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  1. I'm hoping that whatever the new CBA looks like, it at least addresses these crazy long-term deals that are horribly structured. You look at Parise/Suter's deals and they are making something like $12M in the first year or two, but because it's stretched out over an obscene length of time the cap hit is $7M. I'd like to see the salary cap structure so that what the player makes in a given season is the cap hit for that season.
  2. You forgot to wish for the Canes to show up in Columbus. We apparently sent an ECHL goalie and let Mason install plexiglass on his net. Season over. I think I saw Staal on his cell during the 3rd period getting tee times for mid-April.
  3. The return on Spacek would have been next to nothing, but it would have opened up a spot for Pits to come back. I mostly feel bad for Jaro himself. He's getting up there in age and this would have been a good chance to get on a contending team for a Cup run. As for Allen, I really hope he's liking playing with Gleason and wants to come back next year (2 year deal, $5m maybe). That pairing has been great. The biggest concern right now is who sits when Pits comes back? There was no way a deal for a scoring forward was getting done today. If we're getting something for Staal it's going to be via FA. Personally I hope we're going after a legit 2nd line center to slot between Juice and Skinner, while keeping Tlusty and Ruu on the line with Staal.
  4. Just wanted to say how psyched I am that JR locked up Ruu for 4 years. I was so worried that our biggest issue -- top 6 forwards -- was about to become an even bigger issue. LOL at people saying the team is losing confidence in Cam. If anything, I feel they're TOO confident in him, which is why he sees so much rubber. I really thought the D played their hearts out the other night for Peters, to keep the shots to a minimum. I think Peters only faced 17 shots in that Caps game. Just a really solid defensive effort to keep Peters insulated from too many chances. The team feels like Cam will bail them out and he sees 30+ shots per game. I agree that Tlusty is kicking butt and I love how he's got chemistry with Staal. I see that pairing continuing, with maybe Ruu staying on the top line (if we get a 2nd line center) or moving to 2nd line (if we get a 1st line winger). And finally, LOL at the playoffs. We're, what, 6-2-2 in our last 10 games and we're STILL in last in the East. It's not that we're 7 games out of a playoff spot, it's that we'd have to climb over 6 other teams in less than two months of hockey. Maybe we get a little "Major League" miracle, but I'm not buying it.
  5. I'm happy Muller has this team playing so much better. I'm happy that Gleason is staying. I'm happ Staal has his act together and that Tlusty is showing signs of being a legit top -6 forward. Now I pray that JR will make the right moves. There's a trade or two that likely needs to happen. I hope that's not Ruutu. I'm really excited to see what this team looks like in 2012-2013.
  6. I'm starting to wonder if Pits will be on the block. Will he be back before the deadline? I think we've seen some decent work from Faulk, Gleason, McBain, Harrison, Spacek and Allen. And as rem said, we've got 9+ guys back there. Does JR use Pits to get a top-6 forward? I think the D has proven that they can play w/o Pits. I could see Allen going for a draft pick (allowing Joslin to move into a more prominent role) and Pits going for a top-6 on the way back. We're not gonna make the playoffs this year, but I agree we need to use what chips we have to build for next season. Pits, provided he can come back and prove healthy, is one of the few guys we have that could garner a high value back to us.
  7. Wow... two heart-breakers in a row.

  8. I hope not. We're already short in the top 6. Doesn't make sense to trade him. But if JR doesn't think he can re-sign him, I guess we need to get something for him.
  9. I was commenting on Tlusty in the Poni trade thread. I'll eat crow here. I thought we had given the guy plenty of time to show up and he hadn't. But 10 goals, playing solid with Staal, I like it. I hope he's going to keep it going.
  10. I saw the Poni goal this afternoon. Nice tip in. I was glad to see the move. As has been noted before -- by me and others -- we need to clear out some of the bottom 6 to make room for the prospects. At one point I thought Tlusty should also be moved, but with 10 goals -- and that 10th last night was amazing -- he's really starting to blossom. I'll eat crow -- and gladly -- to see one of our younger guys starting to put pucks in the net.
  11. I agree with you, rem. I want them to win and I love the fact that they're playing great at home. At least they're sending the fans who do come to the games home with a smile. The road has been a different story and the March/April stretch is certainly something that will be a challenge. The question to me is whether that 1st round pick should be traded. While it's possible you can grab a guy like Skinner/Hall/Seguin/RNH up there in the top 3, there's still a risk that such a draft pick won't be ready to hit the NHL for a couple of years. So, if Bobby Ryan is on the board, for example... do you trade that high pick? I would think yes. I don't know if the Ducks are trading him, and I don't know what else they would want, but a proven 30+ goal scorer who is signed for multiple years and can be slotted alongside Staal is preferable to a potential star.
  12. So I'm thinking, hey, the Canes are playing pretty well lately. I haven't checked the standings in a while, but I bet they've moved up a bit! Nope. Last in the conference. Ouch.
  13. Good discussion re: LaRose. I agree with rem. In the top 6 he's a liability. He's a great 3rd liner but as I've mentioned before I would clear our 3rd line of every single vet (Poni, LaRose, Tlusty, Dwyer) and make room for Bowman, Boychuk and Samson to see if they can cut it at this level. I'd also be using the 4th line as the shutdown line. Why can't we roll 9 deep with scoring talent?
  14. Ruutu - re-sign. As others have stated, moving him just means more holes in our top 6. HOWEVER, we need a hometown discount. He's making $4.4M this year, and if you'll remember we didn't sign 1L winger Cole for that kind of money. Gleason - trade. I agree with others that he just doesn't appear like he wants to be here. He had a great experience with the Olympic team, just had a child, and is playing for a team that appears to not be going in the direction he would prefer. I think he wants a chance at a Cup. I think he was paired with Corvo for years and now he's gone as well. I suspect we'll move him. Allen - re-sign. I was one who advocated moving him because he's in the last year of his deal, but he's been awesome this year. I love his grit. I love the way he came into the season in shape and has played with an edge all season. Poni - trade. I think he's shown he can score sporadically and someone will offer something (a pick probably) for him. He's streaky enough that someone on the playoff edge will take a chance on him getting hot for them when they need it the most. Dwyer/Tlusty - dump them. I've said it before and I'll say it again: put them on waivers, move them to Charlotte. If someone picks them up, oh well. They've been given sufficient time in the top 9 to prove they can be scorers... and they're not. I want some combo of Bowman, Dalpe, Boychuk, Bowman up here for the rest of the season and these two guys are blocking the way. GOOD-BYE. We need a 1L winger to play with Jussi and Staal. I look at Philly tonight, and when Jagr/Giroux/Hartnell are on the ice they are a dominant team. Would love to have that sense that we have a line that can go on the ice and dominate the opponent. I like giving Sutter the chance to prove he can be that 2nd line center. If he can put up some points, slot him between Skinner and Ruutu. If he can't, slide him back to 3rd line center and go pick up a 2nd line center in free agency. I really think Nodl-Brent-Stewart will be our 4th line next year and I like the mix of grit/scoring ability. The D needs help. I like Faulk. As I said, I like Allen. I like Pits. McBain is struggling. I can see him being part of a deal if a major piece is coming back our way. With Murphy iin the wings, McBain could be trade-bait. I think Gleason is gone. I like Harrison. It'll be interesting to see what we do with Joslin; he's really been the odd man out this season, with the illness and now needing a conditioning stint. I doubt he's worth much on the trading block right now.
  15. So I'll elaborate a little bit. We know who Patrick Dwyer is. He's a scrappy 4th line player who can give you a little energy on the 3rd line when needed. He's not a scorer. He's been on this team for 2+ years. He is bringing nothing to this lineup that we don't already have with LaRose. In fact, LaRose is actually doing pretty well scoring goals this season. Maybe the hope is that Dwyer becomes another LaRose eventually. However, we have 30+ games left in this season. I don't understand why we don't have Boychuk and Bowman up and playing on the 3rd line with Sutter or Brent. Give them the balance of the season and see if they are going to be top 9 players. We haven't seen these guys get an extended look like that yet. They come up, they play a few games, the go down. Usually they're on the 4th line at least under Mo. So I'm confused. I would send Dwyer down and if he gets scooped up in re-entry waivers, big whoop. What have you lost? He's not a scoring machine. I would do the same with Tlusty. I'm sorry, but the guy has been given an extended look at the pro level and is not going to be a top 9 forward. It's time for Boychuk and Bowman to get a nice long look in the top 9. Why not now?
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