaRose now has nine points on the season and seven goals. He's scored in three straight games for the Hurricanes. Look at his shooting percentage. If you look at his total playing time compared to other team members, the man deserves to be on the ice! Change Eaves and LaRose out. Let them fight it out and see who deserves to be on the line. How can you tell if he has talent, if you don't play him? He hussles, has no problems using the boards on bigger guys and it looks like he can score, if given the chance. PLAY CHAD LAROSE. PS, why not put him on the power play? Nothing else is working much.
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