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  1. It does seem that Westgarth would be sent down, or healthy scratched in lieu of one of the young guys in Charlotte who could possibly bring some offense. I like Westgarth, he seems to be a real heart and soul team guy, but he is not going to help our offense. He did appear to be trying to hard last night. I hate it for the guy, but you are correct Lake, it is time to move on past that. Many of us complain up here about our team getting pushed around, and not having any grit or team toughness. I have made comments about it myself. JR obviously has made no bones about the fact that he wants fighting taking out of the league. Maybe there is a reason our team has the mentality that it has. If you have a GM that doesn't feel like fighting has it's place in the sport any longer, he would look bad if his team was kicking a$$ on a nightly basis. MAYBE......that is the reason why the one's on our team that are capable of opening a "can of that stuff" never do.
  2. Westgarth has hearing tomorrow with Player Safety over hit. Hate it for him, but that probably will not be just a hand slap
  3. and someone up here recently made an excellent point about taking penalties against our team. We have no power play and nobody that will make an opposing player pay for actions against our stars. What do opposing teams have to lose by taking a penalty or run at our guys?
  4. I think that if it is not better by January 1, light the fuse and blow it up. Start with the GM and lets get rid of the dead weight and get people in here who want to win, and will do what it takes to win. I am sick of hearing about the damn system. NEWSFLASH: THE SYSTEM AINT WORKING! The guys on this team are talented, and have played this game a long time. I am sure if the system in place would work, they would have either figured it out by now, or they just don't care. I would put my money on the latter of the 2. It aint working now, and it hasn't worked for the last several years. The fans have pretty much come to expect the under achiever attitude and the excuses, and to a degree are excepting it. We even pay $15 to park! That's why you can hear the opposing teams fans over ours JR!!! Are you listening, you idiot? These half #$$#d trades and recycling has gotten us nowhere. If the guys don't want to win and give what it takes, get rid of them. We have NOBODY that gives what the Rangers Callahan gives everytime I watch him play. Just one example. They have heart, our guys, not all but the ones that should, don't appear to have any of that. Other than Manny, I have yet to see our players lay out to block a shot. We don't clear the crease, we pretty much invite them in.
  5. If we could trade E Staal, Ward and Semin for a Goalie that could score, our problems would be solved! Do it JR!
  6. Who wants a goalie making that kind of salary, with the save percentage he has the last 2 seasons, with the amount of games he has missed the last 2 seasons due to injury? JR...that's who. We are stuck with Cam, may as well face the music on that one. Peters is the only reason we were even in that game last night. Granted the first goal was iffy, but he played a great game. I wonder what is about to happen with the goalie situation? Do you think we will really carry 3? If not, Peters or Kudo will probably be out due to reasons above. Not going to be good!!
  7. :woohoo:Looks like Peters gets the start tonight in Detroit. Lord, please let him get a shut out and we have 4 goals. That really is not asking for too much I don't think.
  8. Given the latest article on the website concerning goalies, what do you do there? Do you trade Peters? Kudo? I highly doubt anyone is going to want to discuss Ward with his salary cap versus the amount of games played in the last 2 seasons. Do you keep all 3? I think they will trade off either Kudo or Peters, but I am not so sure that would be the thing to do coming off of 2 years straight where we have lost our number 1 and 2 goalies at the same time. Based on the 7 game skid in Charlotte, it doesn't sound like the goalies there are lighting it up should we need one of them. Management never even let Murphy get a sniff when he was called up, even when Peters had not found his game. Does anyone know what the situation would be from Charlotte should we trade one of these guys? I have never seen a team carry 3 goalies that I can remember.
  9. That's a pretty good statement and assessment in my opinion. I would love to see us obtain another Scott Walker, but if you can't score, you can't win....plain and simple. I do think that the grit should be a priority......once we have some goal scorers in place.
  10. It would seem that it would have at least got a push and a face wash at the time of the incident. Hell, E Staal had to step over him and didn't so much as look twice at him, let alone check on him or send a message. I do not think it would have been wise to take a penalty, especially with the players that were on the floor when it happened. But I, like you, did think it should have gotten some reaction at the time of the injury.
  11. NHL Network says that Coach Muller has indicated that Semin is out indefinitely with a concussion. Of all the things to hear today, that was not what we needed. What now? Seriously, with all of the trade talks going on these boards, who do we really have, that we would want to part with, that has trade value? We have a lot of guys that are making more than they should, with NTC's, who can't score to save their life and are prone to injury. Other then the Hurricanes, is there any other team out there that thinks this is a good deal? Aside from the deal that JR pulled on Toronto with Kaberle, that was pure luck, or JR knew something on their GM he didn't want told. I just don't see us being in the game to make many trades. God help us if Peters has to go, history has shown it won't be long before we need another back up Goalie. We certainly don't need to trade draft picks because our depth is not exactly worthy of bragging right now. Somebody tell me the answer so I can feel better about it....PLEASE!!
  12. Per Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, prior to Colorado's game against Carolina last Tuesday: The Lightning obviously could use another forward, at least for a while. The under .500 Hurricanes, I've heard, are offering Tuomo Ruutu around the league. They would desperately love to move him and his $4.75 million cap hit. Saw this today. This would not surprise me, and I am a huge Ruutu fan. The time may have come to move him out, I just hope that JR doesn't pay someone to take him like he did with Jokinen.
  13. Not saying that I disagree with the fact that he could be trade bait. But given the history of our net minders in the last 2 seasons (we don't lose 1, but both) and the fact that they never even let anyone else in the crease other than Peters, even when he couldn't stop a basketball. That tells me that they don't have much faith in the backups to Peters. Maybe there is another reason that I am overlooking? Do you think they would let him ride given Ward's injury prone recent history? That save % could attract some offers, granted, but I think we might see the day in the near future we would regret it if we pulled the trigger on Pete Dawg right now. I just don't have much faith in Ward remaining in the lineup for a long period of time (due to injury). I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but nothing points to the opposite at this point.
  14. I don't think that we need to mess with the second and fourth lines at this point, they seem to be gathering steam and feeding off of one another. I think they should try any and every combination with the first and third line until they hit on something that produces. Maybe the Captain needs a little third line reality check for a while. If it puts points on the board, why not. Maybe going against the other teams less desirable defensive pairings will help him start scoring and gives him the confidence back. Even though I do not like him, I will give him credit against the Avalanche, he seemed to pick up his level of play during that game. Tlusty Skinner Semin Gerbe J Staal Dwyer E Staal Nash Ruutu As the coach of the opposing team, who do you match your best D pairing with in this lineup? Seems it would create opportunities for us.
  15. Kudobin is back in pads and on ice per Chip today. Got a feeling that Peter's maybe on the short side now. He has certainly put up a good argument for himself to stick around as of late. You have to love the guy and the heart that he brings, and he has without a doubt stepped it up lately. Glad I am not the Coach that has to make a decision on this situation. Good luck Pete Dawg!!! Hope you stick!
  16. Chip says that Skinner is centering Tlusty and Semin and is looking good doing it. Could we be that lucky?? Not getting my hopes up on that one. Probably a maintenance day...or has Muller been giving the authority to get someone's attention? Glad to see Skinner back!
  17. I wasn't referring to Komisarek, I was referring to Gleason. As well as the D is playing now, who do you move out when he is ready to come back? Just saying, you add another D man to that situation? I agree with the injury situation, but how many can you have making that kind of money with the budget that we spend? It would make more sense and cents to trade a D man for an offensively gifted forward, giving that situation would even exist. That's why I am in the insurance industry and JR doesn't call me for advice I guess. Here is hoping that Skinner returns soon, ticked off and ready to go on a scoring rampage. Imagine lines 2, 3 and 4 being productive at the same time. Eventually, the first line has got to start clicking. Could be a lot of fun to watch!!
  18. .Dreger: Maple Leafs have had talks with Hurricanes about John-Michael Liles, but nothing imminent. Why would we be talking with a team about a defenseman? Appears to me that we have one too many now. Not sure I buy this rumor.
  19. Chip Alexander ‏@ice_chip 30m Gleason continues to work with Komisarek. Faulk-Sekera, Harrison-Murphy, Bellemore-Hainsey. As good as our defense has been, and with the chemistry that seems to be in place now, where is Gleason going to fit in with this lineup?
  20. Those 2 are never going to be health scratches. I think Muller would do it if he could, but I don't think JR will allow it. I believe that is where our problems begin. JR is the only common denominator for the past several seasons that we would rather forget. I don't think that he gives our coaches the flexibility to work with players, or he can't hire a coach that is talented enough to figure it out and play these guys where they should be played to maximize their potential. I think if E Staal did not have the C he would do a better job for this team. Based on his actions as a leader, I would bet my money that if he was completely honest, he doesn't want it. Good players do not necessarily make good leaders. It is not in everyone's blood to do that, and I think we have a Captain that is in over his head and was pressured to take something that he really didn't want. When things go wrong, he doesn't take control on the ice, he normally takes a stupid penalty out of frustration. Without the C, he takes his game to another level in my opinion. J. Staal, I do not know? Maybe he is feeding off of the enthusiasm shown by his brother but he has not been what I expected. Disappointment is a product of expectation, maybe I was expecting too much. Is it time to light the fuse and blow it up? Don't know. But I do know this. We have a lot of money being paid to a forward (Skinner) and a goalie (Ward) who is out of the lineup more than they are in lately. Even with that, Skinner still leads in scoring????? We have 3 top paid guys (Staals, Semin) that are not producing and who at times, 2 0f the 3 act like they just don't have the energy to go. Semin seems to be trying to hard at times to get things turned around which results in bad plays, passes, fanned shots) And with all of that, we are not in that bad of shape in the standings. I think the team has improved in crucial areas. Not all negatives here, but we are still a long way from being where I think we are capable of being given the talent that we have.
  21. Chip Alexander ‏@ice_chip 3h Skinner out couple of weeks Muller says. Muller says it is a hand injury. If that is so, better than the head. He was favoring his right hand the other night when he was on the bench.
  22. looking for positives? Manny did slide across the ice last night and give up the body to block a shot. That is the first time that I have seen anyone from this team do that this year. Maybe that enthusiasm will catch on to the rest of the team. Gerbe, fighting? The guy had him by at least 30 lbs and 5 inches and Gerbes went off!! ENTHUSIASM STAAL's, SEMIN, TLUSTY, get you some!!!
  23. Oh no.....Gotta love that red cross logo We can put Band Aid strips on the shoulders where the flags once were! I like it
  24. I still think that our problems start with our GM. I do not think that we are going to see a difference in the mentality of the team until we cut off the head of the snake. I just find it hard to believe that the Coaches that we have had have not been talented enough to get these professional athletes to rally behind a system and act like they give a crap. There had to be something disabling that process IMHO. The common denominator is JR and I would love to see a U-Haul trailer at his house this weekend!!!
  25. I think our main problem is that we rush to take shots. Make a few extra passes in the offensive zone before you just fire that shot on net. Many a rebound opportunity has came from taking the time to make that extra pass.....or 6!!!! We also are way to mean to opposing players who like to hang out in the crease in front of our goalies. Casual conversation should be the means to deal with this. Depending on the situation, it maybe suitable to offer them a drink of water from our goalies water bottle, especially if they happen to be at the end of a long power play because we had someone do something stupid because they were frustrated. Accountability, smountability. Players should not have to continue to put up with being held accountable for a lack of effort, drive, care, leadership, give a crapness or anything else. Coaches and fans alike should be happy that they decided to even suit up and come out on the chili ice surface to grace us with their presence.
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