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  1. Do you still have these? I am going to check with a friend of mine and see if he is interested in going in with me.
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    Call ups

    Ahh, the N & O has jumped in as well....lol http://blogs.newsobserver.com/decock/mulling-the-options
  3. wdk05

    Call ups

    That works.....THANKS!
  4. wdk05

    Call ups

    I am hoping Ruutu and Cole will be back too. We need both of them playing well to advance. Wasn't there a list of the players available for the Playoffs that were to be called up if needed? I think I remember seeing Peters on that list and I am sure most of the guys that played with the Canes during the season, but can't remember exactly who was on it.
  5. Yeah, I sure wish we had John and Tripp calling the series. At least FSN goes back and does a replay of the close/missed/bad calls.
  6. I don't read the replies, but what I find interesting, is the fact that looking at the Video, it appears that it wasn't Coles fault that Fluery went flying. And looks like the hit was pretty dirty too. At least people are talking about it.
  7. If we lived in Raleigh, I am sure we would 2nd mortgage the house for season tickets. But, just not feasable with our schedules and a 2 hour drive there. I was at the New Jersey game when Jussi scored with .02, and that was the loudest thing I have ever heard. My friend was at the game Friday and he said it was even louder. When the Cup finals come back to Raleigh this year, I don't know what we will do, but I am sure we will make the trip again, and if we don't get tix....you'll find us at the ale house...GO CANES!!
  8. Well, that didn't work. Tried to delete this post, that didn't work either. Mods....feel free to delete this post for me. But I do have a pretty funny picture from game 4. lol
  9. I was at the game Thursday night. First off, let me say that this was my 1st visit to Scope, and 1st AHL Hockey game. It was good to see Coach Daniels, and I was surprised to see Glen Wesley behind the bench as well. From what I saw, Norfolk was very aggressive all night. Looked to me like they had more hits then they had shots on goal....and they had a ton of those as well. The Rats never seemed that aggressive, and only fought when they had to. I was surprised that Conboy never mixed it up with anyone. Tonights game should be a good one. I saw probably 15 Canes/Rats fans in attendence.
  10. wdk05

    Want to trade

    ITS GONE! Thanks!
  11. Here is the link...interesting article. Really don't see how they came up with some of the numbers....especially Player rankings.... http://sports.espn.go.com/chat/sportsnatio.../franchiseRanks
  12. Will the eye be open during a concert? The wife is going to the Keith Urban concert, so I could give her a list.....
  13. This my friends is what is known as "gut check time". Time to go to work and get the job done. Last nights game should be enough motivation. Prove em wrong. Take a look at these interesting stats..... Carolina's record this season with last night's referees: DAVE JACKSON 0-4 (Capitals, ironically, are 5-0 with Jackson this season) 20th October
  14. Does anyone have any other pictures of Ruutu? Recent game images, and off the ice? Wife wants to put one on her myspace. THANKS
  15. There's a joke just waiting there...but I better keep this g-rated. 2 minutes in the box?
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