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  1. Well maybe with the salary that JR dumped today he will be able to give some refunds back to the season ticket holders for the disappointment. I would think that based on the moves today, JR also knows that our odds are slim to none of making the P word. If Loktionov is the answer to the powerplay with 14 points this year, hell we are worse off than I thought But really...is anyone up here really surprised by the events of today with this organization? Naaah, I didn't think so. Please forgive my last post. I gave him 14 points, he only has 8. STUPID ME, MY BAD! 12, It has been a long day
  2. I hope that I am wrong, but there is a really good chance that the deadline comes and goes and we have done nothing, or very close to nothing. History has a way of repeating itself around these parts.
  3. Jim Rutherford, have you bumped your freaking head? This team has no interest in making anything interesting. It is time to call up the guys from Charlotte and give them an opportunity to shine. We have nothing to lose so let's evaluate our young talent so that we know what we need to do in the off season when the new GM takes over
  4. I agree. We should bring Boychuk up for the rest of the season, play him on the top 2 lines and give him a fair shake regardless of the outcome. Then, we either keep him or move him on out and be done with the saga that is Boychuk. I think he will pass the test and remain in Raleigh if they do that. Either way, we know then what we need to do and we move on. I also agree that we need to bring Murphy back up and turn him loose. Hell, it's not like we have anything to lose on these guys. Let's utilize the remainder of the year to evaluate what we have coming up so we know what needs to be done in the off season.
  5. Problem is that everyone who is on the fan's "I would not trade list" is the only ones that another team is going to want. The ones that suck are the one's we need to move that nobody is going to want to inherit their salaries. We WILL lose players that we do not want to lose IMO. Giving the last several years, all heads should be in play for whatever will change the makeup of this team, staff and management.
  6. I am not about to argue with this statement.
  7. Anyone here know when Faulk will be back? I think he checkout early for the Olympics, and I thought he would be back playing by now. Maybe he will decide that tonight is when he will show up. He won't there against the Stars was he
  8. Nobody should be safe from trade talks that has been here more than 2 years. All letter, c's and a's, need to be put into a box and handed out after they have been EARNED, NOT REWARDED. it is time to blow it up and start over. This losing culture has got to end now.
  9. Does anyone else up here think that maybe Ruutu's play last night was more of an audition? Maybe the effort that he put into last night's game was there to help him land on a good team with all of the trade talks surrounding him lately. I hope I am way off base, but I thought it was kind of odd that with the lack of effort for the most part this year, last night he looked like a man on a mission. And before you start yelping, I am a huge Ruu fan. Do you really think he all of a sudden recovered 100% from his injury last night, or something else?
  10. The core group has been here a while now, and the powers to be have tried to build around them and put pieces into place to compliment them. Well maybe that core group is the problem. At what point do you light the fuse on this thing and rebuild with a different look? I am not saying that it is time now, not saying that it is not. BUT.........something ain't working, nobody seems to have a clue what that something is, and how do you fix it if you don't know where to start? Granted, some of the contracts we have in play with that core group may create a SMALL issue in accomplishing that. I have followed this team for several years now, and I keep hearing the same things year after year. Fans on this board keep having the same frustrations, it always looks kind of hopeful right up top the last minute and then we are done after April. Ticket prices continue to go up, parking and concessions do too. One that that hasn't increased like the cost to attend the games is the product that we are paying to see. I don't want to say talent, because I think we have some very talented players. Frustrating, needed to vent, thanks for listening.
  11. Got a feeling this conversation will fire up again soon, with Semin as the primary target of criticism. MOST were happy when it happened, but the day is coming soon IMO that it will change, if we aren't already there. It certainly is comforting to be able to judge the contracts made by others from the comfort and non-stress atmosphere of my living room!! Not knocking anyone, I am a GUILTY participant! But you know, that has to be a tough and stressful job to do. You never know that you made a good decision until the contract is close to termination.
  12. Trying to think of a good argument to throw at you Devil............. but I am coming up short, kinda like our hockey team!.... No rips from here, sorry.
  13. AWAC, you forgot to add in that we would also be picking up a portion of their salaries and that Shero would utilize those players to their strengths and they would probably end up being contributors to the team. Sorry, had to unload that before I exploded.
  14. How many years in a row can we blame it on "bad luck" before we call it "mismanagement"? I agree with you Kajun and legend, and it is obvious that you are a glass half full people, but we have been here more times than not recently. I have always heard that sometimes you have to make your on luck. I also still do not think that all of this can be blamed on the Coaching staff. Wouldn't you think that if it were the coaching staff, the problems the team encounters would vary to some degree? Aside from a nonexistent defense, we have the same problem now that we had with Lavi and Mo. We have a team that appears, IMO, that they have accepted the fact that if they lose it is OK and we move on to next year. We have a team that at times the leaders (those with letters and those without) appear to wave the white towel before the battle starts. No heart, determination or give-a-damn about them on a consistent basis (last 2 weeks as an example). I too would love to see the changes that a new GM would bring to this organization. I think we are in need of that kind of change, before change begins with this team. Maybe that's why I don't get paid by an NHL organization, but if you put some common sense to it..........?
  15. I think that with the injury history of our number 1 and 2 goalies over the past 2 seasons, our best interest at the moment is to carry 3 goalies and not trade any of them. The coaching staff must not have much faith in the ability of guys in Charlotte right now, because even when Peters was struggling in the beginning of his call up, they never let anyone else in net but him. I believe it would be wise to make sure that we are going to have a healthy #1 and #2 for a period of time before we even explore that option at all. I also don't get paid by any hockey organization as a general manager, which probably will not be changing anytime in the near future!
  16. I remember thinking the same thing when Peters was called up. I hope that around 9:30 tonight, we are all singing the praise of Boychuck. The kid needs some good luck in the NHL, maybe he will create some tonight and play out of his mind. One can hope, right?!
  17. As far as the goalies go, I guess we should be fortunate that we have 2 that have some value at this point if we have to trade one off. That being Pete and Kudo. I really don't think Ward is going anywhere, and I would be happy with any of the 3. Only thing that bothers me about is for the last 2 years, we have been 2 starting goalies down at the same time. Given the health issues of current history, would not surprise me if JR carries 3 unless someone offers up the farm for one of them. I just hope the shopping Ruutu and Tlusty rumors/talks/truths have simmered off a bit. Trading either one of those guys right now would not be good IMO. It appears that whatever has been missing all year has been found recently. It is fun to watch, please don't screw it up.
  18. I hear ya DJ. I have no argument with the common denominators, we have had many of the same players, we have had 3 different coaches. One thing that has remained consistent through all of this......... the General Manager. I don't hear what's going on, but wouldn't you think that maybe the game and mentality that the General Manager wants to see has been stiff armed into the coaching staff? Don't you find it hard to believe that with 3 coaches, we would have gotten at least one that could right the ship, or would have at least gotten different results that identified different problem areas? We have had the exact same problems through all 3 coaches. No PP, no consistency, no leadership, no sense of urgency and no sticking up for each other. If not, the GM should be fired for not being smart enough to hire good people!
  19. I am ready to see what Tolchinsky can do at the NHL level.
  20. I have a bad feeling that JR is about to screw something up!!! Gleason, Ruutu, Tlusty? I think Ruutu is coming around, he has played more like his old self the last 2 games. I hate to see us move him out when he seems to be coming around. Never heard of Liles, but haven't read anything on him that makes me feel like he is the answer to any of the issues that we have.
  21. Yeap, Ward has had 2 strong back to back performances. I HOPE that he can be consistent with it and avoid further injuries. With the salary that he makes, we need him to be the number one, cause there is not going to be many teams jumping to make a trade unless we eat salary, like recently with Pens. I am anxious to see what Kudo will bring as the backup. I hope that he looks as good as he did prior to the injury. That could help tremendously! We need him to push Ward. Haven't seen much lately of his progress. Anyone know when he is speculating returning to the lineup?
  22. Westgarth suspended for 2 games. I really thought it would be uglier than that!!
  23. Interesting on Gleason. I like him, but he really does seem to be the odd man out at this point. I just hope that a rush decision hasn't been made and we end up losing someone who is not 100% yet, and he goes somewhere else and lights it up. Although in recent years, Gleason's game has not been the one that the fans fell in love with. Got mixed emotions on this one IF he is out because of a pending trade. I think that all fighting should be banned until we get someone who can do it, and do it well. I do recall our players last year commenting that they felt more comfortable on the ice when Westgarth was in the lineup. Now whether you like or hate him, if our players do feel that way, and continue to feel that way, he is bringing value although it may not be the kind we expect or want to see. Obviously, the management doesn't see it as a value, or feel that it is worth too much or he would have been in the lineup much more than he has. JMO I think we can all make arguments for both sides of the fighting issue all day long. It's great to know that we can agree to disagree on the subject. I have a feeling that court rooms are going to be the deciding factor on whether or not it stays or goes. As long as we have a GM that wants to see it removed from the sport, the odds of that grit that many want to see will probably never end up in Raleigh.
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