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  1. seems that all of the excuses for a repeat of the past several seasons are taking shape to me. I hope I am wrong, but it doesn't sound too good at this point.
  2. Well, I think RF did the best he could with the hand he was dealt. I don't think he made us worse, especially in terms of contracts and agreements with the signings that he was able to complete. IF the old coach and the old GM were not the problem, it is going to be another long season to be a Canes fan I am afraid. BUT.....I am giving them the chance to prove themselves and I hope that the issues were primarily with those who have departed.
  3. And if I remember correctly, we were not picked to make the playoffs in 2006 either. Who knows, maybe they surprise us. It does appear that RF believes that the issues surrounding this team were between the coach and JR. I hope thats the case and this team can be coached to success.
  4. Hear the Checkers just inked LaRose. When will Whitney be back??
  5. I read we had about $5.9 million in cap space as well. Question is; does RF have that money to spend or has the brakes been put on him? I would rather we stood still, as we did, during the FA frenzy than to go out and offer stupid contracts like the Capitals did. That will bite them hard in a few years, and they will be dealing with the issues that we are dealing with now. They got a hell of a deal on Orpik!!
  6. and maybe RF has his eye on a player to sign that will bring some improvement to our back end. I hope so because coastal has made a pretty credible argument as it pertains to our defense. And there is not much in Charlotte to call up for relief at this point.
  7. I feel your pain weehawk, and there isn't a sole up here that would not like to have picked up some talent. Talent cost money and talent has the option (in most cases these days) to pick where they end up. If YOU were a player, given our track record since 2007, would you want to come here. Hell no, I wouldn't. With us sitting on huge contracts, with underperforming players, I think the hands were tied this year as to what type of players could be targeted, and I think RF is trying his best to spend the available dollars as wisely as he can. He certainly has not hurt us short or long term, IMO, with the contracts that he has taken on. When it gets right down to it, the best we can hope for this year is that the new GM and Coach relationship is one in which there is a chain of command, if you will, and that the coach is allowed to utilize the hammer as he calls it to get people on board and play with some damn heart and act like they want to win. If that happens, I think the culture will change and we will get the attention and consideration of those talented players. If it don't, I don't think you will have to worry about those season tickets many more seasons.
  8. It would not surprise me to see either Ray Whitney or Brandon Sutter recycled. Penguins have made Sutter an offer but from the looks of it they are not very confident that he is going to take it. Whitney has yet to be offered anything from anyone.
  9. And a damn good chance it could be the most productive line this team has had in a while. I don't know about Tolchinsky, but the heart of the other 2 would not be questioned. Who knows??? Stranger things happen around these parts!!
  10. Bellemore also hasn't signed anywhere yet that I have seen, so he may be finding out he isn't worth as much as he thought. Carolina may start looking better if they were willing to keep him, and I can't see why they wouldn't if the price is right. I have to agree with whattausay, we haven't entered into any bad deals that we cannot recover from quickly or that will haunt us for several years, and I don't feel that we have downgraded. We certainly can't say that about the last regime.
  11. And with him only having a one year deal, he will be motivated to play well and earn a better contract somewhere next year.
  12. Gleason might not be a bad signing for what we need, especially at that price. He may get his second wind and show up to play after a harsh reality check. PREDICTION: LaRose might get a sniff in the next couple weeks!!
  13. Given our situation, would it not have made more sense to sign Maholtra (assuming he was willing to stay here) at $850,000 than to sign Tlusty at $2.95 million? I just don't see the value in the Tlusty signing. If anything, Tlusty would have been priced more accurately at the $850,000. I understand we cannot move players and that we are on a tight budget, but that really surprised me that they paid him that much for one year and let Maholtra walk with what he brings to the table in leadership and faceoffs.
  14. It appears as though we better hope the coach and/or GM was the issue last year, cause we are probably going to have pretty much the same line-up to work with as in years past based on the reports and rumblings. I just find it hard to believe that the same group (although different leadership) will achieve different results. I sure hope I am wrong!!
  15. PREDICTION: Francis will make a splash at this years draft with some deals we aren't expecting. Things are too quiet, just have a feeling.
  16. I AGREE! I certainly hope that RF can find a trading partner to move him out and get us someone in here that can lead this team. Someone who doesn't pout when things aren't going well, someone who will stand up for his teammates, someone who will go out there and lead by example. Callahan or Brown type of leadership. I know that he can be a good player, but I am so ready to see him in a different uniform if it can happen without having to give away the farm (see JR deals), which is probably unlikely.
  17. And if that happens, then the Canes "tired of pissing money away" fans will have something to cheer about
  18. Based on some of the articles coming out of Pittsburgh, sounds like the Pens fans and media are loving them some JR right about now. I for one am glad to be able to share the pain with them. I certainly hope that our problems are in the great state of Pennsylvania now, and not still in Raleigh. Ron the Ref may be on the short list to interview for the coaching job at this point!
  19. I can understand your frustration, but I do believe that after the coaching search went that Francis likes to keep things close and not let everyone know his business. I think it is especially true now that he has to contend with his former boss nearing panic mode in Pittsburgh. I will be very surprised if this holds true, I do think changes are coming, not sure of major but I do think very possible. The poker face is in play at the moment IMHO
  20. I hope you are right about PK trying to show them up.. The thing that bothers me is that JR obviously has a good reputation for being a great hockey mind. JR wouldn't hire JK if he thought that he was the problem in Carolina when his Dad fired him. So if JR has skipped out and immediately took another GM job elsewhere, with a team that knows talent when they see it, it appears that our problems may still be here. After the interview, I thought PK seemed to be a lot out of touch with reality with what was going on. Hell, I am not so sure he knows what off sides is and how many red lines are even on the ice. If JR wasn't the issue, this year maybe worse than last. Hope that I am way off base, but you have to admit it is concerning with the events that have taken place over the last few weeks.
  21. I was under the impression that Kudobin was signed as the number one goalie when his contract was negotiated. If that is the case, there is no way that we can afford to pay Ward that much money for that few of games. I don't think the organization, with their spending issues, will have a choice but to send him on his way, the way that hurts the least. Anything they do with him is going to hurt, unless we get awfully lucky and we haven't exactly had a horse shoe up our butts lately when it comes to getting breaks. Maybe Rutherford will take him to Pittsburgh. As a matter of fact, send him and E Staal to Pitt and send us a Russian back down for the 2! We win that arrangement. Hell, Rutherford may even eat some salary on the deal.
  22. After watching the interview with him, and the things that have transpired since that interview, nothing would surprise me. JR has left the organization. JR has hired his son, whom he fired, in Pittsburgh. I highly doubt that JR did that to sabotage the Penguins, he must have thought the kid knew his stuff. Maybe the real problem with this organization is PK, and if that is so, nothing has changed in regards to the problem for the coming season. I do feel that we are enjoying our last days of professional hockey in Raleigh. And I hope that I am as wrong about this as I have ever been.
  23. One of the rumor sites says the Penguins will ask for permission to speak to Jeff Daniels and Brindy next week. That could get interesting.
  24. It's all making sense now. RF has fired Ron the Ref. Rumor has it they plan to announce next week that they are hiring him as the head Coach. Chantel will be fired next week and named the PP Coach. Makes as much sense as anything else they have done in the past few years. Now you can quit speculating, pretty sure this is a done deal.
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