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  1. Do you think that RF will allow E Staal to resume the Captaincy when he comes back??
  2. Hadn't thought of that, but JR does like to bring'em back. Good ole Cullen reunion I just hope he doesn't end up back here
  3. Now, who wants to bet that when the 2016-2017 season starts, E Staal is in a hurricanes jersey??? Hope it is not so, but will be very surprised if it doesn't happen. I sure don't see the Rangers make him any special offers based on his performance with them.
  4. Well, in years past we have been hoping that the team would get better results without making changes, or at least any significant changes. That ship has now sailed and kudos to RF for having the cones to pull the trigger. Yeah, the rest of the season may or may not be very entertaining for us to watch but we are heading down a new path now. I like it, I am anxious to see what else he can do to get this team headed in the right direction. The future looks better....and younger. We will have an opportunity to weed out the AHL'ers for the remainder of the season. We will get a good evaluation to know what needs to stay and what needs to go. As they say, it takes 5 miles to turn around a battle ship. I think the USS Hurricane has tipped a bow now.
  5. Prediction: E Staal waves his NTC and goes to NY Rangers to play with Marc and make a run at the cup. Canes eat a lot of salary and get second round pick and a prospect.
  6. and that is just the cold, hard truth. Sometimes, the baby is ugly. For the last several years, we have been nursing an ugly baby in Raleigh. It is time to remove the common denominators for the immediate historical failures. Until that happens, I am convinced that we will continue on the same path
  7. With that being said, he is already a step above most of our current roster. They can't score either, and are only relentless at saying the right things after the game as to why they didn't win and what they should have done better.
  8. At least Rask is playing like he has purpose and wants to win. I have yet to figure out what the Staals are doing or anyone else on offense so far as that goes. It appears in the 2 games that I have watched, the defensemen have put more shots on goal than the forwards by a pretty good margin. Thats great, but if the forward group doesn't come around we are going to continue down this long bumpy road
  9. Bottom line is E doesn't excel anywhere. The "we have to find someone to get him going has already commenced". He is our Captain, and he couldn't lead a group of Eskimos to a firepit. He wants to be a part of the rebuild, he just doesn't want to put the effort into it that it takes to make it happen. Haven't posted much, just looking and reading. Dejavu, the same damn conversations concerning the same people year after year. I am just surprised that we still have folks up here that will come to his defense when you can clearly watch him and tell he could care less by the way he plays. Yes, he is arguably the best that we have, which doesn't say much about the remaining talent. NEWSFLASH PK, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken ----! The worst part is RF has probably done everything that he could to turn the ship, no money and undesirable big names and stupid contracts will limit your ability to change very much. Oh well, at least we are accustomed to what we can expect come October. The shock factor is long gone in Carolina.
  10. along with someone who can score consistently, some on ice leadership that leads by example, some puck moving and defensively minded defensemen, and a water boy that can cook it up. About the only thing we don't need, and I am so scared this is going to backfire, is a goalie. I think we have more talent than heart. Either way, having only one doesn't get you to the playoffs, many years in a row. I hope I am wrong, but I think there is a very good chance that we have seen the last playoff game in NC that we will have the opportunity to see.
  11. Up until last year, my family of 4 would go to 20 or more games a year. We would buy them when we got there, or a week or so before because I could get the military discount. We went to 4 last year, and we have been to 2 this year (one which was free). We didn't see the need for season tickets, we live 1.5 hours away and we had to go when it was good for us. With the ticket price increases, the parking and the concessions (Good Lord), we depend on Fox Sports South to get our hockey fix. The value is not there any longer, in my opinion. Besides, when they are sucking it up and I am home, I can change the channel. I really do feel for you season ticket holders. You have stuck it out, for several years, and this is the thanks you get in return. I hope that I am wrong, but I swear it almost seems like they are trying to sabotage the team. Maybe the long term goal of management is to be another Atlanta, whether intentionally or not.
  12. I will still be shocked if we make any moves of any significance. As for Bellemore, I would much rather have him at his salary than Sekera at what he will fetch. Just hoping for a good return on the guy, if he goes anywhere at all. I have seen us all get pumped up like this too many times before, when we knew something big was going to happen.....some would have bet their first born. NOTHING. We like our pieces and our core. We will draft a few and do some minor stuff in the offseason, but we are stuck with some crazy contracts on guys nobody else wants to take on and that's where we are going to be until it works itself out. Thanks JR!!!
  13. If I had to put money on the trades, I would bet that nobody is going anywhere of any significance. We really like our group and when they are healthy, they can bring it. For several years now, we get at each other around this time of the year, peeing in each others corn flakes, bad mouthing a Mother or 2, only to be disappointed in the end and have to make up when nothing has happened. We may move a little piece or 2, but I don't think that anything.....of any significance will transpire. I hope I am wrong, but I have seen this movie too many times as a Canes fan. So far as who to trade? I hope they trade any and everybody that will make improvements to the team so that I can again get excited about driving 1 1/2 hours to a game that I am going to pay a hell of a lot more to see than I did the last time I made the drive with excitement. So, I am expecting the usual and hoping for the opposite. No blood on the boards, the opinionated ones are all that we have left and God Bless You All!!
  14. I was very surprised to see that PK Subban did not make the list. I like Faulk, but Subban plays a different game IMO
  15. I don't think we have a coaching problem in Raleigh any longer. I don't think where we are as of now has anything to do with Peters. We have a few players on this team that leave it out there night after night, and do it every night. Gerbe and Ward are the only consistent players that we have this year so far IMO. Everyone else is like a see-saw, up and down. A few have yet to even see the up, they just don't show up at all. It didn't just get this way folks, it has been like this for 5 years now. As far as blowing it up? Yeah, I would love to see it. But who the hell wants to take on the salaries of the ones we have that need to be moved? Those guys are not performing now, and haven't in a while. What are you going to get in return? How much of their salary will we have to eat if someone does take them? I don't see our situation improving until some of these ridiculous contracts expire, or some of the players pull their heads out and start living up to their potential and boost their trade value. This is not a secret, every team out there knows that we need to move costly contracts to improve our situation and that we have nothing really to bargain with to make a deal happen. Realistically, I think we are stuck with the exception of some minor trades that really want make a rat's _ _ _ difference one way or the other. Someone please show me something to get optimistic over.
  16. You won't hear Tripp talk smack about Staal often. I still contend that he has a picture of Staal pinned to the ceiling above his bed Semin has made himself an easy target this year. It's not just Tripp, the NHL network was giving it to him pretty good a few nights ago and Forslund has made mention of him on several occasions. When nobody picks you up because you are rumored to be the player that you are becoming, people are going to say something about it. When you watch the Canes play, he does stand out as a player not doing what the others (most shifts) are doing. I do think there are many opportunities for others on the team to be called out, I definitely am not saying that. I just think that given the rumors before we picked Semin up, it makes it a tougher battle for him since he is proven them right, if not exceeding it a bit. I would be very happy if he had a 4 point night tonight, 2 G and 2 A. Given the start to the season, nobody up here would expect it. The first year we had him, this would not have sounded out of line. Maybe tonight is the turning point for Semin, let's all hope so!!
  17. I have heard much speculation as to what the issue is with Semin. I do agree that it is painful to watch and that the desired outcome would be for him to return to form, One thing that I have not heard, which could be the problem, maybe the new wife and the anxiety of being away from her? PW if you will.? Maybe he doesn't want to travel any longer, maybe the new #1 is not with him on the plane going to the next game. This makes more sense to me than anything else does. I just find it hard to believe that a guy this talented all of a sudden just lost interest in the game or doesn't like the team any longer. Although he was rumored to be lazy and not show up sometimes in Washington, nothing to this extreme was ever discussed to my knowledge. Maybe if we can keep him until the honeymoon is over he will get back on track?
  18. AMEN! At this point, I don't think there is a bigger liability on the team than Semin. I would also think that it is disruptive to the whole team when one guy is just not buying in, or so it appears. Line changes, scratches, etc. This is obviously not the desired outcome to the problem, but I do commend management for sticking to their guns and doing what should be done. Also agree with OBX'er on the bus ride.
  19. I don't think a Coach has too much control over a situation such as this (given it is as it appears and we don't really know). A player with no motivation? Who may not care if they get ice time, who is making $7,000,000 whether he sweats or not? How in the world can you control, correct or have any weight on something like this? I don't know, I just don't feel like it is fair to put any of this on the Coach. I respect your opinion, i just don't understand it. And guess what, that is fine and thats what makes the Boards fun to interact on. If we all agreed it would be boring as hell.
  20. The fact that Peters has been around him and the Detroit organization makes you think he knows exactly what he is getting. That has to be a positive IMO. Just can't imagine Peters doesn't have a plan for him and didn't know where he wanted to utilize him. I for one am anxious to see what he can do.
  21. I am glad I am not the only one thinking this. It is almost as though they are trying to implode the organization with terrible price increases. It would be different if the product on the ice justified the increase, but it unfortunately doesn't. My family and I went to nearly 15-20 games per year. We bought tickets the day of the game because we live about 1 1/2 hours away and had to juggle 2 kids sports schedules into the mix. I can't afford to pay $400+ (depending on who they are playing) for what once cost us $280. They say they did this to get the money from the visitors, I just don't understand that logic. They wanted to force more season ticket holders, well that doesn't work all the time, especially when you live away from the area and have kids in school, work, etc. Hats off to you season ticket holders, you are super troops. I think they either want to claim bankruptcy or someone laid a huge egg on this situation. I did go last week, free tickets, first game this year. I think the plan was to offset the lack of ticket holders with concession sales increases.
  22. I just hope he figures it out before the clinical depression settles in on us.
  23. I am sure the Ice Crew is pretty pissed with you right about now
  24. Tripp, really. I can't figure out who he saw sleeping together that enables him to even keep the job. Anyway, JMO. If there wasn't a delay between the radio and the TV, I would listen to Chuck call the games with the TV muted. Somebody please work on that. As far as Semin goes, he played well when he needed to, as in the first year to wrap up a comfortable contract. I can never remember a player that skates in a manner that suggest they are intentionally trying to avoid contact and/or getting hurt. Maybe his new wife has told him she will leave him if he gets hurt, I don't know. What I do know is, he has the ability to be a game changer and one hell of an offensive threat.......and he refuses to be either this year for some reason. I really do not foresee any opportunity to trade him without us retaining a whole lot of salary, you know, the JR way. I am pretty sure there isn't a GM in the NHL that has thought, even once this year, that Semin would be a great addition to their team. Again, JMO.
  25. Hoping Semin received the message and fell to pressure of having all eyes on him the first game back. The next outing should tell the tale. No doubt we are a better team with him in the lineup, (when he is playing to his abilities, like during a contract year) and that would ideally be the desired outcome. If not, I agree that his rearend should get re-acquainted with the bus seats in Charlotte or go on back across the pond where communication is not an issue for him.
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