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  1. Sorry legend, I had to ask the question!
  2. I was looking for the sarcasm flag, but didn't see one. Please tell me how being an equipment manager on 2 winning teams translates into knowing what you are doing as the GM? I don't understand this stuff, but that one has confused the hell out of me.
  3. It always seems that there are numerous reasons to justify the lack of leadership, production from E. Staal. Injuries, linemates, whatever. It seems that over the last several years the common theme has been to try to find someone that E can play with and feed off of. I don't know that we have ever had anyone else on this team that this has been discussed to the same degree that it has been with E. At the end of last year there was much speculation that he was injured because he just wasn't playing his game. Maybe he is a hell of a leader in the dressing room, I don't know. What I don't understand is if he is that good, why is it that we don't seem to be able to find anyone that can make him his best? Why can't we find someone who can inflict a positive, leadership display on the ice? Someone who can make him play and understand not to take penalties out of frustration? Some folks are better followers than leaders. Some players are better players than leaders and just because you can do one of them well doesn't necessarily mean that you can do the other. I don't care who leads the team as long as when I turn on the TV I cannot tell immediately if we are playing good or bad, before seeing the score, by the body language of the player who has the "C" on his chest for this team. It is very evident by the way E carries himself, IMO. I have never seen the camera catch him firing up his teammates on the bench or showing much emotion other than the deflated, beaten look that he often has. Whether you agree or not, that HAS to have an affect on the team. I personally think we are trying to put a square peg in a round hole with E as Captain
  4. KJUN, I am not educated enough to fully appreciate what it was you were trying to say. But run for President damnet and I will vote for you.
  5. Tanking, or not showing up to play gets the same results. It is almost as though some of the players have tanked the whole season. Notice I do say some, because there are a few that I feel have given their all most of the time. Either way, I am sure that the next 2 will probably end up in the L column based on last night's and most of the season's performance. Bad part is I am dumb enough to watch it and actually pull for them after the way things have been going. So, PK, I am still watching, am not going to spend money to go watch them though, and my patience is long gone. I certainly hope you have a plan that doesn't replicate your interview.
  6. Thats right boys we are going to ride this broken system down to the bitter end whether the fans like it or not. Don;t think you have to worry about them losing the last 2 games. Might lose the last 4!! PITIFUL
  7. :clubs:This is what happens when your hockey team sux. We can't see out team beat anyone on the ice so it's all out war on each other. Not to worry, a few tweaks in the off season and we will be doing it again next year this time, so sayeth the Owner Now kiss and make up damnet!! Ya'll are not sticking to the system!!!!
  8. Appears that it could very possible be Karmanos after that interview last night!
  9. After this interview, I really wonder if Muller was allowed to hold the players feet to the fire. Hell, he thinks everything is OK except for a few tweaks and keeping goalies healthy
  10. After listening to the interview, I have determined that my initial thinking that JR was the problem was VERY WRONG. I think this idiot is the problem. What a *edit*! Are you really happy with the coaching staff? DO you really think we are that deep in young talent? Do you really think that our 2 starting goalies being injured kept the puck out of the back of our opponents net and made the high salary players lazy as hell? Then I think the fan base has been a lot more patient with you and the management than you deserve!!!! This interview was kind of like rubbing salt in the wound IMO. Pretty much sounded like he didn't think there needed to be too much done if our goalies stay healthy. Bo, you need to sell your interest to someone who understands the sport in which they bought into. More pissed now than before
  11. and when Tripp calls out Staal, man you know something is bad wrong. I have often thought that Tripp had a picture of Staal pinned to the ceiling above his bed. He hasn't let up on him or Semin lately, which is HIGHLY unusual. He has even thrown a jab or two at Cam. Tripp is starting to get frustrated like us I guess. It's about time somebody said something. I think they need to let Mike M. from the Aftermath sit with Tripp and John for a few nights and unload when needed. I am pretty sure he would leave nothing to the imagination. Love listening to his show.
  12. If history repeats itself, we will do just good enough to screw up a good draft pick opportunity and fall short of the playoffs. That's where I am putting my money, any takers?
  13. Prediction: We suck just bad enough to miss the playoffs, but played too well at the end of the season (when the craniums were removed from the rectums) to get a decent pick in the draft. Seems to be our MO the last several years. As a fan, is that what we are supposed to get excited about? Is that what's supposed to make us want to buy season tickets and pay $15 to park? This is the process that caniacs seem to be involved in year end and year out. Getting old guys, getting really old.
  14. Canesfan, I think you are on the money. Who in their right mind would throw anyone out there that we would possibly want for the opportunity to see if Ward is going to come around or play a full season without injury. Regardless of what he has done, it is more of "what have you done lately" that people with the checkbooks are asking themselves. That is an awfully large salary for the odds IMO. At best, we will eat a large portion if we move him out of here whether it be trade or buy out. I think this is a no-win situation for the organization at this point. Who has a backup goalie making that much money? Canes, that's who
  15. Fan Appreciation Week, WHAT A FREAKIN JOKE!!! They don't appreciate the fans, they are just doing it because it is the thing to do. IF THEY DID, they would play with heart and put forth an effort. I can tell you where you can stick your bobbleheads and hats!
  16. YES, YES, YES!!!! Hopefully they will go outside the inner circle and bring in fresh ideas and tactics
  17. I too agree that we need the grit and sandpaper but..........we have a GM that does not like the physicality of the game, wants fighting taking out of the game and is not afraid to say it at the GM meetings. Folks, we "ain't" getting grit and sandpaper in Raleigh. At least not why JR is calling the shots, which if we are lucky, will change soon after our players start making tee times...again...for how many years in a row now? Our guys look like boys among men when we play 95% of the other teams in the NHL. Not saying we need a fighter, although I do agree it has it's place in the game, but we do need someone who is willing to go to the aid of a teammate when needed (see Murphy) and play with a little edge. We need someone like Scott Walker, who could get under the opposing players skin, and back it up if he had to. He had heart and he didn't let players take advantage of his team mates, and he could play the game.
  18. I do think that Sekera and Hainsey would be good considerations for that. I think they should send a message and take all letters tonight, and play the rest of the season without them. Hell, they have played this much of the season without a leader, let's make it official!
  19. No player, coach or GM should be safe come the off season. It is time to cut the head off of this monster so that we can start building for a future. I don't see that happening if we keep the core that we have been trying to build around the past few years. Any and everyone should be considered as trade bait to get the winds of change blowing........if we can move the contracts and entice someone to come play here.
  20. They are having hats, but the style will be different this year than in years past. The hat will not fit on the top of the head, yet come down and rest on the shoulder area.........with eyeholes in it so that nobody can recognize who is wearing it!
  21. Whoever it is, we don't have the luxury of waiting for them to "come into their own". We need someone who has the experience and expertise to pull the wagon out of the ditch.....NOW
  22. There is no doubt that it will take years to rebuild if we go that direction, but at least that would be something to build on and look forward to. We have endured the current mess for years and at this point, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. If anything, we continue to get more "upside down if you will" due to larger contracts having to be offered because we have nobody able to step up from Charlotte. Our current inflated contracts have put us in a tough spot. IMO, the guys in Charlotte have not been developed enough that they can step up and challenge for jobs, JR is left with no other option but to pay the high, stupid contracts to keep somewhat good players around. Now, I am not siding with JR, he is the reason we don't have enough talent in Charlotte. He hired the coaches and the scouts, and acquired the players. I think that everyone and all players should be on the table, and the fuse should be lit on the explosives at this point. This is my rant and I maybe totally off base....but I have spent enough money on this crappy team in the last many years to have that right. Don't beat me up too bad because obviously I am not in the hockey business, just highly P.O.'ed right now.
  23. KJUN, your comments above really hold water. IF the issue is the break in period and Muller hasn't found his groove yet, we could be making a large mistake. I really had not thought of it from your perspective but I can definitely see your argument. Here is the thing that puzzles the hell out of me. Since the end of Lavi, we have had the EXACT same issues with our past 3 coaches. They have all been faced with players that have not been motivated and/or did not play to their abilities, were up and down and mediocre at best. One game they look like they are unbeatable, next game they look like they couldn't score if they were the only team on the ice. It is not, IMO, that we do not have talented individuals, we don't seem to have the ability to get the best out of them for some reason. Is it a lack of leadership in the locker room and on the ice? JR is the only good common denominator, is he not allowing the coaches to do the things they feel necessary to be successful? Are the qualities that JR looks for in a coach the issue? Is it just ironic that 3 different coaches do not seem to be able to get different results? I wish I had the answer, I only have questions. I guess that's why I am not on the Hurricanes payroll. Anyway, thanks for the comment, I like your thought process even though it would be nice to have a head for the trophy wall at this point.
  24. I hope they bring these guys up and do some TRUE evaluations of what we have in Charlotte. Put these guys in a position to succeed and leave them there for a while without bouncing them from line to line so that they can give a sample that can be adequately measured. Not like they have done in the past. This way, we know what we have to work with and it will make it more evident what needs to be acquired/pursued in the off season. Then you move out or not make offers to those that are not what we need, and retain the ones that are. I just don't feel like those guys have had a fair look, and with our odds of making the P word slime to none, make the rest of the year somewhat productive by doing honest evaluations. I would really like to see Boychuk get a long, good look for the remainder of the year on a scoring line. If he doesn't perform, quit wasting time and money on him and let's move on. Same with several other guys down there. It's not like we have anything to lose at this point
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